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Customer Reviews

FATSO™ Jr./Sr. Tape Sim. & Compressor

Overall Rating

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T. Schinko

February 13, 2013

Very close to the original!

I'm a big fan of the orginal FATSO - i have one unit in our ob-van! The UAD jun emulation is very close to the orginal, the 4 modules work great (saturator, compressor, transformator emu and warmth module). But if you want to go deeper into the box the UAD FATSO sen with it's enhanced control possibilities is fantastic! I use it on drum bus, room mics, bass and guitars. For me, its a UAD must have!

M. Bolton

February 8, 2013

Something Different

What is done with this plug is extremely unique.
The main duty I have it used on is compression, and some slight THD saturation.
I use it on everything -- vocals, synths, bass, etc...
It really brings a different life to any sound. Try a demo; you'll be hooked.

J. Niemann

February 5, 2013

Great on Drums

I cant compare the FATSO Plug-In to the hardware, but this is great tool on drums. After trying, i prefer it a lot of times over the SSL channel bus comp (hardware & plug-in) on my drum bus. it just gives it a lot of bounce and nice knock that i cant get from other plug-ins or hardware. The presets are helpful too and give you a good starting point. UAD scored another homerun with this one !! Other plug ins seem to get more attention, but FATSO is a beast ...

M. Oseguera

February 2, 2013

Grate on Snare!!!

this Plug is amazing on my Snr. i hate compressing my Snr cuz it looses punch but with this plug it always works the way i want it to.

L. Maponyane

January 30, 2013

Such character

I demo'ed this on my vocal chain with a few vocalists who i always had challenges with when recording. Literally just used the warmifire setting and that was it! cutting frequencies at the top even with a high end eq hardware did not work as well as this lil' toy. I bought it same time! Thank you UAD and FATSO Jr

S. Rosicky

January 23, 2013

that fat tape sound

I use fatso on everything, if you want that pumped up smooth sound, fatso is for you.what ever your tracking can use a little or a lot. just dial it in... use it in a bus or just on one track. I love the fatso

R. Sokolovski

January 11, 2013


Fat ? Yes ! Analog sounding ? Yes ! Buy it ? Yes !!!

S. Caringer

January 11, 2013

A joy to work with.

This is definitely the one and only plugin I would bring to a desert island. The best plug I have. Useful on all sources. A joy to work with.

A tip for people who are considering buying it:
Give it a few days on the demo and try it out as much as you can. At first I didn't think so much about it. It seemed kind of complicated and un-intuitive, but after just a couple of days you get into it and it becomes extremely intuitive and easy to use. Tweak a few knobs, and the sound is there. Be sure to read the manual and check out tips and clips on youtube!

The only "negative" thing about the Fatso is that it's so CPU consuming. I would love to have it on almost every channel.

T. Tribolt

January 6, 2013

Awesomeness in a plugin

There is not much to about this than this plugin will transform your dull and boring instruments and vocals into rich, warm, slammin', pumpin' sounds that would turn even a closet homo like Tom Cruise into a heterosexual god. A good example to describe the affect of this plugin would be an analogy, here it goes. Before Fatso, you have Ryan Reynolds, after Fatso you have Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Try Fatso for yourself!!!!!!

J. Steffen

January 5, 2013


My favorite insert on the drum bus, This and the 1176 are my go to's. So many options available, especially withh the Fatso Sr. I can get my drums nice and punchy and really bring out the room sound with it, and when the transients from the snare get to be out of hand sometimes I simply adjust the "warmth" function to help tame them, its like magic every time. This is definitely a must have plugin.

D. Perez

January 3, 2013

great plugin!!

I recently bought the FATSO plugin after using the hardware version at El Pie (Buenos Aires Record Studio) during a workshop with Gordon Raphael I was attending to. Great piece of gear! So far, the UAD version is sounding really good on my mixes, you can use it on everything, I highly recommend it!

T. Tobin

December 31, 2012

Loving the Fatso

I held off for a long while getting the Fatso Jr./Sr. but I finally bit, and glad I did. Was not sure if would offer much more in terms of compression flavors than the 1176 or Fairchild, etc, but it certainly does. There's a thickness and harmonic complexity to it that works really well for adding energy to snare and drum kit overheads, which I typically squash hard on a parallel bus then feed back into the main drum bus. I've also used it directly in-line on a bass track and it seems to add some nice weight and character. Looking forward to trying it on vocals to see how it might add body. It's quite a complex plug-in so it will take me a while to learn how to tweak it, but so far I can see using this a lot.

J. Valentovich

December 22, 2012

Warm analog sound

After trying demo on vox track had to buy it gave the vox track that missing magic also did same to drums and guitar

A. Van

November 28, 2012


Haven't used the original, so can't comment on the emulation, but this kicks ass on drums and bass.

F. Gros

November 23, 2012

One of the best UAD Plugins

This is a really impressive plugin. Everyone raves about the FATSO on drum sounds and drumm busses and with good reason. The FATSO can really punch, dynamics and life to your drum sounds, without sound harshly, overly distored or smearing the low to mid end definition.

But, it's also a great plugin on a lot of other things, especially soft-synths. In fact, I'm using it all the time now to warm up everything from keyboard samples to virtual synths.

One of the best plugins UAD have produced, with exceptional sounds.

A. Ingle

November 11, 2012

Love Love Love it on Bass, Synth, and Drums

This thing is just magic. It can be subtle or make the drums just thump. I always use it somewhere...

S. Overland

November 4, 2012

great plugin

Great sound
easy to use but with deapth
Nice to have juniorr and senior options

M. Benjamin

October 18, 2012

Great tool

I have to say that I am in love with this emulation...I have been using it on both my soft synths and on my analogs on the recording path into my DAW through my Apollo and it is giving my sounds a great edge. Wonderful.

R. Alves

October 15, 2012


Just one word: Fantastic! My mixes are not the same after this real processor!

L. Gomez

October 15, 2012

Absolutelly brilliant

A couple of months ago I bought an analog hardware compressor looking for finalizing my mixes adding an extra touch to the tracks I produce/mix.
A couple of days ago when I finally decided to try the UAD FATSO, I decided to buy it and eventually Im even considering selling my hardware compressor, seriously, what I can do with this UAD plugin is more than what I actually can do with my compressor, even more I can add a couple of instances of the plugin in other channels, is plugin means 100% happiness.

421-440 of 453 Results