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Customer Reviews

Lexicon 224 Digital Reverb

Overall Rating

61-80 of 852 Results

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T. Don

October 12, 2023

Classic everyone should try it

I don't use it that much but sometimes I need this one and it was always helpful

U. Soto

October 12, 2023



G. kadu

October 12, 2023

Amazing quality, no bullshit

When you buy a universal audio product you get an assurance that no matter if it's an emulation of an amp or simulation of any popular studio outboard gear, it will be the close second or sometimes even better and Lexicon 224 is no different. I never had a chance to work with this amazing hardware equipment but I have heard this quite a lot, thanks to UA I now have a similar reverb in my studio too.

J. Jun

October 12, 2023


it shines in every mix

V. Cuartero

October 12, 2023


If you need a vintage verb. This is the one for you. Easy to use and gets the job done. It blends well with the dry signal. Good to have on your collections!

R. De Sena

October 12, 2023

Worthwhile purchase

Easy to set up to get the sound I'm looking for and it sounds just as I would expect a 224 to sound. It's good.

B. Moura

October 11, 2023

Amazing Reverb Machine

It sounds so natural like things I've already known, beautiful placement of the reverb on your mix without headaches, just select a good preset and let the Lexicon 224 do its work.

M. Braziel

October 11, 2023

Lexicon 224: My Favorite reverb

I probably own almost every reverb plugin there is but I was never able to get the sound that I desired up until now. First of all Lexicon has a totally different sound than other reverbs. The Lexicon 224 is the reverb that had been used by most of the 70s and Early 80s. And the reason I like it most is the flexibility. Also The plugin offers the same digital Lexicon Sound from the hardware version. The UAD Lexicon 224 is now my go to reverb of choice.

A. Hunt

October 11, 2023

Clean and dimensional

Love it!!

I. Sestenko

October 10, 2023

Super Reverb!

Very easy to use. Thanks a lot UAD

S. Chorley

October 10, 2023



K. Volchenko

October 10, 2023

It’s awesome!!!)))

It seems to stick to the sound and everything sounds monolithic, when most reverbs sound separately! Must Have!!!)))

P. Fagan

October 10, 2023

Brilliant reverb

Really enjoying this reverb from USD. Very lush and sounds great on a multitude of instruments. Some nice presets included to give you an idea on different ways to use the reverb. Thanks!


October 10, 2023

True Sound

A great Lexicon vibe and sound. Just a little goes a long way on Vocals and Acoustic Guitars. Being able to adjust parameters under the hood is a plus.


October 10, 2023



F. Hasan

September 29, 2023

besttt reverb!

better than any other lexicon 224 plugin! must have!! Thanks a lot UAD

R. Mannucci

September 28, 2023

Lexicon coming threw!!

Lexicon coming threw with that flavor!!!! This 1 is niiice!!

D. Faggiolino

September 28, 2023

Great reverb!!!

Love It so much!!!!

b. cheung

September 27, 2023

The lush reverb you get on this is so good

wow, this reverb sounds amazing and im so glad i am able to pair this with the 480!

E. Koch

September 27, 2023

17 % DSP !!!! and what a deal, YAY !!!!

when i first got on board with UA i didn't know about coupons, or sales, or DSP ( finially found the DSP Chart in support after spending about $1,700 ) .... i have the 480L, and love it, but more as a post bounce in place staple DAW bus verb, because it's a DSP Hog .... i needed a good tracking comfort verb, but told my self i would get by with the feebees that came with my hardware, even though i, oddly, like digital plates better than physically modeled plates for some reason .... so yeah, i had been eyeballing the 224, but it wasn't even on my wish list....then i saw the offer i could not refuse, and i couldn't be happier.

61-80 of 852 Results