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Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor Compressor

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G. Booker

December 9, 2018

Perfect Emulation !!!!

When I went back to school for audio for media, there was a mix suite that had the Golden Rack Aaaahhh!!!!!! And we beginners didn't get in until the second year, It was worth the wait, 1176's, Manley's Mu's, and much more drooling stuff. But the one piece I always gravitated to was the EL8. I'm a drummer myself and attack is my thing, so the EL8 and I are good friends, but the cost for my project studio was just more then I could bear. Then UAD puts out "The Perfect Disstressor" and I'm still broke but put it on my wish list, Well my wish just came true and It is "Perfect" in every aspect that I can remember. I'm not joking this will be on every mix from now on. Thanks for making it right, it's spot on to the original.


December 8, 2018



k. sivasankar

December 8, 2018


Have always wanted to own a Distressor , could not be happier with the UAD version. Thank you UAD .

i. sözüer

December 6, 2018


The best Compressor I own. Is always used on Drums. I love it

S. Tong Cuong

December 6, 2018

definitely a must have

when the distress appeared as an outboard ten years, it became a favourite in most studios, fattening whatever went through it. The plug in is an amazing replica. You fatten drums, bass, synth, final mix, you name it. It brings a nice glue at low levels or more distorted sound at highest. highly recommended.

R. Bogdanovic

December 5, 2018

Smash it baby!

UAD Distressor has got more then 90% of the sound of the original EL hw unit. That is it.

UAD User

December 5, 2018

Distressor Compressor

this Compressor is the first one that i really tough it sound like a hardware compressor.
it makes everything up on front and tight.. I think its beter than the real one..
Revelation first compressor that gives what you ask

P. Dyball

December 1, 2018


This plugin is really great .. I’m very impressed with its emulation and it seems to have all the flavour and character of the hardware unit !! Great job

A. Vella

November 26, 2018


Very happy with the purchase very fast compressor A+++

C. Galimov

November 22, 2018

One of the favorite compressors!

Compare Distressor UAD and Distressor Hardware. I did not hear the difference. Great plugin! On the Internet you can find my video, where I compared Distressor with UAD version. Thanks to Universal Audio for the great plugin! I'm happy.

M. Silvestrini

November 20, 2018

lo quiero

lo probe en el estudio de un amigo... increible

c. Schattka

November 19, 2018

i have my hardware unit out for sale now

by far the best emulation of a distressor i have heard. so close to the real hardware that i am selling it now. anybody wants a hardware distressor?

K. Morris

November 13, 2018

Essential piece, amazing sound, faithful to the real thing

One demo and I was ready to buy this. By far the best EL8DC software I've ever heard. A colorful, easy to use utility everybody should have. Thank you UA and Empirical Labs!


November 12, 2018


Just beautiful, this plugin is very very great, tried in demo of 14 days I will buy it. So good in my voice, thx UAD

J. Wilkinson

November 8, 2018

Great emulation of an industry standard

I own the original, and this comes very close! I love the addition of the dry/comp dial - just like on the eL9. Really useful on kit and and bass guitar - it's my go to for these instruments. The distortion section adds that little extra crunch on bass guitar that I love:) Very happy with it.

M. muñoz

November 7, 2018


He podido usar el hardware y este plugin es casi como el original.

C. Edmonds

October 28, 2018


What I meant to say in my review was: The UAD Distressor is absolutely the best software emulation of a hardware signal processor ever done as of October 2018. The Distressor happens to be an incredibly versatile and useful compressor in its own right, which makes the fact that UAD has modeled it so mind-blowingly well even more enjoyable and useful to have.

M. P

October 28, 2018



C. Edmonds

October 24, 2018


It’s pretty simple. If someone asked me what the best software compressor available was, I’d have to say the UA Distressor. Name a better compressor in the box. You can’t.

J. Oliveira

October 23, 2018


It´s a swiss knife compressor. Everything is fatter and wider by using this Plug-In.

481-500 of 612 Results