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Manley Complete Bundle

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P. Diaz

August 6, 2022

Very nice

Not sure why this doesn't have 5 stars overall at the time I purchased. it is a little heavy on DSP for a Pre but it sounds great on Vocals.

y. kim

August 3, 2022

부드럽고 깔끔한 소리.

부드럽고 깔끔한 소리.

V. Ruzicic

August 1, 2022

Essential part of my master channel

So much realistic colours…great one!

V. Berry

July 30, 2022

Im Very Impressed

This Really Brings my vocals up front. The depth is there, bottom end so pleasing. I really recommend this for rap and R&B.
"Bedroom Producer"

J. Pease

July 29, 2022

Just Buy It

I can’t recommend this plugin enough. I’ve used it on vocals, drums, and bass and yeah. Adds all of the warmth punch and “bigness” that I’ve been looking for.

T. Roberts

July 28, 2022

Great for backing vocals

I typically use the UAD 1073 for vocals. But the added EQ options, plus compression, passive EQ and the excellent DeEsser make it perfect for my backing vocal tracks. (Which typically need to be brighter and more compressed than my lead vocals). A great plugin that so much like the analog gear I used in commercial studios. A great purchase.

M. Ramos Jiménez

July 24, 2022

Essential in the mix bus.

I mainly use this plugin in the mix bus. If you want a paste mix with analog color, this is your plugin.

I. Papagiannidis

July 23, 2022

My go to uad preamp for vocals

Great preamp , in your face sound , reach harmonics!

S. Shaw

July 20, 2022


this makes singers sound more manly! .. just kidding. This preamp is serious without the all the complexity of the voxbox. Worth the $25 (for ones who own the voxbox)!

I. Papagiannidis

July 18, 2022

My go to preamp for vox !

I own the Manley voxbox ,some say it's the same ,but the mtp is sounding more up front in your face and make the source sound more alive! Great one!

M. Perno

July 17, 2022

Tone audiblement différent!

High end smooth non abrasif. Mids punchy. Basses transparentes.
Très musical . Un must sur ma contrebasse.

e. blount

July 12, 2022

Great channel strip

Download a demo and find how great it is for yourself. I think you will love it very versatile

O. Levi

July 11, 2022

Best eq for bassically everything

If you like going crazy with eq to make you’re songs smooth.
That’s the way.
Use it in your master and everything sound alive instantly.

O. Levi

July 11, 2022

Warmth and vibes

If your looking to add some warmth to your vocals, that’s the way.
Sound so clear and pleasing

O. Levi

July 11, 2022

Comp and M/S colour

Brilliant comp and also M/S comp with beautiful curves.
I love it!

M. Indovina

July 10, 2022

Amazing for mastering

This plugin is fantastic for mastering. It has such a wide range to it, yet even with extreme boosts/cuts, it always sounds natural. Highly recommended

H. Maack

July 9, 2022

Many Manley Features !!

The Manley VoxBox Channel Strip is loaded with many cool features yet is quite simple to use and get you the sound you cannot live without !! Manley up and grab this plug !!

G. Gulyás

July 8, 2022


Sounds great on vocals.

W. Luk

July 8, 2022

Included Massive Passive EQ and Mastering Version

I owned the hardware but I still buy this because I can use it on every tracks at the same time.

h. kim

July 8, 2022

real eq

amazing.. thing.. yeah...

21-40 of 1671 Results