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Unison Enabled

Customer Reviews

ENGL® Amplifier Plug-In Bundle

Overall Rating

501-520 of 585 Results

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P. Hegarty

February 28, 2014

ENGL® E765 RT Plug-In

WOW !! amazing and well worth the price!. Playing through this plug in is just great. Thanks UA

D. Sanchez

February 16, 2014


real fan of how this sounds. it's a bit heavy on the processing side, but all in all a great plug

D. Chilton

February 14, 2014


This is hands down the best guitar amp sim I've ever used. UA & Brainworx knocked this one out of the park. Lots of usable tones from clean to crunch to all out metal gain. Very responsive to pick attack and playing style. I'm in love.

C. Bower

February 13, 2014

Highly versitile amp sim excels at reamping with UAD2 PCIe card

I've had this for a couple of weeks and now that I have some experience tracking and mixing with it, I can share my thoughts. This is without a doubt, the best sounding and most versitile amp sim I've used. The fact that it focuses on modeling a single amplifier allows for substantial attention to detail. Sparkly, complex cleans and searing crunch and drive. Power soak, nice. The recording chain models are wonderful sounding and helps this to sit very nice and realistic in a mix. The only downer is that if you're using a UAD2 PCIe card like me, it's not suitable for tracking, so you will need to reamp, but the results are well worth it! Highly recommend this plugin!

L. Parisi

February 13, 2014

! nice preamp, warm and dynamic

! nice preamp, warm and dynamic a good tremolo and spring reverb would have been welcome to achieve this very realistic modelisation ..but no product is perfect

T. Friesecke

February 7, 2014


Best Tunes!
I really like the Plug-In. Best Virtual Guitar-Amp I have ever heard.

A. Cooper

February 5, 2014

Sounds like an ENGL

You know I see all these negative reviews of this product and I just don't get it. I own an ENGL and this thing sounds pretty damn close for a sim. I see that one of the reviews was stating that they wanted classic tones for classic rock but yet they bought this version of the plugin, Well that's kind of your own fault nimrod. If you are a somewhat intelligent person, with the right tweaking and manipulation you can make any amp sim sound very decent. I find this to sound more natural than some of my other ENGL amp sims. I can usually dial in a very decent tone quickly with this thing. So Kudos to Universal Audio and Plugin alliance for giving me a nice Kickbutt version of an ENGL.

A. Vasquez

February 1, 2014

natural sounding

I've been using other amp simulated plugins (Waves, Native Instruments) within Pro Tools now for a while now and was getting decent results so I was skeptical at first about buying this plugin. I had a voucher to use so I was debating what plug in to go for since I have many awsome plugins from UA already. I demoed the plugin and was surprised by the realism… I was getting very expressive. dynamic, and sweet sounding solos. I thought maybe it was my imagination and my ears playing tricks… Can there be that much of a difference from the other plugins I've been using? I compared with the others (A, B, n C) with the same solo. I was sold… I realized how processed and not very natural the others sounded! Nice job UA!

J. Drouin

January 27, 2014

engl e646 vs plug-in

I`m very pleased with this plugin,it sounds great but I find it takes alot of cpu.Compared to most of the plugins that take 2-3 % of cpu well this takes almost 20%.So when I have all my plugins for my mix and put it on my guitars well I can only put it on 2 gtr tracks but I usally have more than 2 tracks of gtr.I need to bounced them to have it on the others and I have 2 uad2 installed.It`s the only reason I gave a 4 instead of a 5 stars but it sounds great.It would have been nice to have a list of the mics and settings used from the cab presets

F. Luis

January 16, 2014


muy util antes de hacer las tomas, muy preciso recomendado

U. Khan

January 14, 2014

Amazing, realistic, tube amp sound

This has made my portable guitar rig so much easier when i travel. I always bring my apollo, but now, no need for a pedal. Unlike my experience with other amp modelers, this has a good bottom end, and a full mid range.

A. Anyn

January 14, 2014

bx_tuner Plug-In

Simple and convenient tuner, always near at hand also it isn't necessary to think of batteries.

R. King

January 13, 2014

Best Software Guitar Amp I've Used

Hands down, this plugin is the best soft amp I've used. Very dynamic. Responds very much like a real tube amp. LOVE the high and low cut. Highly recommended.

R. Fierst

January 12, 2014

It does what it has to do

Nice tuner, works well, altough a bit slow to my opinion. Got it cheap with the december sale, so no complaints :-)

N. Scarola

January 12, 2014

A beast.

This amp is a killer, from Clean to blasting drive.
The best amp emulation on The market.

M. Lueck

January 9, 2014

work as expected but 15% DSP power

For a tuner its a joke, that you need 15% DSP power of a single DSP card. A multi band mastering compressor needs the same DSP power.
The function is very good as expected, slow ballistics.

J. Grönvall

January 7, 2014


Does the job. Nice and slow enough for precision tuning.

A. Mayer

January 5, 2014

tune it or lose it

Tuner works fine. I have even used it durring a take to check the guitarists tuning without the works well and no more searching around for batteries as it is internal to the console

N. Scarola

January 4, 2014

Best amp emulation.

All my guitars sound great with this amp, Clean or drive sounds killer.

E. Hacquard

December 28, 2013

Does the job!

Good tuner, very precise.
Does the trick without any problems

501-520 of 585 Results