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Manley Complete Bundle

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L. Angulo

October 5, 2016

allright though i need more time with it

after about 20 minutes trying it out i must say that i am not that impressed as with some of the other plugins,but perhaps i need to give it another go since it takes more experimenting with some of these than others

j. earp

August 30, 2016


I think this is a decent plugin but needs to be used carefully. I think the "analog" sound is just the smearing this plugin does to your audio. It may be useful on soft synths or certain instruments but on vocals (ironically) I think once you get past the initial "wow, it sounds really warm" factor, you begin to realise it's just smearing the sound a bit. The punchiness and clarity goes and you're left with a recording that's awkward to fit into the mix. Might be good for harsh vocalists/mics but do be a bit careful that the 'warmth' isn't just a loss in tone and clarity. Probably useful on a good few things but for, I'm slightly underwhelmed.

J. Ducornet

August 25, 2016


I've been using the real VoxBox everyday for 20 years. I've been asking UA for this for at least 10, and it finally came, yes!!! I just had the opportunity to test it on my laptop in a Paris session, and I was completely blown away. It sounds THE SAME!!!

Now my studio and travel setup match perfectly.

Now if my original Voxbox dies, I'll have a backup, and now it's in my travel template.

Amazing job yet again!!!

P. Moshay

August 19, 2016

Better than i imagined!

I never bought the hardware unit over the years and only briefly used one on a session one time, but i tried this again and am hooked on its very unique ability to make a vocal sound like a million bucks!
Thanks so much for bringing this one to the stable.....Incredible.

N. Wilkes

August 18, 2016

Believe the Hype - magnificent!

This is simply superb. Not only is the compressor perfect on vocals (do not worry about the fixed 3:1 ratio as it is spot on), the DeEsser does exactly what it should with no lisping artifacts and the Pultec inspired EQ is a touch of pure glitter on an already stunning channel strip that is simply a joy to use. Getting the vocals sounding and sitting properly in the mix has never been as simple (unless you had the original hardware unit of course)

S. Giordano

August 9, 2016

Manley Quality at a UA Price

I used to own the Manley Core hardware. No lie, this pre sounds as good as the hardware. Definitely a worthwhile investment. Another homerun for the UA team. These plug-ins are worse than a crack addiction - not that I know, but just take my word... AND my money LOL

M. Hoomans

August 9, 2016

Another amazing Manley plugin

The Vari-Mu and Massive Passive plugins are my favorite plugins during mastering, the new VOXBOX plugin, after testing it extensively, has become my favorite plugin on lead vocals. It's basically all you need to make a vocal sit perfectly in the mix. The compressor is smooth and versatile, as it has a lot of attack/release options. The gain, when pushed, adds some extra character, just perfect! The de-esser is smooth and very effective in my experience, I have not found a de-esser plugin that sounds as natural as this one. The EQ section is smooth and can shape a vocal to taste. UA and Manley did it again, what an amazing plugin!

F. Pilz

August 8, 2016

Wonderful Channelstrip

Until now i used the API Channelstrip for my voiceover jobs. But i have to say the Manley Voxbox ist now my everyday-Strip.
I like the colour that it adds and i like the eq very much. Especially the middle-section to cut out - very subtile - the mud.
All in all it sounds very warm and brings my voice to another level - great job UA!!!

E. Cephas

August 7, 2016

Excited About This!

This has it all; tone, character, and ease of use. Oh Yeah, did I mention it sounds stunning. 14 day trial is simply not long enough, so how would you like my money...Cash, Credit, or Debit? Either way you're gonna take this money, cause I can't go on living without my Manley Voxbox. Manley is Great, but Universal Audio is Awesome! I'm serious...Take my money!!!!

B. Hoener

August 6, 2016

OMG More UA Crack!

OMG Best describes demoing this incredible piece of gear (Plugin)! Why do I Demo these plugins? Oh well here I go again on another UA Crack Bender. The De Esser is crazy good. The Unison Pre, The Opto Comp, The EQ, The filters.... This thing is just Wonderful. Well back to rehab after the VoxBox and Ampeg purchase!

K. Nelson

August 6, 2016

Producer, Musician, Engineer

The Manley VOXBOX PLUGIN...I never heard the physical piece, but one word for the plugin, Dammmmmm. I mean this has to be one of the best if not the best plugin ever made. Vocals,bass,keyboards all had overly excellent results. I even tried it on my mix bus, It knocks it out the park. I've been mixing for 2 years,so I'm still amateur. But I swear to you this plugin has finally graduated my music to a professional sound that I longed to accomplish. I just sat here smiling to myself from the results I was getting. And I don't work for universal audio..They just got it goin on. Thank you tho universal audio. And thanks for the 50 dollar voucher. Keep em coming, I still need the Chandler Curve Bender.

