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Customer Reviews

Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor Compressor

Overall Rating

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s. fujimoto

January 4, 2020

Beautiful comp

You can use it for any instrument.
The best comp to remove the unpleasant taste.

c. adelmann

January 2, 2020

Better than all the reviews indicate!

I am probably not the world's expert on compressors and in fact have a number of them!
Not really thinking I wanted/needed another one, I sampled this axe and fell in love with how intuitive it felt and how I worked with it, how nice it worked on many types of instruments and voices-very musical. As I start to mix 2-3 of my new tunes, I might find myself not going back and forth from my rack of other compressors but rather just going with the Distressor. tx

P. Sviyazov

January 2, 2020


Go to on drums

M. Coratella

December 27, 2019

Great comp

Killer comp for drums, aggressive e gritty

m. costermans

December 26, 2019

Oh the distressor

Doesn't matter what u want to record, put the distressor on it and u will get great results... It's really an amazing plug-in...

M. Schultz

December 25, 2019


The most musical compressor I’ve ever used in the box! It’s just as easy to use as the original and is literally the reason I bought a Satellite Thunderbolt 3! Works perfectly in Logic Catalina

N. Nodurft

December 24, 2019

Favorite All Around Comp

I've been using the slate distressor for a couple years and something about it just seemed flat to me. I got this on a sale and haven't looked back. So much depth and vibe. I love it in parallel on drum bus, and it slays on anything you track through it. I keep it on vocals after my sphere l22 and Putnum mic models while tracking through my apollo on the way in and it sounds so good. Even better than my old Manley Ref into a Kush Tweaker. Can't recommend enough and I've officially now sold all of my analog gear.

P. Haas

December 22, 2019

Great emulation of studio classics

Sounds very well for everything, not just vocals, bass, drums ...
I like it and use it very often. Good job.

P. Haas

December 22, 2019

Great emulation of studio classics

Sounds very well for everything, not just vocals, bass, drums ...
I like it and use it very often. Good job.

M. Bastiansen

December 20, 2019


Best comp by far to add fireworks to any layer .. drums, vocs, bass, leads, stand-alone piano!! Love it!

p. graves

December 19, 2019

It’s $119

It’s the best money you’re gonna spend on this platform- period

G. Scharmer

December 19, 2019

Not the Real Deal gut a nice Compressor

The highend does sound a little bit cheaper than the hardware but overall it's working pretty well

H. Holzheu

December 18, 2019


Since I have this Compressor, it is always in my mix.

I. Sencan

December 16, 2019

Most favorite now!

After i bought this, i became a big fan of it.

J. Hammond

December 15, 2019

Perfect and Versatile.

Extremely useful and like the original. Pretty decent on DSP as well. If you have the cash just get it.

E. McClure

December 15, 2019

My favorite UAD plugin!!!

I was blown away after demoing this plugin. It’s like a warm blanket wrapping around anything it touches. Sounds great on anything, especially vocals. I just can’t believe how close it is to the actual hardware. It not only sounds fantastic, you can also emulate pretty much any style compressor on the market. Probably the most versatile compressor ever made.

A. Kouvatsis

December 14, 2019


It’s not another compressor plugin! It’s like the hardware! I love it!

T. Sales

December 14, 2019

Distressor Compressor Addressor!

Fat - Quick - Sparkly
Bass - Drums - Vocals ...and anything else that you can think of

T. Alfred

December 13, 2019


This plugin sounds 95%of the hardware unit..I can hardly tell the difference

F. Lubrano

December 13, 2019


Very good !! Great

361-380 of 612 Results