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Customer Reviews

FATSO™ Jr./Sr. Tape Sim. & Compressor

Overall Rating

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J. Thorpe

August 25, 2015


Love it! Never used the actual hardware but Fatso has made tracking vocals a cinch. No twiddling with settings which can slow the creative process. This plugin will be my first purchase from UAD as a new user.

N. Dranov

June 8, 2015

A fat demigod of a plug

Ah, so fat! - and delicious. It excels on my drumbuss (depth and punch), bass (fat roundness) and higain guitars ('Guitar grab' preset seems to really grab the mids), where it gives everything that extra 'something' special - and probably will do so on other things I haven't tried yet. Sometimes as a direct insert, somtimes as an aux for for maybe just -15db parallel action - but it it seems to always add (enhance) a lot of character. I bought it un-demoed without any discounts and I haven't looked back, I use it for both rock/metal and electronic/breakbeat stuff.

K. Hegyi

April 1, 2015

Love it!

Careful with this plugin as it can get out of hand really really quickly if you don't watch the meters! Regardless it's a great sounding plugin with tons of tons of character. If you want that glue on bass and make them stand out use this plugin. Seriously! With the TRANNY switched on you'll get that nice midrange that will make it stand out. Little bit of distortion out of this thing never hurts as it's very musical but just like I said watch the meters as it can get outta hand!

Don't be scared of the WARMTH controls either to take some TOP END off as that can really help to make a brittle sounding digital mix sound more analogue. I also like to use the SPANK on a parallel from time to time as it can give you some real nice smack!


W. Munnerlyn

March 28, 2015

Drums And Bass

I purchased this item after trying it out for 14 days. Had another engineer come into my studio looking to mix and lost it when he got to use the Fatso. He always wanted to try the Fatso and this was a true selling point for him. Again A Uad-2 break through product thats truly on point.


March 26, 2015

Color Tone !

very punchy & warm color.

k. bergeron

March 17, 2015

Don't try this unless you have $300 to spend in the next 14 days

Hard to imagine mixing without this plugin after trying it. Believe the hype, it really is an incredible piece of software and feels a lot like hardware.

S. Rodrigues

March 11, 2015

Just Wow

The only bad part about this plugin, is that I don't own it, I am on my 14 day trial, and this plugin is amazing. From buss compression, to slamming drums, to warming up vocals, this my new favorite compressor.. The compression has such an awesome sound, warm, punchy, snappy(if desired). I really wish I had the $300 to drop on this plugin, it is making the current single I am working slam in a new way.

J. Pierre

March 9, 2015

You would be cheating yourself if you don't buy!

the claims of warmth are true (imo) never heard the hardware but this adds character too my tracks in a way you'll have to hear .(character) any other description isn't necessary .dont believe me try the demo..i dare you!

P. Martinez

March 5, 2015

My new fave!!!

I have had a chance to work with the hardware version in several studios. Always wanted one for my personal studio. This is definitely worth grabbing if you are looking save rack space. Using this as a summing compressor on my auxes and master bus compressor with tape saturation to give my tracks extra punch and warmth. Sounds amazing. It says a lot that Empirical Labs put their name on this plug in version. I hope the let UA do a Distressor and Derr-esser plug in as well.

M. Cobussen

January 21, 2015


Dit apparaat klinkt echt goed op alles! Eindmix, een vocaaltje, op een drumbus, blazer (zowel op een groepje als los), bas... ik heb nog niets gevonden wat niet mooier werd.

G. Taylor

January 16, 2015

Simply superb

This is such a fantastic addition to my collection of UA plugins, the list grows monthly! If you're looking for character and warmth this plug won't disappoint. Great for boosting loudness but keeping the integrity of your mix. Equally good on individual components.

T. Child

January 6, 2015

Just awesome

This is one of the seriously most usable plugins that I have in my arsenal.

Currently using it on drum buss, bass buss and for general duties on synths, it just provides a certain magic that does one of the hardest things in processing - just makes things better.

Certainly makes things punchier, and brings together elements wonderfully.

As soon as I demoed I knew it was a must have.

R. Lehner

January 3, 2015

Brings the warmth

Use this in every track for Drums and on the Master. Really like the sound of it!

C. Vonsneidern

January 2, 2015

My drum buss compressor

I've been parallel compressing my drums for some time with a hardware FATSO™ Jr. and I was surprised (not surprised) that the FATSO™ Jr. / Sr. plug-in did the same for me. The midrange has the same feel to it, the "warmth" feature feels the same too. I have stuck mostly to using it for drums, but now with unlimited instances, I may experiment more.

C. Waldron

December 31, 2014

It just does the job.

to me this plugin just works, once I got my head around the layout and buttons, I found it very easy to use and it sounds GREAT! Try it out first if in doubt! It's one of my go to plugins for stereo buss stuff.

W. Stephens

December 24, 2014

Great Workflow

UAD have put together a fun tool here, looks and feels similar to the hardware. Does it sound the same? No. Does it provide a similar character and vibe? Yes. Is it a pleasure to use? Yes. I have many plugins that get me to the same place the UAD Fatso will, but I prefer this plugin. Some say it's too complicated, I disagree. Some say the saturation is not tape like, I say who cares. You can use a DAW's stock compressor and drive plugins to get a similar vibe too. At the end of the day, for me, it comes down to work flow and I really enjoy working with this plugin.

S. Popyk

December 12, 2014

Good Must have tool!

Rather peculiar compressor !
Such a tool must be in the arsenal of the engineer.
It certainly emulation - but quality .
I did not compare the A / V device with the original iron . But the plugin to have a good algorithm to work with subgroups tools. Good " stick together " sound. Quite good and useful features . Versatile enough to use.
If you think what plugins to buy from compressors SA - this plugin buy safely . He is worth the money spent . Do not waste time searching the forums .

J. Hatula

December 9, 2014

Fat f0cker!

Really good for giving sound that organic girth.

You really gotta love the tranny! Pushing a sound into the tranny hard = instant fat.

I like to tame the high sometimes, too, so the warmth feature of the compressor is great.

Honestly, I don't use it as a compressor at all, but I use it for beefing up sounds, and for that, it's dope!

J. Lane

November 30, 2014

Can't live without it

Out of the 2 week demo for the Fatso I purchased it immediately. It's absolutely great on everything. It sweetens everything up and has multiple functions which is great because UA plugs are so expensive. Nothing will ever be the hardware version of any plugin but they all get very close. This is a must buy for your UA arsenal. If you are new to UA and you want to get something, this should be it.

G. Santos

November 3, 2014

Real punch for my track

Real punch for my track! With Fatso, I hear and I feel!

301-320 of 464 Results