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Customer Reviews

Manley Complete Bundle

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D. Hull

November 3, 2015

Oh yes.

First thing I did: Threw the MP on a drum sub group that was lacking a little 'life'. Instantly made the track sound much more brighter and 'in your face'. Just what was required for the track. An awesome plug. Didn't give it 5 stars due to the DSP instance hit. But other than that, another fantastic EQ emulation from UA!

m. hunt

October 28, 2015

Love this plug

Very transparent but makes the music stand out. I highly recommend on mix us. Or summed Aux tracks.

D. Range

October 25, 2015

great great great

Im still new to Uad and so far every product I demo or buy is awesome I have fallen into the ad plug ins all my old plug ins are slowly getting pushed to the side

K. Packard

October 18, 2015

My Fave EQ

I'd have to say this is probably my favorite UAD eq plug to date...bumping some really solid old stand-bys. Wonderful mids!

k. kiyong

October 16, 2015

I falling in love

I'm good user~~~ manley is my good friend

J. Klein

October 12, 2015

Sounds great but...

I really dislike the user-interface, because it´s so small I always want to switch my monitor to a lower resolution. Nowadays lots of companies come with better/larger/custumizable interfaces - think u-He. So - I keep using it, but it´s not a joy dialing...

R. Farren

September 22, 2015

It's ok not great, and for the money so good at that

I sorta wish I could have my money back on this one. I regret buying it based on the hype, and not demoing it out. People talk about how smooth it is, but it's sorta brittle sounding to me, not very 3 dimensional nor round. I think the top sounds thin, and for low stuff the neve plugs are just straight up better. For the top, and brightening things up in a plug I would recommend the Maag, it's way better, furthermore the dsp usage on this thing is kinda monstrous. The upsides is, that the lowpass filter is pretty solid.

L. Moorer

September 13, 2015

Great EQ

I love the sound of this EQ. It is very smooth on the top end and adds just the right amount of roundness and punch on the low end.

p. cerin

July 9, 2015

Magic plug in

I try the demo version and I make 10 masters in 2 hours. The sound is big and clarity.
I will buy it at the end of this month and thanks to Universal Audio for this magic Plug in.
Wonderful! The master is this!
Buy it!

J. Rostrup

June 9, 2015

A must have.

When you demo it, try putting in on mixes you've finished, and see how it shines.

D. Hedin

June 9, 2015

A Classic!

Ah, the Massive Passive...a legend. One of the most intimidating looking plugins of all-time...but one you figure it out, it can work WONDERS in the mastering stage. The curves are so smooth on this thing - the low end heft, a distinctive midrange, and a silky high end. The cool thing about this is you can really push it and it always sounds musical. A must own!

s. kgr

June 3, 2015

Great EQ !!

Manley® Massive Passive EQ is Great EQ !!

Looks Good

Sounds Good

Very nice, specially for vocals and Bass and drums buss

J. Rutter

May 17, 2015

Super Sweet

Just Super Sweet, this EQ can be pushed and still sound awesome! Great word UA

G. Kovács

May 10, 2015

Great for mastering

I have never used the hardware unit, but UAD Massive Passive sounds just great. I am using it mostly for mastering, because unfortunately it takes a lot of DSP power (this is why I gave 4 stars only), but quality has a cost. Finally I can easily boost lows without getting muddy, and boost highs without getting harsh sounds. Great plugin overall.

m. lanzalaco

April 27, 2015

perfect for mastering

Solve all troubles from mastering iin my studio

S. Yanyali

April 17, 2015

musical and adds character

i just use it for mastering purposes on the master buss channel, easy to use and sounds musical even with extreme settings.

K. Hegyi

April 17, 2015

Can't go wrong with this!

Pultec on Steroids basically... That's the simplest term I can give you! This thing is absolutely amazing. The boost and cuts are soooooo smooth you have no idea. It feels so musical and natural that it's the best thing to have. I advise you to use this on the way in via the Apollo if you get a chance and have the DSP. It does wonders and you save on DSP later on!

Good luck!


T. You

March 31, 2015

This is the best equalizer

This is the best equalizer

B. Miranda

March 19, 2015

Great for everything

Anyone who says this plugin doesn't work is an inexperienced audio engineer. It took some time for me to get used to. It sounds so good. It changes the frequencies without making it obvious. I have used this on my master fader and for mastering. Worth the money. Love it. Great work UA!

O. Hartmann

February 6, 2015


looking for some color on the master or drum bus? the mp is perfect for this! Especially in combination with the neve bus compressor it gives a great touch for techno that reminds me on some earlier detroit techno productions from famous artists.

1461-1480 of 1692 Results