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Unison Enabled

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Customer Reviews

ENGL® Amplifier Plug-In Bundle

Overall Rating

261-280 of 591 Results

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M. Wojtaszczyk

October 1, 2017

Outstanding sensitivity!

Outstanding sensitivity when soloing. Vibrato sings. When you hit harder, it screams. Never felt that before in other amp sim plugins. The only thing I would have better is I prefer E646VS impulse responses more, but anyway, this is great amp. E646VS for rhythm and Savage 120 for soloing, that's it!

F. Habetler

September 27, 2017

Sound absolutely amazing!

It sounds like the real amp I cannot believe it... I love it.

F. Habetler

September 27, 2017

Sound absolutely amazing!

It sounds like the real amp I cannot believe it... I love it.

V. Volkov

September 19, 2017

The best EVER!!!!

Unique sound of all uad gtr. Plugs.! I can sound in every style, like some favorite! And with unison and FX Rack better, control
THE bEST!!!!!!

V. Volkov

September 19, 2017

Universal Best guitar thing!!!

I've trying a lot of Uad guitar plugins, but this one is completely Best for me! Incredibles sounds(in presets). So many cabs and mic's. UNISON!!!! (but if you not a.. handed which FX Rack you can tune sound's like you want to hearing. (No matter what genre you prefer._ I can say if finding your(ore popular in one of genius players sound) Bay THIS AWESOME Perfect Plug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

l. bocquet

September 16, 2017


Un ampli qui porte bien son nom!! Possédant le engl vs généreux en disto / gain et en bas crémeux voire baveux selon les réglages, Ce engl Savage arraché tout sur son passage. Disto puissante à base de crunch. Précision redoutable, son scintillant. Une vraie réussite. Il va faire partie de mon top 1 en matière de guitare.

J. Callahan

September 15, 2017


This amp blew my mind. I already own the ENGL Bundle and I absolutely love those amps. They are seriously the closest thing I've played AND FELT to a real tube amp (and I've played a couple of those). But this amp… the reaction and sound you get from this amp is just unreal. If you like "Chugga-Chugga", this amp will give you "Chugga-Chugga". Bravo Brainworx, bravo. You guys have truly outdone yourselves this time (as if the ENGL 765 wasn't good enough). Thanks UA and Brainworx for bringing us such high quality products that make us stand in awe. PS: This amp is so good I actually felt the desire to write a review in order to express the awe and joy I felt while playing it. This has never happened to me before).

C. Horsethief

September 13, 2017

Perfect middle ground...

I have the other ENGL plugs: the E765RT is warm and the E646 is dark and heavy. The Savage splits the difference.... cuts through the mix with bite.

l. bocquet

September 12, 2017

Sauvage !!!

Un ampli qui porte bien son nom !!! Possédant le Engl VS, généreux en disto /gain et en bas crémeux voire baveux selon les réglages, ce ENGL Savage arrache tout sur son passage. Disto puissante à base de crunch. Précision redoutable, son scintillant. Une vraie réussite. il va faire partie de mon top 1 en matière de guitare.

R. Hara

September 9, 2017



R. Olsen

September 3, 2017

Very good Engl Savage 120 Amp

Very nice plugin, the Engl Savage 120 Amp. Good sounding, and quite realistic. Use it for cleans and high gain. Very happy about this purchase.

S. Makarov

September 1, 2017

BlackMagic UltraScope

На мой взгляд это лучший ENGL !!!

A. Anatolyu

September 1, 2017

ENGL Savage 120 Amplifier

Hi, guys! Very realistic and cool sound, like all products from UAD. Very happy!!!

S. Minskoff

August 29, 2017

Excellent Sim of the Engl Savage 120 Amplifire

This amp is great! from great cleans,crunch and High gain tones. Great cabs! nice effects.
Buy it you won't be disappointed.

K. Spratt

August 26, 2017

Best guitar amp plugin, period! Amazing tones and versatility!

For the longest time I have been on the hunt for a plugin emulation that can genuinely deliver the energy and presence of a live guitar amplifier. There are a lot of choices out there and almost all of them just don't cut it! The ENGL Savage 120 by Universal Audio is literally the only guitar amp plugin that meets and exceeds my expectations in regards to generating a truly authentic tone. This is by no means a one trick pony. Yes, it certainly shines when used for metal and rock, but it's more than capable of nice blues, funk, and jazz tones as well. Love it.

D. Keown

August 25, 2017

This amp will put hair on your chest.

Universal Audio really raised the bar with this software amp. It has become my "go to" amp on all my projects. Clean, crunch or full out metal. The cab and signal chain description is a great feature. I LOVE this amp.

G. Herrera

August 15, 2017

Smiles and excitement

So many options with this ENGL, I love it for Hard rock , or metal, or sweet cleans, and I don't get tired of it!!
I can't wait to get home from work so I can play this amp wow so cool!!

M. Venneri

August 14, 2017

Why no longer available?

One star because I can't buy it individually. What a dick move on the part of UAD - man these are the MOST greedy company.

S. Sitnitski

August 11, 2017

Would be the best if not for other great emulators.

I play through ENGL Fireball 100 and I wanted to have a plugin version of it, at least similar to it, for convenience. Maybe it's me but I was not able to get a good tone out of this plugin. Way too much bass, fizzy high gain and noise gate that kills everything including long sustain. But this plugin does get some points for its cab emulation. I ended up running my ENGL tube amp through my load box into Apollo with this plugin as a cab only and 421 mic setting bipasing amp section, and it sounds just how I like it. Strangely, this is my favorite cab emulator now.

m. ghaemi

August 11, 2017


Nice plugin

261-280 of 591 Results