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Customer Reviews

LA-610 MkII

Overall Rating

41-60 of 90 Results

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S. Yakimovich

June 22, 2016

Warm sound with LA-610 MkII

About 3 months ago my acquaintance has given me LA-610 MkII for couple of days.
To the surprise I literally for half an hour have fallen in love with this device. Everything is heard. Each turn of the handle is perceived aurally. For couple of seconds you can wind what that sound to you it is necessary.
Having written down several tracks of bass guitars and the electrician of guitars I has understood that without this device I can't create any more. With LA-610 MkII everything has quickly fallen into place.

S. Muscio

May 26, 2016

trumps the plugin

First thing I noticed is how quiet this thing is. The room noise when tracking is virtually gone, only the good stuff left. Not the case with the 610 plugins. The T4 compressor is great. Warm, almost too warm. I almost always find myself boosting some highs to compensate. 1.5 at 10k works well on vox with 3db of compression. Overall I'm happy with this, great way to get a solid pre and compressor for a fair price.

B. Hackler

May 15, 2016

Couldn't love it more!

Great piece of gear. Insane options and sound for the price. Recommend to everyone.


May 1, 2016

My Number One Pre

I record roots music, and the Mk II is fantastic for all of it: vox/guitars/bass/mando/etc. My default signal chain is a large-diaphragm condenser into a Mk II, Mk II through a vintage board with British-eq, and then to tape. That combo is incredible for Americana, pulling all of the vintage compliments out of listeners on playback: warm, round, smooth, buttery, etc. As some others have noted, the Mk II is best thought of as a beautiful, old school, vintage tube unit that is semi-transparent in its class. That means that it's not a one-trick pony that you'll use once or twice on a record. Instead, it's a mostly fool-proof, classic sound that you'll go back to over and over again. If that's what you're looking for, this is it.

B. O'Reilly

April 26, 2016

Excellent channel strip

Recently purchased this channel strip and it is awesome, great for bass, vocals and guitar.

O. Khodynsky

April 10, 2016

Great Channel!!!

I'm sad that I didn't buy LA610 several years ago! For a few months I own it I upgrade my home studio recordings to professional level. I call LA610 now the "SOUND DESIGNER TOOL" that increase my creativity.

J. Popiel

April 8, 2016

Unit delivers as advertised - love it!

I don't know why I waited so long to get one of these, but this is my first purchase of a "serious" preamp. I'd been recording for about 20 years using cheap preamps and compressors, spending more on guitars, amps, mics, etc., but leaving a preamp upgrade out of the mix (pardon the pun). Well, maybe I can appreciate it more now because of my extended history with inferior gear. In any case, the LA-610 MkII has really woken up my tracks. First used with electric bass -- a stunning upgrade from other direct or preamped paths that I'd used in the past. Really brought a smile to my face listening to the tracks the next morning, like where have you been all my life? Excellent operating instructions too. Thanks UA!

Z. Valentin

March 25, 2016

The best...

I love LA610
Do I need something more? NO!

G. Jackson

February 20, 2016

Good unit- T4 is great

We have a number of UA gear in the studio. This is a great piece of kit. Perhaps not as used as our other UA pre's and compressors but this unit keeps up with the best of them. The T4 optical compression is slamming - sounds magic on bass and really give some smack in the face attitude. The pre can be a tad noisy in conjunction with the compressor however to be honest I'm just nit picking as it does sound awesome! Absolutely no complains from me.

n. alagna

February 9, 2016

Nick G A

I am super satisfied with LA-610. I have found it easy to dial in solid vocal and bass sounds that sound polished right from the 610 into my DAW. Big Fan. UA is it for me.


January 8, 2016

Buttery and Warm

Still a newbie at home studio recording, but the LA-610 MkII is sure making life simper and I'm dialing in warm bass guitar and vocal tracks with so much better success! UA rocks, love it.

M. Cavanagh

November 30, 2015

More than just a Channel Strip !

