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Customer Reviews

Little Labs® IBP Phase Alignment Tool

Overall Rating

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G. Carpenter

January 3, 2023

Excellent tool for bass

Use it on input and get your Bass DI and Amp right at the start. Commit and don't worry about it again = joy. Such a great plug in!

i. karnado

January 2, 2023

Simple and great

Simple and great

D. Gastaldi

December 15, 2022

Dovrebbe essere in ogni canale del mixer

Da anni mi sono sempre limitato ruotare la fase del canale, spostare il microfono decine di volte e registrare. In mix stessa cosa ma allineando manualmente le tracce. Con questo plugin puoi fare la stessa cosa con in più tutte la corsa da 0 a 180^

F. Heinze

December 14, 2022

Must have...

...when recording with more than one microphone. Simple and fast solution for phase problems.
A clean phase is the first thing to start, better than buying the next expensive miracle plugin.

J. Woods

December 9, 2022

Great Tool!

Great Tool.

V. Radočaj

December 9, 2022


Good plugin

D. Franzén

December 6, 2022

Workflow magic

IBP makes my workflow much faster and easier when mixing rock and metal records that are not 100% in phase. The creative part of the plug-in are awesome as well!

S. Gara

December 2, 2022


Plugin ottimo , consigliato come tutti i plugin uad.

K. Bread

December 1, 2022

Great Tool

The best tool tool for phase issues

K. Payoongsook

October 15, 2022

Good Tool

This is a helpful plugin, I was really glad that I bought it!

M. Verblakt

September 20, 2022

This really helps!

This little tool is really helpfull in getting drumtracks in phase. Saves a ton of time

A. Smith

September 7, 2022

Much needed for phase issues

If you're having phase issues, use this plugin to correct problems.

I. Hwang

August 15, 2022




July 15, 2022

Best tool for precise alignment phase

Best tool for precise alignment phase

G. Schwab

June 29, 2022

Useful tool

This is a useful tool that is easy to use and easy to eliminate phase problems. It is standard equipment.

T. Young

June 16, 2022

Does what you need it to

This is a super helpful plugin, I was really glad that I bought it!

A. Gray

June 12, 2022

Useful little helper

Perfect for realignment or binaural Doppler effects

J. Pineiro

June 11, 2022

Little labs plugin


F. Jordanius

June 10, 2022


A true lifesaver when dealing with multiple mics on a single sound source! Gone are the days of moving a mic 2mm at a time to find the perfect phase correlation.

M. McCoy

April 11, 2022

Very handy

I’m a lazy producer and this makes it a breeze to have a steady workflow

21-40 of 274 Results