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Customer Reviews

Lexicon 480L Digital Reverb and Effects

Overall Rating

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L. Prikhodko

June 18, 2024

doesn't work

I purchased this plugin, but can't try cause have a problem to use. All my UAD plugins working fine exept this one. So I need your help to do something, thanks

A. Vega García

June 18, 2024

Bastante fiel al original

De las dos reverb lexicón de Uad esta es la mejor.


June 17, 2024

Just love it!

Une des meilleures reverbes…

A. Fizzotti

June 15, 2024


No need presentation. History talks.

A. Giroux

June 11, 2024

Lexicon yes

Lexicon was a great tool for me back in the day. Regretting selling my hardware unit, glad this was available in the plugin library

s. ayton

June 10, 2024

Nice if you don’t have a Lexicon

Not required if you have a Lexicon hardware unit and they are not expensive these days but a nice drunk Friday night splurge. Good for really
Long tails but you can do that with any free IR reverb so don’t quite get it. The interface is quick but a gardware interface controller would be very nice, come
On UA, MIDI control is coming up it’s 1/2 century ffs!
We know alien tech exists but we are still
Being spoonfed rubbish ol’skool tech. Anyway, I digress. Compared
To my PCM90, it still wins and only cost a few $ so I’ll continue to use the beauty and save the DSP for the Distressor plugins :)

c. rivera

May 12, 2024

Extremily solid reverb

Amazing sound, this reverb it is 10/10.

K. Kaspersen

April 30, 2024

Great great great reverb

I was in doubt if my Lexicon 224 is enough and this one is just a better version, turned out they are 2 different reverbs with different uses, never regret for buying this awesome reverb! love it! ! !

P. Shevtchenko

April 30, 2024

Lexicon 480L

When connecting the plugin.... error (code -38) Technical support does not work - a bot communicates with you, which politely informs you that it cannot help in any way. I'm disappointed....such a company and such customer service. Result: WASTED MONEY!!!

M. Galindo

March 22, 2024

Excelente sonido

Nos sorprendió el sonido …. Esperamos que salga la versión nativa

M. Galindo

March 22, 2024

Excelente sonido

Nos sorprendió el sonido …. Esperamos que salga la versión nativa

A. La Camera

February 22, 2024


Ok, listen, we all want this one native, please.

A. Santana

January 18, 2024


beautiful. i like

r. atkins

January 13, 2024


One of the best reverb recreated in a plug-in and I got it on sale

P. Perkins

January 13, 2024

No luck with Lex 480

I got a Lex 480 plug for my UAD 2 in the sale at the end of Dec. '23. The other plug I got at the time, the Pultec mid-range EQ, came through fine and is working well. The Lex 480 became visible in the plugin list on the UAD app, but has never shown up in Reaper's list of plugins, UAD or VST. After some communication w/ UAD support in which they basically told me they were too busy to talk to me, I've kind of given up. So Lex 480 is a no go in Reaper 7? Oh well.

S. Thompson

January 11, 2024


Lush and warm sounding, incredibly smooth reverb!

d. drula

January 9, 2024

beat maker et mix

je kif de ouf cette reverb , je l'utilise sur les drums et j'aime aussi cette effet de proximité légèrement cleaner en profondeur . elle est ce que j'attends d une reverb

T. Spratt

January 4, 2024

Love this 480L!

This is the quintessential 480L emulation. It's so easy to get the right sound, from dark and vibey to modern or classic. This reverb is it!


December 22, 2023

Rất hay

I Love Reverb Leẽicon

A. Dahlback

December 13, 2023

Fantastic sound, but...

Probably the best sounding Lexicon 480 plug!
But it needs a GUI refresh and... tada... 60% DSP power... So I'm looking forward to a native version. Then it will be *****

1-20 of 506 Results

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