B. Hoener

August 6, 2016

OMG more UA Crack

1 Day Ago #10
Hoenerbr Hoenerbr is online now
OMG Best describes demoing this incredible piece of gear (Plugin)! Why do I Demo these plugins? Oh well here I go again on another UA Crack Bender. The De Esser is crazy good. The Unison Pre, The Opto Comp, The EQ, The filters.... This thing is just Wonderful. Well back to rehab after the VoxBox and Ampeg purchase!

M. Molina

August 2, 2016

Oh how far we have come

The preamp section of this thing is insane. Instant tone. I kid you not, It feels and sounds like a real tube pre!!! This makes me so excited to see UAD's new releases coming up!!!

M. Olsen

August 2, 2016

The channel strip game is getting extremely competitive these days...

Haven't used the hardware, so this is a virgin opinion. In short, the unit sounds nice. You get a definite sense of audio quality when it is flipped on. I hear a definite emphasis on the upper bands in the compressor. Pushed hard, the effect can be fatiguing and becomes an issue that I'd usually be compelled to compensate for. The emphasis can be cool if that's what you're after for a particular application, but if you are looking for something more even in its dynamic response, this isn't would I'd personally go for. In a shootout with bx_console (far and away my preferred channel strip presently), VoxBox could not keep up. But I imagine this makes a hell of a Unison-mode mic pre that cuts through, which is what it was designed for.

D. DiPietro

April 14, 2015

Maybe it's just me....

As a plug-in stereo compressor it's great- just like a lot of stereo compressors in UA's catalog. I've used the Vari-Mu plug-in in a wide variety of situations and it works fine. But when comparing it to the 10 year old Manley Vari-mu in my rack (recently modified with the HP SC option), the plug-in just doesn't carry the same "weight" as the hardware. The hardware version just has some magical glueness to it that the plug-in doesn't. Maybe I'm just used to my particular hardware version sonic character -using something every day for 10 years, things tend to grow on you. Maybe it was modeled after the tube switch?
So for me it's the hardware version going in and sub-bus on mixes and the plug-in for channels for a little extra as needed.

J. Zangrilli

January 12, 2015


i love the manley massive passive. amazing clarity and head room.
i use it pretty much exclusively on the master fader, and it subtlety livens up the mix.
i'm still new to it, as well as mixing, but i'm in love with this plug. now if i could only get 5k together to A and B it with the hardware, then i could comment on its big brother.
that might take a while....

B. Luyben

December 26, 2014

I can't compare it to the hardware but love it already big time

Like the m/s and wet/dry feature and overall glue and cohesionit delivers. No more New York compression thru extra busses with time consuming phase issues to solve or counterintuitive work arounds.
this mu will sit on most busses to glue or to compress NY style. 2 octo cards give me plenty of power to work with manley massive passives and mu's on al busses even channels when needed.

N. Dettenbach

December 11, 2014

must for master

Fairly useless on most individual tracks, except for a last finish of some very critical / outstanding ones, but a must on master. As Bob Katz said about this plug (Beat/DE), the manley eq is one of the not substitutable tools if you have to master / fit recordings which sound as they come from the garage - but this plugin is one of the first analog emulations which does it on a similar level too.

A. Holdsworth

December 3, 2014

Brilliant BUT...

There are some bits of equipment that are not just useful, not just essential, but magical... An original C12, a Telefunken V72, an 1176 and a Vari-Mu fit into this category for me.

I'm delighted that UAD have made this plugin, I bought it as soon as I heard it. From a compression point of view it does exactly what the hardware version does, but without the magic.

I was fascinated to see whether UAD would be able to faithfully represent the warmth and depth of the original - the fact that it makes your vocals sit a foot in front of the speakers rather than just in between them. In my opinion they haven't achieved this, but those clever chaps at Universal Audio can't do it, I guess it's impossible.

But it's 1/10 the cost of the original!

B. Busch

November 21, 2014

Here's the difference maker!

I have been mixing for 20 years this year and very rarely have I run across something that I can't live without. This is one of those pieces. I have to mix fast a lot of the time so I love when I find gear that glues a mix together super quick and yet doesn't sound like I spent 20 minutes on it. That's what Vari Mu does. I literally slapped this on a rough mix I had going and it immediately sounded like I had been dialing in the mix in for an hour. Love that! You will too. It adds a little top end and clarity to the mix too!

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