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Customer Reviews

FATSO™ Jr./Sr. Tape Sim. & Compressor

Overall Rating

361-380 of 453 Results

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J. Depew

December 17, 2013


I've been planning to pick these up for a few months. I was totally blown away at what these things can do. Watch the videos and fall in love!

P. Desmarais

December 16, 2013


This unit really blows... my mind!!! It is amazing what it can do on almost anything. You need something to be in your face, that my go to unit now!

W. Roncher

December 16, 2013


This really is one of the finest compressors on the market. It is and absolute UAD "must have". It used to be my go to compressor for guitars. Now its my go to for everything.

E. Bragg

December 14, 2013


Of all the plug-ins I have purchased, I enjoy this one the most...although, I will consequently have to upgrade to a larger UAD card, as I'm finding more uses for it. Getting used to this plug-in has taken an adjustment period for me. It's certainly not your "normal" effect, and it has taken hours of experimentation just to get a good feel of how to appropriately use it. This plug can be subtle, if need be, but even without the compressor, warmer, and tranny "on", it is amazing in what it does. The compression is super versatile and beautiful. The warmer circuit provides natural warming, just as claimed, and the tranny- well, I'm still training my ears for that one. Without all these "extras", the FATSO was already worth the money, for me.

S. Wuelser

December 12, 2013

sound sculpting beast

i love to run busses through fatso.. layered sounds get some physical definition and become one. the tranny stage with the Sr functionalities allow me to define a lot of the character and the more i use fatso the more i become a feeling for it's tonal flexibility. it's a real sound design tool and it grows with the users experience.

A. Pluta

December 2, 2013


FATSO is one of the plugins which I bought UAD2 card.
I'm totally in love with this plug.

A. Pluta

December 2, 2013


FATSO is one of the plugins which I bought UAD2 card.
I'm totally in love with this plug.

D. Hiett

November 30, 2013

this ones next on my list

until I have the money I will just have to use the demo on this bad boy but wow am I convinced. it seems so much these days I just want to dirty things up a little here and there subtly because in the digital domain with high quality converters and everything is like one giant expensive brita filter for your sounds. only problem is everything doesnt need to be that clean! make it interesting and add some grit, saturation, thump. this plugs a little complicated so try the demo first to decide if thats what you are really looking for

G. Berry

November 27, 2013

Gives life to stale tracks

I bought this thinking I would use it primarily for parallel drum or guitar compression. Instead I use it all the time on keyboards or other DI instruments that lack character and depth. The warmth feature is very helpful in a lot of situations!

R. Sandor

November 26, 2013

Fatso Jr./ Sr. the same as the hardware !!!

This is really good!! I compared Hardware for price 2000 Euro, the difference I could find. UA Fatso Jr. in addition, save the settings so that the ratio of price - performance clearly winning UA plugin.
I use it on drums, acoustic guitar is a great tool ............ thanks

C. Allrich

November 22, 2013

OK, But Not Worth It.

Ran the 14 day demo to the ground on the fact that I've used the real deal in sessions with folks I've co-produced with, and I hate to be part of the camp that's unimpressed by this, but I am, so go ahead and thumb me down now.

Here's the thing, how many of these plugins do you really need? I all ready have tape simulators and saturators in my arsenal that do what this does with a friendlier UI.

The heavy load is another point against it. Why waste the precious DSP on this? I'd rather run my other lovely UAD plugs and reach for a tried-and-true saturator. And if I want the real deal, I'm aiming for Turzo's Overstayer hardware over a FATSO any day.

N. Mendez

November 9, 2013

djaries69 remixer, producer, dj

I am super happy with the fatso Jr, Sr. I got to say it's essential to add to any serious producers arsonal, I have purchased many plug ins from the UAD site, and each time I find myself craving more, if you are eager to get your mixes and masters sounding right you better get with the program and add UAD to your pro, semi pro or home studio ..

B. Vukovic

November 3, 2013

Awesome tool !

Definitely one of the most fat sounding compressor/plugins I've have ever heard !

M. Minikus

November 1, 2013

Amazing Sound - Easy to Use

Sometimes you get a plugin that you feel like you need a college level class in order to use it effectively. Not so with the Fatso, I read the few page manual and BOOM! This is a great tool... a REALLY great tool! Looking forward to making more musical mixes with it.

A. Hussain

October 30, 2013

Truly Amazing

Love this plug in from the start. From beefing up bass, to making the whole session gel. The warmth function is amazing because it focuses on cutting the highs but does not loose the feel of the song. You have settings from 1-7 for the warmth functions depending ow much of the Highs you want to cut. The plug-in so so simple to use you will use it A LOT. Highly recommend

S. Leamon

October 17, 2013

Just like the real deal

Never fails to amaze me. Its the real deal. I have both the hardware and software and they no one can tell the difference.

V. Halász

October 16, 2013

glue your mix like analog tape

Glue your mix together with this. Imho much better than studer or atr. Give it a try!

C. Paschall

October 11, 2013

Another winner

Yet another win by UA. Bought this guy for my drum bus but have ended up using it on so much more. Great saturation character and can really bring the life out of your tracks.

E. Grech

October 11, 2013

Big dirty drums!!

The title says it all.
Very happy with my purchase!

E. Grech

October 11, 2013

Big dirty drums!!

The title says it all.
Very happy with my purchase!

361-380 of 453 Results