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Customer Reviews

Galaxy Tape Echo

Overall Rating

121-140 of 293 Results

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A. D'Onorio

April 17, 2020

Great delay

Really like this one! One of my favorite delay plugin. I have real spring reverbs so don’t use that one to much but de delay rocks!

I. Maxwell

April 16, 2020

The smoothest echo in the galaxy

UA really nailed it with this one! It's like pouring sweet cream over your audio. I love using it warm up a sterile performance. And always on my theremin, always.

m. marcori

April 16, 2020

Galaxy Tape Echo

UAD did it again. Awsome emulation, great on any kind of lead guitars and vocals. It has vintage vibes if you want it to, very landscapy and I couldn't emphazise enough how well the infinite feedback produced oscilation is emulated. Great unit.

A. Nesse

April 15, 2020

Analog sounding in the digital world

This thing I find using a lot, and it sounds great every time. Echo and reverb in one unit. The reverb feels like spring, sounds analog - guess I must love analog sounds :)

t. priestley

March 30, 2020

galaxy tape echo

love it. works great for me on reggae tracks drums and piano.

t. priestley

March 30, 2020

galaxy tape echo

love it. works great for me on reggae tracks drums and piano.

P. Denny

March 28, 2020


So satisfying to play guitar thru!

E. Liebig

March 12, 2020

Amazing sound

Super smooth and deep, with a real feedback


January 15, 2020



P. Molenaar

January 9, 2020

In a galaxy far far away

Just the tape echo you all need!

M. Petrillo

November 29, 2019

Sounds Just Like My old RE-201

Amazing unit and plugin. Great tape echo sound, unlike delay plugins this sounds nice and smooth, yet nasty when required. The reverb also sounds like the original. Thanks for bringing this one back UA!

J. McGovern

November 18, 2019

Love the GTE!

Really great delay / reverb with some really gritty spaces and sounds perfect for dub, reggae and probably any type of music where you want to get lost a little!


November 13, 2019

Not as cool as the real thing, but still a great plug in

No way to fully model the effect of old tape or out of service parts. Those wacky unpredictable things aren’t showing up with any plug in. But this is a very high quality effect that still sounds great! Good work UA!

M. Saldana

November 13, 2019

Classic RE-201 sound, with a bit of room for improvement

The Galaxy Tape Echo does a great job of providing the character of the multi-tap delay and spring reverb of a real unit with the flexibility of a plug-in. While the ability to self-oscillation is welcome, this is where the character of the plug-in departs significantly from the hardware unit I have to compare.

Whereas the hardware oscillates with a smooth and compressed tone, the plug-in adds significant grit and distortion. Nevertheless, the plug-in is a valuable tool for achieving the general Space Echo sounds without the need to worry about hardware maintenance.

R. Heksch

October 3, 2019

Everybody needs space echo

This absolute must. Especially if you are in to electronic music, there is nothing like this. I never had chance to play with real thing, but the sound of this plug is exactly what i expected, full, fat, gritty sound. Ooooh yes

V. Trachuk

September 30, 2019

Cool distortion!

Cool but it is mono) However its sounds incredible!

S. May

July 17, 2019

Such quality

This is a great product so much like the real thing its so nice to carry such a small unit with all my Audio possibilities in and this plug in gives so much like coming back to an old friend when spicing up a track

L. Druker

June 18, 2019

Sounds Amazing!!!!

Just sounds great. All the analog warmth and tone. Just sounds luscious. Use only the reverb on guitars with any of the UA Marshall plug-ins to get a great spring reverb sound.

R. Beehre

June 14, 2019

Galaxy Tape Echo

This unit is lush, warm and musical. Love the tempo sync options.


May 11, 2019

The new go to

I have owned several Roland Space echoes. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised how the plugin recreated the tone and feel of the original. UAudio has not disappointed. Making my songwriting demos sound like masters.

121-140 of 293 Results