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Customer Reviews

Little Labs® IBP Phase Alignment Tool

Overall Rating

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E. Middlesworth

January 6, 2014

Never a session without it from here on out

This little dude is awesome, very useful to dial in phase relationships between mics. Picked it up in December 2013 and had a chance to use it on a couple Jazz sessions. Simply an amazing little tool.

B. Horsfield

January 6, 2014

It's So Easy!!!!

I tried this out and a total must have when using more than one mic at a time.
A great tool to have and I got it on a discount and used my coupon so dot it for $15 BARGAIN many thanks

S. Nataraja

January 3, 2014

Little Labs IBP Phase Alignment is Great

I mainly used this plugin for my drum mix. At the Studio we record live drums in a very small room which causes a lot of bleed and phase problem.
The Little Labs IBP Phase plugin is smooth and easy to control phasing issues we have also tried it on guitars and achieved a much wider spread of sounds.
I would suppose in most digital or semi digital studios this plugin is a important and powerful tool.
I am glad I made this purchase and I know that many other would feel the same if the used this plugin.

K. Adams

December 16, 2013

Breat tool for Phase alignment.

I record my bass guitar together mic'd and DI'd, This little tool can bring them together to get that full sound and align them correctly. The Little Lab's VOG compliments this tool nicely.


V. Bonev

December 15, 2013

Killer Phase Resolver

Works awesome and is just way more than a phase swith !!!

P. Cinquin

December 14, 2013

Great plugin !

Great plugin completed for guitars and drums. We shall never say enough how important is this type of plugin in the preparation of a mixing. Thanks a lot UA Team !

J. Bitoun

December 8, 2013

A kind of magic...

That thing is nothing short of magic... Very easy to set up, and it does wonder on overheads or a stereo guitar take. It makes the sound wider, somehow clearer, typical secret weapon stuff !

J. Jonckheer

December 3, 2013

Yeah! thanks IBP phase!

I always fine-tuned my "phase-relations" manually on drums and acoustic guitars, cabs etc... Now, with Little Labs IBP, it's a peace of cake, and you can get more creative because of the faster response just by tweaking a knob!

M. Underdown

November 30, 2013

Phase alignment and colour too!

Drum Editing and mixing gets quicker with the Little Labs IBP. Quite simply, there are more options, more control and If needed the option of adding a different colour to a guitar track for example. Just turn those dials until it works!

Not only a time saver but a creative tool too. Great Plug!

G. Berry

November 12, 2013

Works for specific things

I bought this hoping to use it for drum phase problems, but it seems to really only work on very specific things (guitar amp mult-mic phase problems, etc.). I haven't used it since I bought it. Hope to though!

G. Leslie

November 11, 2013

A great fixer tool

Just used this on some stereo piano recordings which had phase issues between the two mics. Delaying one channel just wasn't helping enough, a few simple tweaks on the Little Labs later, problem solved!

P. Giacalone

October 31, 2013

Most useful plugin I own!

I love this thing to death! This is the epitome of no-flash, all-usefulness. This little tool makes all the money you spent on mics, cables, mic pres, compressors, converters, your off. The most obvious use if for aligning the snare with overheads, but you can get into all kinds of creative uses when mic'ing guitar amps and acoustic instruments. Any multiple mic application. This one plug does more for my tracks than any EQ or compressor could ever do. I wouldn't be surprised if most people had simply never actually heard a snare drum in the middle of a stereo overhead field with full phase response. Bought this on the recommendation of Frank Filipetti. Frank's never steered me wrong. You'd be crazy not to own this.

E. L'insalata

October 26, 2013

Fuller sound.

Not so much to say: this tool will help you to make fuller and richer sounds (when you're mixing multimics sources), the 90° phase adjust feature lets you find the details you're searching for.

In my chain, one instance of LittleLabs IBP is 3,4% on DSP1 (Quad Satellite), 13,6% PGM, 1% on total DPS meter and 3% on PGM meter.
1088 samples (24,67 ms) latency at 44.1 kHz. [PT10 shows 1120 samples].

F. Martino

October 24, 2013

Really good

I find these plug really good to obtain many different sound during my mixes.

G. Ventin

September 26, 2013

Simple, but much needed plugin!

No more fudging with wav tracks. This plugin makes for easy adjustments and also has some neat polarity shifting. For as simple as it may seem to be, sure find I use it a lot on dual miking situations.

J. Grefsrud

September 25, 2013

Simple, practical and very useful

I like this a lot. I've stopped delaying DIs and beater-microphones. It sounds way better to use this thing, and it's so more flexible. Love it.
If only the Apollo will stop disabling it, I'm happy as can be :-)

S. Schmidt

July 13, 2013

IBP Phase Alignment

This one is a great little tool for putting the snaredrum thightly into the drum mix ... sounds awesome, very low dsp load!

R. Rettura

June 28, 2013

tool simple&efficent

No more word to describe this fantastic tool. IBP works very nice with Drum & Multiple Guitar's stereo image. Thanx UA.

J. Moore

June 15, 2013

Little Labs IBP Phase Alignment Tool

Great little tool. I use it mostly for tighting up a snare mic with the overheads. It can really bring that focus and punch. Very simple tool but be sure to read the manual to really understand how it works and what it's doing.

L. Bimbi

June 3, 2013

Awesome! Very useful

This little plugin is a real life saver in certain situations. Very easy to use and very effective. Recommended.

221-240 of 274 Results