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G. Kovács

May 10, 2015

Great for mastering

I have never used the hardware unit, but UAD Massive Passive sounds just great. I am using it mostly for mastering, because unfortunately it takes a lot of DSP power (this is why I gave 4 stars only), but quality has a cost. Finally I can easily boost lows without getting muddy, and boost highs without getting harsh sounds. Great plugin overall.

M. Altieri

May 7, 2015

i like so much

I read many reviews about the success of this compressor, it is true at the beginning you expect sensational things, do not know the hardware I saw comparisons on youtube but mostly I listened well is damn clean and I like!It gives him his sound clean and velvety with that particular tone on average. My conclusion?It is set to be well adjusted the gain to give the right dynamic and not just pat the compressor with two knobs!It has its own parameters and must be used. different from the original, as you all hardware compared to the plugin, but it's pretty close to me !!! and how can this universal audio other known brands of plugins have some way to go since among other things the price at which they sell them. i love this plug

B. Taylor

May 5, 2015

Really Blown Away

I've never heard the Variable Mu hardware so I can't talk to its authenticity. I was familar with the SSL's bus compressor from the Waves SSL that I owned so I started off getting that compressor for this platform as well. I felt it did what I expected but I wanted more and so I auditioned this and the Neve 3390. I expected I would really like the Neve so I tried it first. Next I tried the Variable Mu and wow! I for the first time heard that magical glue that every strives to get. I use about 2 db of compression on my sub mixes and 2 - 4 on my master mix bus. I ended up getting this compressor and the UAD SSL that I already bought. I found I use this one always because it doesn't sound compressed it is very transparent. Try it!

m. lanzalaco

April 27, 2015

perfect for mastering

Solve all troubles from mastering iin my studio

UAD User

April 24, 2015

Winner vs Previous Compressor Combination

Before buying Manley Variable Mu I was using Teletronix® LA-2A Classic Leveling Amplifier Plug-In combined with Fairchild 670 Compressor Plug-In made by UAD. Was an excellent choice but after buying Manley Variable Mu® Limiter Compressor Plug-In there was a big change on my mix. This is one of the best plugins to work compression on vocals based on my experience.

R. Huxen

April 19, 2015


I almost bought the hardware version a couple of years ago so I'm glad UAD finally did this one! It's one of the smoothest and most transparent compressors I've ever used (plug-in wise). Whether on the mix buss or individual tracks - it just works. If you want something aggressive you may not reach for this one - but if you're looking for smooth and creamy, this might be your "go to". And you don't have to replace the tubes every couple of years. :-)

S. Yanyali

April 17, 2015

musical and adds character

i just use it for mastering purposes on the master buss channel, easy to use and sounds musical even with extreme settings.

K. Hegyi

April 17, 2015

Can't go wrong with this!

Pultec on Steroids basically... That's the simplest term I can give you! This thing is absolutely amazing. The boost and cuts are soooooo smooth you have no idea. It feels so musical and natural that it's the best thing to have. I advise you to use this on the way in via the Apollo if you get a chance and have the DSP. It does wonders and you save on DSP later on!

Good luck!


K. Hegyi

April 17, 2015

Absolutely love it!

We had one of these back in the day at University and I used it all the time and ever since I got the plugin it put me back into those days. It's so nice so warm and just beautiful on everything. It's a subtle effect but it makes everything sound just better!


D. DiPietro

April 14, 2015

Maybe it's just me....

As a plug-in stereo compressor it's great- just like a lot of stereo compressors in UA's catalog. I've used the Vari-Mu plug-in in a wide variety of situations and it works fine. But when comparing it to the 10 year old Manley Vari-mu in my rack (recently modified with the HP SC option), the plug-in just doesn't carry the same "weight" as the hardware. The hardware version just has some magical glueness to it that the plug-in doesn't. Maybe I'm just used to my particular hardware version sonic character -using something every day for 10 years, things tend to grow on you. Maybe it was modeled after the tube switch?
So for me it's the hardware version going in and sub-bus on mixes and the plug-in for channels for a little extra as needed.

C. Mileski

April 13, 2015


I own the 670 mkII & SHMC. I initially thought the VariMu might be redundant, I assure you, it is NOT. It has a sound all its own. It does have a sublime 'glue' factor. It has less edge than the 670 but does still manages to impart a polite, silky top that is all class. I tend to like it best working at ~ -2 dB's of G.R., more than that & I can start hearing the comp work a bit too much for my tastes; unlike the 670 which seems to sound just fine when pushed harder. However, an argument could be made: a decent mix shouldn't really need much more than -2dB's of G.R., yes? Ill be reaching for this on every mastering project moving forward. I'll A/B it against the 670 & occasionally try it against the SHMC too. I expect it will be quite a star

E. Ambel

April 11, 2015

I've had the hardware version since the year it came out...

We've loved having the hardware Vari-Mu at Cowboy Technical Services in Brooklyn. It's such a great, musical compressor. I remember EveAnna Manley excitedly showing it to us at the AES Show in NYC. It's been used on every recording that's come out of our place since then. I'm very familiar with the sound of the hardware unit. It's terrific to be able to use this one in addition when mixing. Also terrific to be able to use it when mixing ITB. It behaves just like the one I've used to and has some added features beyond that. Thanks a bunch for your hard work on this one.

T. Friesecke

April 10, 2015

really good tool.

i looked for a stereo-compressor, which is easy to handle and i found it.

A. Lawson

April 9, 2015


What a beautiful compressor. This has to be one of the best plugs I have ever had on my master buss. The input is amazing. Glued everything together like nothing I have used before. Awesome!

R. Sandor

April 7, 2015

excellent sound

excellent sound, thick but transparent, waiting API 2500?

K. Ross

April 6, 2015

Love It!!

This is the perfect plugin for when you wanna slap a compressor for a ton of gain reduction but don't wanna hear pumping or artifacts and still somehow maintain dynamics... Really a great job medeling the hardware. GREAT JOB, UA!

M. Ape

April 6, 2015

Good buy.

Por ahora lo utilizo en buses estereo, pues aun no logro sacarle máximo provecho en canales individuales. La verdad no sé si se acerca lo suficiente a la versión hardware original, pero me gusta como suena y se comporta en la mezcla, fue una buena compra.
Lo negativo, no hay manual en español, cada día son más sus clientes de habla hispana y sería bueno considerarlos.
(Traducido pot Google traductor)
For now I use it in stereo buses, because even I can not get most out into individual channels. Truth does not know if it's close enough to the original hardware version, but I like the sound and behave in the mix, it was a good buy.
The negative, not manual in Spanish, every day more Hispanic customers and would be good to consider them.

N. Franks

April 6, 2015


This thing is just amazing and transparent. Whether it makes the cut compared to the real one I cannot say but having only demoed it I am seriously sweating at the excitement of owning it! It wasn't even on my top list of things to but but its sound is just so impressive it is a must have and will be getting it now! Have have it! Demo it you will see!

M. Smith

April 3, 2015

My new buss comp!

I love this thing! I was using the UA Neve comp for buss compression mostly till I tried this. I've done a few mixes and this is my new go to buss compressor! The reviews about how much DSP it used had me a little worried, but I've had no issues at all!

B. Schulz

April 3, 2015

Your music seems to be breathing

I use this plugin on the two bus only is has a suble unique effect I would de describe as : Your Music seems to be breathing, it humanizes. All mixes sound more natural and less technical when you are mixing in the box.

For this purpose the compressor is unique. For compression on single instruments I would not use it.

1421-1440 of 1758 Results