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Manley Complete Bundle

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J. Zangrilli

January 12, 2015


i love the manley massive passive. amazing clarity and head room.
i use it pretty much exclusively on the master fader, and it subtlety livens up the mix.
i'm still new to it, as well as mixing, but i'm in love with this plug. now if i could only get 5k together to A and B it with the hardware, then i could comment on its big brother.
that might take a while....

W. Bolton

January 10, 2015

manley vari mu

sounds lovely across the mix bus, glues everything together nicely and sounds lush even without compression.

L. Fernández

January 9, 2015

Manley massive passive

Muy contento con el sonido, nunca habia usado ninguno en hardware pero lo que es este plugins me parece supremo.
Merece la pena invertir en uad dsp y en estos plugins.

S. Popyk

January 9, 2015

Equalizer with character.

Equalizer with character.
Compared with other equalizers Elysia Museq and UAD Precession EQ - quite different for different tasks.
Array liabilities - makes soft highs and rich low.
Easy to manage, but be sure to explore the unit before use. He is not like other equalizers.
Can be replaced by another not to try. In the arsenal must be a sound engineer.
But it is different! And it is not always appropriate. But in those cases when it suits it does its job very nicely

R. Patel

January 7, 2015

Audio Super Glue - Big, wide and open sound with a great midrange bite!

Having enjoyed using the amazing UAD Massive Passive EQ for the past few years, I was really looking forward to the Vari-Mu plugin, and UAD did a great job indeed. I own a nice selection of high end outboard gear which includes some mix bus compressors that I love using for that final analog stamp, especially on ITB mixes. Plugin compressors are getting better and better each year, and many of the popular ones available do a fine job with bus compression duties and provide a good amount of cohesion to a mix. However, most plugin compressors still seem to lack the punch, width and three dimensional quality of good old analog compressors. This UAD Manley Vari Mu sets the new bench mark for ITB compression!

T. Camp

January 7, 2015

Manley sounds... Manley

This is an amazing plugin! It is silky, musical, smooth, and beautiful. I couldn't imagine a master without it. It is rare that when I make a purchase that my first thought is "I can't believe I have ever worked without this." Manley Massive Passive did just that.

P. Broman

January 6, 2015

Great Plugin!

It's transparent and "level forgiving" in a way I've never experienced before. It makes the mix sound expensive. I'm soooo pleased with this one!

Z. Marc

January 3, 2015

magic in a box

if you ever want to colour up your mixes, this is the weapon of choice ! this eq is just magic !!!

S. Gilroy

January 3, 2015

Bout Time

I seriously hate compression. I guess the perfect mix would need no compression.
Most samples nowadays come mastered and rock and metal guitars need no compression. Other than channel strips, the only compressors I need are the neve 33609, fatso and this vari-mu (and precision series) I can't stand 1176, any story you have heard about how great this compressor is is false, their 1176's are completely modded to their specs. Same thing with the Fairchild and Pultecs. You will never get THE sound you want without spending$$$$. I trust Manley products and own their hardware. You won't be sorry. Vintage gear is well,vintage. Manley products are like the next generation, not exactly better but more refined.

P. Cook

January 2, 2015

Manley Massive Passive EQ

Really love this plugin, easy to use and sounds great!

S. Popyk

January 2, 2015

Good emulation, unique sound.

Good emulation, unique sound.
- Good at mastering and Mixing
- Has a recognizable sound, which is not to repeat another equalizer
- It is not always suitable for everyone and do not mix
- Very high quality work with the material
- After the highs are very soft and pleasant to the ear
- Easy to use - two versions of the plug-in is very good for different tasks.
- It is certainly not iron version EQ, there are differences in the sound, but very similar in sound.
- If you want a unique sound mix - be sure to buy!
- Requires specific knowledge and skills at work. It is necessary to take into account the technical characteristics of the device. They repeated in the plugin.

J. Mariscal

December 31, 2014

5 estrellas aunque...

La verdad es que el sonido es inmejorable, la fidelidad con el hardware está muy conseguida, y para el que no conozca la versión física, creo que este plugin es la opción alternativa mas fiable. Eso si, el consumo de recursos es desmesurado, para una mezcla en la que necesites al menos cargar un par en los buses correspondientes, y tienes por ejemplo una Apollo dúo, es imposible trabajar. Teniendo en cuenta que uses algunos otros plugins UAD.

A. Fonkam

December 31, 2014

My favorite EQ!

Works well on everything, especially on the main mix.

S. Gallego

December 30, 2014


The best I can say about the Vari Mu plug-in what I feel when I try the demo version, the same I feel when I try for the Vari Mu hardware years ago, a stupid smile in face. This plug-in is fantastic for the price I paid for it. 10/10.

C. Eduardo

December 30, 2014

Very Good!

I'm primarily using this plugin to do fine adjustments in mastering Eq. I really appreciate the results! Sounds very musical. I can't compare with the analog/real equip (I don't have it), but I can say thats wonderful plugin! =)

L. Berrios

December 30, 2014

Without Character

Unfortunately one of the UAD plugins that I have to write a negative feedback. Universal need to do a better job with the next update and improve this one. Is missing the warm and character that made so popular the original Manley Variable MU..a shame.

D. Thum

December 29, 2014

Manley Variable Mu® Limiter Compressor Plug-In

Been using it on the 2bus for orchestral mixdowns and it is mostly transparent. In other words, it keeps your mix dynamics intact if dialed in carefully. The colorations are positive ones (to my ears a richness in the low mids). You can crank up the input for a saturated sound of course, but then I'd usually be reaching for my UBK-1.

C. Costa

December 29, 2014

best EQ for vocais

Very good on vocais, even at low volumes, it makes the vocals always present and with a very beautiful tone!!

Y. Harvey

December 28, 2014

very, very nice.

Very Nice. I demo'd and purchased same day - it's a must have for me. It's one of those plugs that makes you forget you are in the box. It has depth and breathes. Great plug. Love It.

R. Harris

December 27, 2014


Just received my first UAD Octo card. This was one of my first purchased plug ins. Strapped it across my master buss and bang all the bottom end tightened up and turned the dial up to 11 on the quality of the overall sound of the mix. Easy to dial in too. Just love this plug in!!

1461-1480 of 1749 Results