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Customer Reviews

Manley Complete Bundle

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1281-1300 of 1692 Results

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M. Pearson

January 15, 2017

The Bomb

Worth every penny. As a vocalist, you are always looking to improve the sound of your voice, this plug in takes it to another level.

j. mitchell

January 14, 2017

RnB Heaven...

Since around 2000, I've been looking to replicate that HUGE Brandy/ Boyz II Men vocal sound from particular records. I think I may have struck gold for 1/10 of the price!!

Sweet top with a 3-D spacial mids to compliment it. Pair this baby with a BLUE B6 capsule, or KIWI mic. Add a touch of de-essing and you'll be in RnB heaven too.

M. Palma

January 14, 2017


very good but very stress for a quad


January 13, 2017

Very Close

My friend has the hardware Manley VoxBox and we did a comparison.There's no way you could expect the software to be the same but its 90% there.For the price difference its a no brainer,plus,i can have as many as my DSP allows.A game changer when used with the Apollo 8p which allows you to print while tracking.

m. wan

January 12, 2017

Unique sound, fresh sound quality

That sounds very sweet
Dealing with the human voice is very comfortable.
Must have
Although I have not heard of the hardware
Support UAD

U. Gerstenmeyer

January 11, 2017

Great Stuff

It's a reat good sounding EQ for mastering and Mixing.

U. Gerstenmeyer

January 11, 2017

Great Stuff

It's a real good sounding EQ for Mastering and Mixing. It's subtle and easy to use.

M. Craddock

January 11, 2017


perhaps it is that I am not a super techy guy but I am just super impressed with the quality or clarity of the sound that I am getting so I reserve the right to edit my review upon further notice..I just did not get the bang out of the box i was expecting especially after updating my microophones as well... they sound much better just running through UAD phantom my humble opinion

A. Pollien

January 9, 2017

Easy and designed for voice

Great channel strip, warm and natural. I have not yet finish to test it, but it seems to be a really powerful tool to record voice.

L. Claudio

January 9, 2017


So Much attention to detail is mind blowing!!

L. Claudio

January 9, 2017


So Much attention to detail is mind blowing!!


January 6, 2017

라떼같은 플러그인

부드럽게 잘 걸린다. 체감이 딱 돼는 애라 돈값을 한다는 느낌을 받았다.


January 6, 2017

어느정도 편곡이 완성될즈음

마스터단에 얘를 건다. 시원한 하이와 뚱뚱한 로우를 얻을 수 있다. 덕분에 작업하는 기분이 배로 난다. 물론 기분때문에 돈쓴건 속쓰리지만 치킨사먹을돈 아껴서 샀다 치고 다이어트에도 도움이 된다 치고 ....그래도 속은 쓰리지만 샤방샤방한 하이와 단단한 킥소리를 들으면 기분이 매우매우 좋다 ^^

A. Thapar

January 4, 2017

Creamy but very murky

Yeah so it's "warm" and "Tubey / squishy" but it gets murky/cloudy/muddy - FAST

A. Picciafuochi

January 1, 2017

Mastering Musical EQ

I use Massive Passive every time I have to restore a ruined sound by excessive handlings

j. elliott

December 30, 2016

when it works it's a killer...

...but it doesn't work for everything, just the nature of the hardware it emulates, but well worthwhile for that gooey mid range, if that is what you're after.

G. Spardel

December 29, 2016

Best EQ I have used so far

This is by far the cleanest and warmest sounding EQ I have used so far. Thanks to the Satellite the DSP load is not too bad and I can use it on a few tracks in my DAW. Excellent product from UA!

B. Bell

December 28, 2016

This is "THE" Vocal chain for an expensive sound

Ever tried the 1176 followed by LA2A trick on vocal compression? Well don't because now you need to try the 1176 to Manley Voxbox vocal compression trick. 1176 first to stop peaks, then dial in this wonderful vocal box's EQ and the best De-Esser I've ever come across. The key is to make the De-Esser frequency the same frequency you add in the EQ section a la Pultec EQ. It gives you that crisp high end mixed with superb De-Essing. In a word, Awesome.


December 28, 2016

Gospel Beats

If you want your vocals to shine in your DAW, without loading your track with 4 or 5 plugins, I highly recommend this plugin. The presets are awesome, and instantly improve the sound of your vocals. This is the best sounding vocal plugin I have came across so far, don't really see any drawbacks, happy with my purchase.

F. Batiste III

December 22, 2016


Some EQ plugins will blur the top end of your music and shrink your stereo filed. Massive Passive does the opposite. It broadens your stereo field and adds clarity throughout the sonic spectrum. On your two bus it can really liven up a track. UAD is the best hands down.

1281-1300 of 1692 Results