An amazing piece of outboard gear....multi-useful mainly due to the Line input and the ability to switch pickup & mic impedences, its also an integral part of my live guitar setup.
The preselected EQ frequencies are very musical and restrict the `option anxiety` found in overly elaborate EQs.
Used as a channel strip/preamp for recording acoustic guitar....a real sense of `warmth` so missing from the digital medium is easily achieved....a great product, well done UAD.


November 4, 2015

Nice sounding

Breaks up nicely.

Still colors tones when bypassed, and the attack is extremely fast, almost brutal, hard to dial in.

B. Hay

October 10, 2015

Classic Tube Coloration, Love it.

The pre-amp section has a very clean, warm, and smooth texture to the sound. I record a lot of vocals with it and really enjoy over driving the tube pre-amp because it gives the recording a very nice distorted crunch that isn't harsh on the ears and makes great for recording adlibs, stacking vocals, or even a lead vocal in some cases. Now the compressor, being that it is a clone of an LA-2A (which is notably a slower compressor) I would not recommend this if you deal with mostly fast transient noises as I feel that the attack time is a little slow and cuts off your transient. Fast rappers, no bueno as some of the words get cut off. For a singer tho its sounds amazing and very natural. This a great buy depending on what you will be recording

t. wallace

September 25, 2015

Smooth, warm, and clean

I've been using my LA-610 for awhile now and I couldn't be happier, i'm using a Neumann TLM 49 running to the 610. The color from the mic going into a tube pre brings a very smooth/sweet sound to female vocals. The fun part about the preamp is over driving it, even then you still get a beautiful sound that doesn't hurt the ears. The only problem is my wife want let me get another one lol..

M. Smith

August 31, 2015

Pre Amp is Great & the Compressor is Good for the price.

The 610 tube preamp is a legand for a reason. Such a dynamic and useful tool. To sum it up in one word... "Classic"

Now onto the compressor... its pretty good but if they want my option on it for improvements they need:

A) faster attack time (my first hit on anything aways comes in hot)

B) the true bypass has a noticable "tone" difference. not in a good way. Seems little nosy when the compressor / limiter is plugged in the chain.
So as a room mic its prob good to go. but for a lead vocal I'm not sold. You need the 1176 like 98% of the other pro studios.

C) EQ - add more control, eq sweep, 3rd eq. Would make this a revised legend to repurchase.


J. Seabrook

April 3, 2015

I Never Knew the Beauty

I'll admit, I haven't had this thing a long time. 3 weeks at this point. I bought it used, so it already had a few years of breaking in. Here's what I love and what I don't...
1. Love the depth and clarity it imparts
2. Love the warmth it brings and the EQ to help tame/enhance
3. Love the line in as a "reamp" option for the warmth and the compression

1. Don't love the T4 Comp for aggressive compression (I know, I know. Not what it's for)
2. Don't love the T4 "tied" to the 610 but I can deal

In truth, this unit re-ignited my love of tube gear and I don't love how now I want more 610s. All it's issues are really complaining for complaining's sake. This is a great unit that is happily on my "Go To Channel" list.

E. Chong

January 23, 2015

Can't get enough...

Bought the SOLO-610 lunchbox from UAD.

Next day went back and bought this rack unit. T4 compressor is a nice touch and who can deny even MORE tubes?!?!

Dail in thick lush tones or even syrupy tube character all the way to mild distortion. This unit will take any cheap condenser mic and TAME the living hell out of it.

R. Petrucci

January 16, 2015

best sounding vocal processor ever

I really really love this unit, warm and precise. I own several famous hi end tube and solid state units in my studio but this is my favorite one.
Simply amazing on vocals (so good with neumann tlm 103 and wonderful with my neumann u47 custom reissue). Wonderful on guitars (try out OCD -_ fender hot rod -_ shure beta 57 -_LA 610) my favorite british sounding guitars setup.
What to say about compressor? LA2A, no further comments needed indeed.
loooooooooove it!

S. Moniz

June 27, 2014

Very Happy. Ear Candy.

So far I have been extremely satisfied with this pre-amp & compressor combo. Adds a pleasant and noticeable warmth to the mic signal versus plugging directly into an interface. Build is solid.

41-60 of 90 Results