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Customer Reviews

ENGL® Amplifier Plug-In Bundle

Overall Rating

361-380 of 588 Results

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D. Thompson

September 19, 2015

Just bought the plugin after another trip to the music store....

So I went to the store again, one of the saddle blocks went. I just had to try the amp setup AGAIN in the store, it's 6505 with a Rectifier. I like SYL, hard chug. Good heavy sound.

I spoke with the store guy, the ENGL E646 is SUPPOSED to be soft on the high end!!! So UAD have indeed modelled the sim correctly. The presets still don't cut it unfortunately. But for "chug", this is serious!

There is a PDF on the ENGL website I suggest (as I did) creating your own setup using these defaults.

It is an incredible piece of software. I owned both of the Line 6 products.. I used the SansAmp PSA. This sim is worth EVERY cent

D. Thompson

September 18, 2015

I owned POD Line 6

Had to mention... that's sold.

Doesn't even compare!

D. Thompson

September 18, 2015

Been tying this out... just back from buying an ESP ltd m-103fm

The ESP ltd m-103fm, EMG 81's through the store test stack - I'm finished locking that damn floyd rose. People gave this 1 star????? Even 4! Yea, I think the presets suck a** but hey, more fun making your own!

I came back, plugged the ESP into the UAD, dialed a bit, even let the auto selector run through some mic settings etc. Finally found a setting, tweaked and instant Devin Townsend aka: Strapping Young Lad! Very nice tone, very thick, not harsh, gives me feedback on sustain too!!! Amazing simulation of an amp!

1 start guys, are you deaf? Seriously? By far best sim I've used. Blew me away! And still is. Just buy it you won't be disappointed.

P. Takeuchi

August 29, 2015

Just messed with the demo for 30 minutes... not impressed

The tones are all WAAAAAYYYY to gassy, and there is pretty much no high end. I feel like there is a low pass filter on everything, but I am simply running through console, with no inserts. Either something is wrong with console or I am an idiot (quite possible), not being familiar with amp means I don't know that it is supposed to sound like it's buried under a decade of dirty laundry, or UAD should have made more tone controls obviously present to deactivate said LPF if there is in fact one. I'll stick with POD Farm

t. preradovic

August 26, 2015

Great sim

The best amp sim ever. True that presets are dull but You can make Your own. If you buy hardware amp you don't get "presets". Sound is in amp. So, this ENGL sim realy has sound but make your own presets. I am going to buy it today.

t. preradovic

August 26, 2015

Great sim

The best amp sim ever. True that presets are dull but You can make Your own. If you buy hardware amp you don't get "presets". Sound is in amp. So, this ENGL sim realy has sound but make your own presets. I am going to buy it today.

P. Broman

August 14, 2015

Exactly what I was looking for...

This sound prooved to be exactly what I was looking for at the moment. I tried the plug when it was released and and for some reason I didn't hear what I hear now so It's never to late to change your mind! Try it and maby you'll be happy to cause I think it works on different genres - from pop to metal.

R. Ruff

August 8, 2015

Polly cobbler studios

The bx tuner is exact and a must have plug-gin

C. Huber

May 31, 2015


to me the BX tuner reacts to slow, compared to my hardware korg pitchblack pedal, but it comes handy when you are on the road and only have your laptop and apollo interface with you, you have tuner onboard in console.. i´m glad to have it

M. Schirmer

May 29, 2015


Some reviews tell it is too slow, some it is too fast...

It is just WRONG!

There are thre modes:

You can CHOOSE between them and choose with this setting how fast the tuner will respond!

Please UAD delete these reviews where the user is not able to use their plugin!

But the tuner itself is very good because of the algorithm it is very accurate and you can trust it, not like all the other VST tuner which are round there...

E. Leiser

May 23, 2015

Ax-FX II vs Engl 646 VS

I will be putting my AX-FXII on the market today for trade. I cannot believe I spent 2 years trying to obtain this sound out of it. I called the dealer multiple times and the end result was, maybe it isn't for you. This is a gotta have for a guitarist.

Valrcio, FL

K. Marrett

April 18, 2015

ENGL guitar amp

The very best amp modeling I have ever heard. Everything about the amp sounds so real. I really like this buy.

S. Tib

April 15, 2015

Good in insert to tune my moog but Crap in Ableton live

Good in insert to tune my moog but Crap in Ableton live for my drums

I thought I could tune my drums with it in Ableton live but it doesn't seem to work except in insert.

Lucky Ableton are working on a new upgrade 9.2 with a tuner that will be versatile to replace this limited plugins.

It should be free with any UAD system !!!


April 5, 2015

It's great plug-in

very nice tool. I love it.

M. Fenner

April 5, 2015

Precise & Convenient

Every Apollo user should have this plugin, inserting it into the Console eases workflow especially when double checking mid tracking, was contemplating getting a rack tuner but now there is no need. It's very precise but not overly sensitive, thankfully i'll never have to use Logic's tuner again!

A. Chiarello

April 2, 2015

Victor Smolski's Signature Amp

Not sure why UA or Brainworx has downplayed the fact that this is RAGE's Victor Smolski's signature model But I personally think they're doing the amp sim some disservice; by not at least telling users to check out Victor's walkthrough of the original amp on ENGL's site.

Also. Have to agree with the overall consensus that the factory presets are not very good at all. Check out the sound settings PDF posted on ENGL's page. Victor's presets translate over just fine to the plugin version.[uid]=115

S. Barth

April 2, 2015

Pure Rock'n'Roll

I was looking a long time for a good guitar plugin and finally I found it. Great sound, easy to handle. I love it

K. Hegyi

April 1, 2015


Absolute rubbish!

Don't bother with this as it's not worth the money despite being so cheap compared to other UA products! This is garbage! I bought it in the hope that I'm going to get a decent Tuner when I'm using my Rickenbacker Bass with my Apollo Twin but it's no good. It's really slow it jumps around and you just can't get the job done quickly enough.

If you are buying this you are wasting your money!


I know you have to go back and forth with Guitar Rig and you'd have to leave the application but at least you are getting tuned up in seconds as the BX TUNER is complete shit... Sorry for my language but I'm absolutely disappointed!



March 31, 2015

Not so bad, not so good either

It is so sensitive that is almost impossible to make it stop in the green position and stay there.

I tested with 5 great guitars and the behavior was the same.

But in the end they seemed to be tuned fine, so It is not the best tuner but it does the job.

I felt it took too much processing power out my Twin.

Anyways, I agree with the overall comments that it could be a free tool.

S. McNulty

March 26, 2015

It's a tuner

It's a software tuner. If you set the ballistics right, it works great. I've even slapped it on an insert to find the pitch on a vocal track, which is pretty cool.

361-380 of 588 Results