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Galaxy Tape Echo

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C. de Jong

August 16, 2016

Better without Roland brand

This still is a great plug!

R. Douglass

August 16, 2016

A whole new galaxy

I spent quite a bit of time playing with the Galaxy and I must say this plugin is top quality. The sound is so crisp, clean, and detailed. I ran my Fender Strat through it and it was beautiful. Also, the potential to use it with production to color and fill out mixes is limitless.

Thanks UAD!

R. Beld

August 16, 2016

Super tape echo/verb!

Since it's exactly the same code as the old Roland Space Echo 201, I again like this one. It gets a lot of use in our mixes in the studio.

J. Klein

August 16, 2016

Still love it

I still love this plugin - one of my favorite UAD tools.
Great sounding and indispensable - even if we saw a lot of great delay plugins in the recent years.

But - still no option for customizing the size ?
This is my main concern with UAD plugins. Even Apple reworked a lot of their plugins for that reason.
Come on UAD, is it really that hard to implement this feature when you are rewriting the UI anyway?
My eyes are always bleeding with some of your plugins.

M. Gustafson

August 16, 2016

Best of the space echo emulations

This sounds the best and is the most acute in functionality of all Space Echo emulations.

C. Palmer

August 16, 2016

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat....

This is a great replacement for the Space Echo. It sounds exactly like the original. I love it. The Roland plugin is still there and functioning, but I can see not reason not to use the Galaxy. Great stuff!

Y. Chistyakov

August 16, 2016

Galaxy Tap Echo

Ich habe schon Roland RE-201 Echo Tape Delay. Trozdem finde ich Galaxy auch gut. Vielen Dank UA!

B. de Graaf

August 15, 2016

Thank you

I loved the old pulgins, I was really dissappointed to read support was discontinued and also kinda mad after spending my money. But I am happy to find out you value your customers and gave me the upgrade/transfer to the new version.
Thank you, keep up the good work!

U. Borjesson

August 15, 2016

The echo you recognize

This is it, no need for another tape echo, if you have seen and heard the Roland hardware, you know, now without the motors annoying humming but all the great sounds you can achive with the tool.
The echo you should have, (even if the Cooper Time Machine plug also is must have:-))

R. Homes

August 15, 2016

Boe Weaver

Very impressed with this plugin . My hardware Roland is gathering dust !!

P. Degen

August 15, 2016

What happened to Roland?

Well, to be completely honest, I have this plugin for quiet a while now (but then it was called Roland Space echo), and I seldom use it in tracks. It works fine, but somehow I can't find good use with it.

S. Tib

August 15, 2016

Space Echo 201 Emulation

Great delay, classic for any kind of Dub effect, the feedback can be really crazy !

I have also the EP 34 that I use more often than the Galaxy Tape Echo.

It's a great tool for subtle retro effect or experimenting with the feedback, I will never buy the hardware, it's a pain to maintain !

G. Peterson

August 15, 2016

Roland is Back!

Roland the best chorus ever. I now have all you have to offer from Roland!
Thank You Universal Audio.
G. Peterson

D. Paquin

August 15, 2016

Thanks UAD - Nice Job!

I was happily surprised to find that you indeed (as I was secretly hoping) gave the existing 201 users the Galaxy plugin for free while maintaining the 201 support for older mixes where we would have used the 201...

But I was even happier when testing the new Galaxy... It happened that the last track I am producing is a modern reggae beat and the Galaxy fits the bill superbly... To my ears it does not only sound vintage... It sounds like a new vintage as if the older unit was revamped or something... A modern vintage (:-D nice)... I would see it equally at home on a classic Rock or Dub track or on a newer sounding such as modern Dancehall or even Dubstep etc...

Great job guys! Thanks again!!

Now I'll have to check for the bundle :-D

C. Ramage

August 15, 2016

Lots of sounds!

I enjoy using this plugin! Endless sonic landscapes!

S. Robertson

August 15, 2016

Cracking good Echo Unit

This is going to be one of my favourite plug ins. As usual with UAD, the aesthetics are amazing, and the product matches it. I like running the return through an analog desk from pro tools as if it were the real thing.. sounds mint with some real transformers getting behind it

M. Ulloa

August 15, 2016

Amazing sound

Thank you UAD! This plug sounds amazing!

G. Funes

August 15, 2016

Space Galaxy

Love the name, love the sound. Really great plugin!!!

m. Steimer

August 15, 2016

Well done UA !

as a RE201's owner I'm seeing myself very satisfied that UA give to me this version which bring essentially a new GUI that is more HD friendly.
Thanks again !

d. robinson

August 15, 2016


Well ..obviously it´s a high quality tape delay :)

I like the new design.

adds nice tape character and warmth.

create crazy spaces

must have

261-280 of 285 Results