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Customer Reviews

Manley Complete Bundle

Overall Rating

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M. Czyz

March 29, 2019

Amazing mastering EQ!

I have used hardware few times and I must say I think the plugin emulation is pretty tip top! I like this emulation and I use it on master bus in nearly every arrangement! It uses a lot of dsp and that is the only one downside of this plugin. Great for mixing, amazing for mastering! Love it!

L. Miladinovic

March 27, 2019

The Manley EQ

I was never able to use Manley hardware so my rating is based purely on utilisation of the plug-in. Since I bought it, it is a constant member of a master chain. Recommending without any hesitatation!

B. Muszkat

March 22, 2019

Game Changer

absolutely fantastic. its a must for me

T. Willis

March 20, 2019

Love the Vari-Mu

This plugin was recommended to me by the great Ken Lewis himself. Now I won't finish any mix without it! The way this glues a mix is AMAZING. It has one of the most transparent, most polishing sounds I've found in a plugin.

J. Calverley

March 19, 2019

Highly Recommended.

Best EQ I own, but eats up power like a hog. I primarily use this on the master buss.

T. Brooks

March 16, 2019

New Go-To for Mid/Side

I'm still new to the Universal Audio world, but I've played enough now with UAD's Manley V-Mu emu, the Waves Puigchild 670 emu, the UAD demo for their Fairchild emu, UAD's K-Stereo Ambience Recovery demo, and the Left-Only/Right-Only/Mid/Side options in Logic's stock Channel and Linear Phase EQ's. To be completely honest, I couldn't hear much difference between Waves' Puigchild and UAD's Manley V-Mu at comparable settings (and perhaps only heard a transparency difference between the Puigchild and UAD's 670). But after playing with the Manley's Attack and Release controls, Dual Input and Headroom controls, L-R linking, and side-chain filtering, oh my goodness -- I instantly knew the Manley would become my go-to. As a producer and engineer constantly moving between different genres and styles, having this much control serves me greatly and UAD has modeled a powerful unit that can provide that control.

Also, UAD's Manley V-Mu gave me better review of the Fairchild emu plugs I'd been toying with prior (i.e. Waves Puigchild, UAD Fairchild 670): the Fairchild is without a doubt a masterpiece of a classic compressor, and like the old saying goes there's creativity in limits. That is, the Fairchild's six-option time constant system is an extremely useful set of presets if you're trying to get in the ballpark of mix-sound, if not just to "feel" the variable-mu compression behavior along its elastic range from "punchy" to "buttery." But if you want to explore the V-Mu flavor more deeply, you need more than time constants. That's where the Manley gives you more levers to pull. And while I don't have any experience with the hardware unit, I know the UAD model is incredibly transparent and solders Mid and Side channels into a beautiful, sheeny composite that feels good on individual busses and whole mixes. 5 out of 5.

Applications-wise, I feel like UAD's Manley put my mixes in the same vein as Afta-1's "Quest," Nujabes' "Peaceland," Nicolay's "Tight Eyes," Little Dragon's "Cat Rider," Bonobo's "Cirrus." I also think there are some beautiful applications for this kind of compressor as far as jazz and soundtrack music, as well as less traditional hip-hop and R&B tracks. For pop, funk, folk, and more traditional hip-hop and retro, I might either combine the Manley V-Mu with a tape emu (e.g. UAD Ampex ATR-102, UAD Studer A800, Softube Tape) or saturation emu (e.g. UAD Fatso Jr./Sr., UAD Culture Vulture, Soundtoys Decapitator or Echoboy, Sonnox Oxford Inflator, anything UAD with a Neve preamp stage). If trial and error yields nothing, I'll reach for UAD's Fairchild, UAD's Shadow Hills, and the SSL G Buss emus from Waves or UAD. In the latter case, I'm definitely using the UAD Manley V-Mu as my point A.

A. Balen

March 14, 2019

Clean, yet bold.

This is my new baseline for reductive EQ on vocals

N. Hudson

March 5, 2019

Great EQ

Amazing sound. I still need alot of practice using this EQ to carve my sounds carefully without ruining it.

Great EQ nonetheless


February 7, 2019

My go-to EQ for all things orchestral.

This EQ has been a game changer for me, the way it works on brass and strings is just amazing i love the way it treats frequencies and colors them, it just cannot be compared to any other EQ i own, i have even started to use it on my mix bus to add air and low-end and i love it. this plugin packs a punch, thanks for this!

L. Sanders

February 2, 2019


I like working with the Presets helps me to fine some direction.

s. kgr

February 1, 2019

for anything

It is unexpectedly easy to use, it is a good plugin that can be used for anything. I will use it if you are in trouble. It is not universal, but it is recommended because it is convenient.

B. Kasprzyk

January 30, 2019

Resource hog. Good, but not exactly what I hoped for.

I can only run 1 or 2 instances, so I render tracks offline, but I consider that an imperfect solution. It's a struggle to get good sound. I can usually get it, but I feel like I only get about 80-85% of what I want. Good for mastering, but certainly not for everything. Overpriced, but if you can get it on sale, it's a decent value. Conditionally recommended.

A. Hume

January 24, 2019

Beautiful Sounding EQ

Ideal for mastering music, this EQ also shines in broad stroke EQing on vocals and drums, for example. One of the best digital coloring EQs I've used or heard.

K. Lima

January 23, 2019

musical and natural...


C. Morris

January 22, 2019

VOXBOX is it!

All the hype about the VOXBOX measures up! It sounds and operates very similar to the analog original!

J. White

January 22, 2019

Clean and clear

I mainly use it for clean airy female lead vocal with a 16khz boost on the inbuilt Pultec style EQ. Also sounds great on acoustic guitar!

T. Snell

January 18, 2019

The Real Deal

Had the opportunity to shoot out the mastering version against the real hardware. The difference was so close it is unbelievable.

T. Snell

January 18, 2019

The Real Deal

Had the opportunity to shoot out the mastering version against the real hardware. The difference was so close it is unbelievable.

K. Lima

January 18, 2019

Nice and Smooth...

Analog eq tweak ...on any bus...or/and

P. Carrilho

January 14, 2019

Simply the best!

Just Amazing... probably the best Eq. I ever used!

961-980 of 1869 Results