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Customer Reviews

FATSO™ Jr./Sr. Tape Sim. & Compressor

Overall Rating

241-260 of 511 Results

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R. Cox

July 15, 2016

Replaced My Hardware

Simply sounds like the hardware it's emulating and is one of the finest plugins I have heard, hands down! I never thought that I would replace my api 2500 on my drum buss but this has! Worth every penny!

k. harrison

July 7, 2016

Truly Fat !!

running it on a drum bus for overall comping is just Magic - I do not know how this Fatso does what it does but it makes average drums into great drums -- true statement ...

J. Cookman

July 1, 2016

This plug has depth for days maybe years...

If you don't use the Sr. on your Bass tracks... Well then you are playing in the minor leagues. I use this on lots of instrument buss's but It really shines on gear that is plugged in. The depth quality is amazing and I like it more so than the Tape Emulators. This is a must in your everyday mix tool kit.

M. Soares

June 12, 2016

Spot on emu

It's everybody's workhorse comp faithfully emulated with all the juice! What more can one ask for?

D. Christophe

June 11, 2016

Hard to master but great results

I struggled a lot getting the most out of this. It is pretty difficult imo and sometimes you get lost because tweaking one thing has a different effect on other things.
But with some patience you can get a very big sound. It can get the max out of the total dynamic range you need to achieve.

Not cheap but still worth it if you want an aggressive compressor/limiter.

R. Kodzopeljic

May 26, 2016


Amaizing plug, very punchy tracks !

R. Fabrizio

April 9, 2016

Get the level out...

I had used the hardware in an SSL room a few years ago and loved it. Now I have the plug in and can experiment in my studio
with small tweeks and mods.. This is the most amazing drum buss compressor for evening out the toms and snare. The ranny mod and release times are key! Thanks Emperical Labs and UA for making this tool.

L. Rollins

March 7, 2016

All the crunch I've been looking for

Love using this set on my synthetic drums and bass to unleash a devastatingly crunchy sound. All that, and it stays nice and warm. Super useful.

C. Leiria

January 27, 2016

Great on Bass and drums.

I use it mainly on bass it tames the dynamics and it make sit sit well in the mix with the kick and the rest of the low end, I use it as well in the drums bus with great results. Sometimes I use the JR in guitars as well.


January 18, 2016

Love it

I love the way it can give life and warmth to my mix !! when you know the price for the real 1...

a must have !!

Z. Bereczky

January 18, 2016

Great on vocals!

I found myself fattening up vocals with the FATSO nearly every time since I accidentally put it on a vocal track.

W. Raymond

January 15, 2016

That 'umph'! Like no other

The warmth it adds. Is like hot sauce on fried chicken! This was my first purchase, a must have!

R. Castrucci

January 14, 2016

The missing ingredient!

After the trial period it was the first UAD plug in I purchased. I have been using it on Drums, Bass and Vocals mainly, It really does
replicate the warmth and feel of Analog tape! It was the missing ingredient of many mixes! Nice work on this one UAD!!

J. Figini

January 14, 2016


This plugin is fantastic, on the snare it gives a fantastic "punch in your face" and it's real warm to
I can't really mix without it now


January 13, 2016


This comp is amazing on the drum bus and I don't need crazy parallel compression routing to obtain the sound I like with this stuff.
The Dave Derr's custom mod featured only on the plugin is nice to fine tuning the controls.

D. Pasalic

January 12, 2016

Fatso Analog Tape Simulator and Compressor

Thank to UA this plug absolutely amazing ,it was one of my favorites ! Use it on diffrent ways on everything ! Lovley color great !

A. Iliev

January 11, 2016


Great quality and amazing things you can do with this plugin.

A. Berkut

January 7, 2016

FATSO - my secret tool!

I bought a few weeks ago Fatso. But I liked the plug as soon as I tried it demo! FATSO is a monster))) drums with him got more punchy and more power, more warmth! Thanks UAD and Empirical Labs!

R. Bouma

January 7, 2016

Part of the sound I'm looking for

Great results on busses and master group. You are able to get heavy transformed results but also verry subtile harmonics. So you can ruing you're material or find that sweet spot. Loads of tweeking possible if you know what you're doing. I love having it, this is an essential tool that brings part of the sound I'm looking for.

s. house

January 6, 2016

Loving The Saturation

Love this thing!! It has got my Hip Hop Tracks sounding like when I did them back analog studios in NYC in the early 2000's!

241-260 of 511 Results