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Manley Complete Bundle

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J. Heil

April 28, 2013

warning, if you are ableton live user, don't buy this!

since uad o.s. 6.2 the massive passvie will not run within ableton live correctly,
it produces very loud crackles and pops, nearly taking your internal cpu to collapse.

i am very pissed off that this issue is not soved since three o.s. updates....


P. Montauredes

April 17, 2013

Manley Massive Passive...amazing!

I love Universal Audio. Going back to my UAD-1 cards and all the original plugins to my 2 UAD-2 quad cards. The Massive Passive has elevated the whole mix. It is truly the best EQ for mastering that I have ever used....and on vocals, it's a beautiful smooth eq....I can't say enough about it. Thanks for a job well done UA. I'm sure I'll being finding many more uses for it.

C. Knaack

March 29, 2013

Greeeeeat shiaaat

Really nice EQ..

Clean and transparent, just the right thing for power and more!!!

I. Johansson

March 29, 2013

Pure love !!!

_3 _3 _3 _3 _3

High end is silk to my ears. :-)

D. Costa

March 28, 2013

best EQ - MANLEY

Manley... oh Manley. this is the main reason why i bought UAD-2.
i use it on the master CHH for final mixdown and also when pre-mastering.
five BIG stars*****

B. Marin

March 25, 2013

I've tried the real one (hardware) and I've got the same feeling with the pl

I'm very satisfied by this plug. I can feel the analog sound under my hand. It's very musical, great on your bus master and for your mastering.
I've tried the real one (hardware) and I've got the same feeling with the plug.
I couldn't mix or masterise without it now.

One more time, good job UAD!!!

B. Lederer

March 22, 2013

Absolute the best EQ!

Great Stuff! Once installed and fallin in Love with the Plug. Next to the PulteqPro - it´s the only Plugg I use to boost frequencies. Okay - it´s a bit CPUhungry - but I installed an Octo card - and I don´t really care about the cpuconsumption! The sound I get from the plugg is absolutely outstanding! Thanx UA - great work!

G. Santibañez

March 19, 2013

Manley Massive Passive EQ Plug-In

Manley is a magical musical EQ.
I use it on the master to give the finishing touches of a mix ... recommend using it with discretion.

J. Daly

March 14, 2013

Too good

This plugin is going to make me buy 2 octos and a 2nd apollo quad so I can use one on every track.

P. Krom

March 12, 2013


Fantastic plugin. gives sparkle to everything. good for mastering and mixing!

T. Van

February 21, 2013


I just bought it!
I compaired to 5/6 other EQ's from UA and Waves.
On vocals! the most delicate!
This EQ make my vocals sound like recorded in a prof. studio, OK I 've got an Neumann U87, and a chandler TG-2, but still I missed the presence and clarity and directness on voices let's say ,like 'from abbey road'..
So thanks for the coupon UA. You took away all doubt.
phil,belgium; Payloa rec.; sun studio,band TOY

J. Ford

February 19, 2013


I have been using this plugin in both the general EQ and master EQ form since I purchased it in January 2013. This is one powerhouse of an EQ. You can push the levels to 11 and it still sounds realistic. I mostly use it in cut mode as this is where I find it most open sounding. The air you can accomplish in the upper octaves is without parallel in a plugin. Thank you UA.
Joe Ford

M. Mcclain

February 17, 2013

Stepped up my vocal EQ game

I debated about trying out the demo after I recently purchased a Manley VoxBox (which I think is great). I'm not a mix engineer, so I need quick fix EQ plugs. Coupled with the VoxBox (hardware) and a powerful, clean mic, like a u87, manley reference or an akg c414, and my vocals immediately sat in my mix beautifully. It gives that high end brightness, air & clarity that let's the lead vocal cut through the mix, but not be irritatingly crispy. AGREED that it hogs up the uad dsp card (one stereo instantiation could use almost 20% of the card) but it's well worth it if my lead vocals are sounding tight. Haven't found another plugin that does it quite like this one (and I have at my disposal all Waves plugs, Nectar and others).

C. Lennon

February 15, 2013

Simply Massive

Here's another plug that did the demo a few years ago and initially didn't get the big deal about it. I purchased an Apollo and had a chance to do another demo. I watched the videos on the UA website and I learned how it was cutting and boosting. Once I learned that I understood why so many people love it.
It is power hungry so I've never used it on any individual instruments. I do use it on the master bus and that's where it really shines. Again, learning how it works is crucial as the presets are fine but don't do it complete justice. Spend about 1 hour learning it and you will never be disappointed.

P. Farnan

February 11, 2013

Manley - the sensible eq

You can use a Pulteq to add air, body and indescribable body to your sound. You can use any amount of wierd filtering to add interest to your sound But at the end of the day you will need a powerful, sensible eq to tame lumpy bottom end, remove glug in the mids and tame wild idiosyncrasies. That's why I got the Manley and that's what it does. I needed a good sounding EQ tool to sort out my basses and deal with bottoms and low mids. I highly recommend it.

T. Field

January 29, 2013

Simply Awesome

The Massive Passive is one of my favorite EQ plugins ever. I've used it on just about every single mix since I purchased, and I don't see that habit going away any time soon. So smooth, so's one of the more dsp-hungry plugins, but it's so worth it!

T. Reis

January 17, 2013

What can I say that hasn't bee said ?

It does what it says on the box, a superlative eq, wish it didn't take up so much dsp (it is the reason I added an octo to my system). Wouldn't be without it. A great reason for buying into UAD plugins.

C. Presnell

January 17, 2013

Pro sound before you touch a knob!

I can't speak to the accuracy of the plugin to the hardware but this plugin is amazing. It's great on the master bus but I was really amazed when I put it on acoustic guitar, WOW!!! It sounded absolutely pro! Using a preset and then a low-end tweak (cut instead of boost) and I had a sound like "Nothing Else Matters" by Metallica (A/B'd very similar). Nice, and it was so easy to configure. I can't wait to try it in other places. It is processor intensive so I'll be printing instrument tracks/busses to a bounce track (since Pro Tools doesn't have a freeze command) but it's worth it. I think I see an Octo (or several) in my future.

I LOVE this plugin! Thanks UA!

AT-4033 (original from around 1990, not reissue) _ UA Solo/610 _ Pro Tools

M. Ciscato

January 16, 2013


1 word: Buy it.
This plug is incredible!!!
I use it for mix and mastering and the sound of this plug-in is amazing, very musical, smooth and sweet.
Thanks UA.

Industrial Studio

E. Gryder

January 14, 2013


MMP is the easiest most effective tool I've used. AWESOME job, Universal Audio!

Edd Gryder
Recording EDGe

1141-1160 of 1252 Results