Lexicon 480L Digital Reverb and Effects

Lexicon 480L Digital Reverb and Effects


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Customer Reviews

Lexicon 480L Digital Reverb and Effects

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C. Davies

February 27, 2020

Lex 480

Go this with the satellite Octo and it’s lovely
I’m very impressed with this product

P. Lallis

February 26, 2020

Amazing Reverb as always

If you ever used the hardware then you will be happy to use it too.

UAD User

February 25, 2020

Often imitated, always the best

Sometimes you just need the real deal. It just sounds great.

J. Barillaro

February 24, 2020

The center piece

This is now the go to. I bought a carry case just because of this plugin.

Y. Nugraha

February 24, 2020

A reverb of dreams

I just tried the 14 day trial and i was shock... This thing sound more analog than any reverb vst ive tried. I will buy this on the next sale

Y. Nugraha

February 24, 2020

A reverb of dreams

I just tried the 14 day trial and i was shock... This thing sound more analog than any reverb vst ive tried. I will buy this on the next sale

R. Gabriel

February 22, 2020



P. Mata Rodriguez

February 18, 2020

Great piece of software!!!

I don't own the original hardware so I cannot compare, but the results on my guitar and Superior Drummer are great. Great piece of software!!!

S. Soffiatti

February 16, 2020

Sounds Amazing!

This is my main reverb, for sure

M. Seitz

February 15, 2020

Much Moooooooooore!

I couldn't imagine that theres a difference between the 224 and the 480L...
The 224 was a big game chancer on my vocal tracks. But the 480L ist much MORE!
Never bounce a mix without! Amazing!!

M. Stiso

February 12, 2020

Lexicon 480L

Like all UA products this does not disappoint. Best sounding plug-ins on the market

D. Lee

February 10, 2020

great reverb

great reverb, nice tone/sound, very adjustable

F. Andersson

February 8, 2020

This is NOT the complete 480

I think this emulation is amazing, it sounds completely authentic. I am missing some of the original features though. Most importantly the chorus algorithm. I wonder why. As a reverb it is obviously outstanding and a "must have" in my opinion. Sadly lacking the pitch algo. I used the chorus a LOT in the 90's. But, I could recommend the chorus in the AMS... very, very good. But you won't be disappointed in the 480, it has everything you need from a reverb.

A. Guardia

February 4, 2020

Lexico 480 L UAD Plug in

Fantastic, exactly the same as the original!!! Extremely satisfied!!!

E. Hawkins

January 29, 2020

Verb for your a$$!

Really very nice and good
- Seinfeld

P. Haas

January 20, 2020

The king of digital algorithmic reverbs for vocals

The king of digital reverbs for nearly 35 years.
What more to say?

g. Pascual

January 20, 2020

Simply...480: That's it!

Since back in the days to present, you need this tool. Thanks UA Team.

D. Yudin

January 19, 2020

A plugin that solves many problems

It is perfectly suited for solving any problems, both in vocals and in groups of instruments


January 19, 2020

Lexicon 480L

I couldn’t own a unit decades ago but was trained on it in various studios. It took me decades but at last....! Moreover it sounds almost as brilliant as the original hardware version and is so much easier to integrate into a sophisticated workflow at a fraction of the price!!! Utmost Respect and Congratulations!!! KR2EV1 Nicolas Picciotto

D. Cadoch

January 17, 2020

David Cadoch

Amazing and accurate control of reverb for any genre of music. Rich sound for Jazz and Blues ! Very user-friendly and the quality is astounding !

81-100 of 312 Results