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For LUNA Recording System (Mac only)

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Customer Reviews

LUNA Spitfire Bundle

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May 24, 2023




May 24, 2023



Á. Gústafsson

January 11, 2023

Great Orchestra

I just demoed the string pack out of curiosity, been using another orchestra software for some time. This is a top class software and easy to use to get what you are looking for. There is one major downside I see with it, since I play with semitones a lot, you should definitely look into adding the value of tuning in decimal form so I don't have to guess by ear or using other instruments or a tuner. 4 stars because of that.

J. Browne

December 21, 2022


Amazing sound

J. Raetz

November 26, 2022

plug in

super qualité de son

F. Prull

August 22, 2022

What about film sync/better midi tools?

I love Luna, but had to go back to Logic because you don't support syncing to video. So why release what essentially seems to be a scoring tool on a platform that doesn't support scoring to picture, or multi-channel instruments or external midi channels, or many of the other midi features used by composers which other DAWs have?

I. Irinel

March 25, 2022


Is it expected to appear on Windows in the near future?

P. Poe

February 7, 2022


Love Luna, why can't we just bring in Spitfire as is? Make all our lives better. Embrace the future and let Spitfire in. Love you. Mean it.

J. Poole

January 12, 2022


When I try to open a LUNA instrument, it crashes, and I have a 12 core with a X16, X8P, and an OCTO. Also, the exclusive LUNA only instruments keep me in other DAWS with universal compatibility for my extensive VST library.. Why not run LUNA on DSP or have the option?

R. Kei

May 14, 2021

I think it goes little bit wrong...

to expensive only for luna...
UA plug-ins are not cheap too but, all people think it's reasonable.
I got all of your plugins and also use neve summing,api summing and new vision in luna
But this is totally different.It's not a fit price.
Even if this is incredible library, but I don't wanna buy this only for luna.
And one more thing,
I even don't wanna rate for this only one star mark.

M. Fisher

April 30, 2021

I love both UA and Spitfire but...

Plugins that are exclusive to one DAW is sadly not the way to go in my humble opinion. If you see yourself using LUNA exclusively for until the end of days - this is a cheaper no-brainer than buying from Spitfire direct. But if you need the flexibility to use other DAWs - this is a major false economy.

J. Lutz

April 1, 2021


$600... seriously?

M. Matzke

April 1, 2021

One more reason for Luna

Unlike the other recessions, I like the UA/Spitfire deal. Yes, it limits you to the use inside Luna - but therefore you get it way cheaper. I can't see what's wrong about the offer - if you want the regular version, you don't have to purchase this offer, as it will also work in Luna.
After a test I really fell in love with this sound and the workflow within Luna: Very organic, very natural: Hands on, great sound, that's what I need. Give it a try and think for yourself: It's a fair deal to me and another reason to use Luna.

S. Wessel

March 13, 2021

Why buy a Luna exclusive Library?

While this might be a good product I don't see the benefit of buying spitfire libraries for a lot of money only to be restricted to use them in Luna. Similar Libraries are available from spitfire for all DAW's. I really don't think UA and Spitfire should go this way. At least there should be a voucher to get the similar library on the spitfire webpage for free or for a very reduced price. I love UA, but this is going in the wrong direction, especially at that price point. You don't level the playfield, like you did before with this strategy. Fine that Luna is "free", but if you let your customers pay after the fact, that leaves a bitter taste. I spent $ 5000+ on UA Gear and Software (without regret) but I just will not join in on this game, even if I'd love to...

J. Libretti

January 27, 2021

Really Needs to separate people from $600, Really???

I would say $299 would be more fair, like many of UA's other expensive Plugins!
...Or at the very least put this thing On-Sale once in a while!! SMH!!


April 14, 2020

Very expressive.

Wow, thanks UA! Loving this so far.

21-36 of 36 Results

  1. 1
  2. 2