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Customer Reviews

Manley Complete Bundle

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O. Ribeiro

January 24, 2016


Esse equalizador funciona como o de verdade, sutil e preciso, chega ser inacreditável

S. Hudson

January 19, 2016

manley vari mu compressor

What great plug. Very versatile, primary use is on the output bus
Where it adds abit of focus. In this situation the lows get abit warmer
And the top end gets abit of air or sizzle. (If dialed in with a subtle
As for mastering. Its a dream. And simple to get great results.
Like other vari mu comps for those familiar. Abit Like a 1176 the allows the
Threshold to adjusted.
In the mix. Its just as friendly. Very suitable for individual inst or stems.
Im finding the ms mode is helpfull on stems and can really help
Put some life back into flat or dull sections. My go to comp for
Pre recorded material.
Very happy with this product.

S. Jensen

January 18, 2016

My new go to Master compresser!

I use this in the mix and also after for the mastering process. It just on it own adds life to my output wave file's. Yes, I would recommend this to anyone. Just getting started or the seasoned veteran audio guru!

S. Jensen

January 18, 2016

Like you overview video said.....

I would find it hard (or impossible) to match this plugin. I also agree it would be hard to make this EQ sound bad. It is sooooo -smooooooth!

A. Crowley

January 15, 2016

Mix Beast

Well, I now an have an idea what black magic that goes on in the mastering suite ;)

The way the passive bands interact allows you to sculpt the mix in a way I've never experienced before. Even with overlapping bands at the same frequency at full gain, it still sounds rounded and maintains it's spacial detail.

Sure, I've never used a real one, so can't say how it compares to the hardware, but I'm blown away by the analog weight this provides.

This thing is an absolute beast and totally lives up to the hype.


January 14, 2016

매우 자연스러운 조정

전체의 믹스를 아주 자연스럽고 긴밀하게 연결해준다.
매우 마음에 든다.

j. panno

January 13, 2016

Vari Mu is one of my favorites!!

Adds a rich depth to anything its added to. Musical, clean and oh so transparent! Thanks UAD, you guys are the best!!

N. Alfia

January 7, 2016


Wow what a Beast
So, i have just entered the UAD kingdom, and this is one of my first purchases
i do not familiar with the original hardware unit, so i have nothing to compare to,
but this compressor is very very good, while i love the 1176 and the signature sound of it for a long time, now i have another compressor with it's own special characteristics, I really like the nice 'Shine' it gives and extra openness for a track
the nicest i think is the Mix control so can do a parallel compression, and give my drums this little extra.
kick and bass also can be compressed for the glue it gives.

and of course on the master bus. its really sticking out.

defiantly one i will use a lot in my productions


January 3, 2016

Master buss perfection

This is the best plugin master compressor ever.
I was thinking to buy a hardware until I tried the demo of the uad manley vari mu.
Bought it immediatelly and I have already use it to master 2 cds.
Everybody stayed happy.
Me, my clients and Universal Audio. :)
Happy new year!

S. Brown

January 2, 2016

The Bomb

Love this EQ makes a finished mix sound like magic! So amazing!

R. Morrison

December 30, 2015

A good emulation of the hardware

I've used the hardware unit many times for mix bus compression and really enjoy it's ability to smoothly control the dynamics, imparting a hint of smooth creaminess to the sound. Particularly for acoustic jazz and orchestral (film score) mixes. Up to 4dB reduction on the meters feels very natural sonically. The plug in retains this character, particularly it's compression characteristic (behaves very much the same); perhaps a little less creaminess than the hardware, but nonetheless, a very good emulation.

V. Salvaggio

December 27, 2015

Everything sounds great

No matter how bad the source audio is the massive passive fixes anything, it has become my default eq

R. Nord-Varhaug

December 20, 2015

Manley Massive passive

Love this on Bus and on Master. Gives the tracks that extra shine.
One negative is that it is very cpu hungry.

P. Orr

December 19, 2015


Within 30 minutes of demo'ing this I took the plunge and made the purchase!

I absolutely love how much character this can add to your sound, I find it works best on group channels and your master. I'd definitely reccomend this to anybody who wants to add more punch and fullness to there tracks.

K. Lee

December 13, 2015

Love this EQ

Gives that special sheen on my master bus. Just wish the controls were a little bigger to see! Hard looking at it on a 13" laptop
All in all a great EQ


December 12, 2015

Fantastic EQ

It adds détails and clarity on tracks. It does great job on Master bus.

N. Franks

December 11, 2015

Perfect for my Mixbus!

I got this plug with 1 goal in mind and that was I wanted a good analog emu for my Mixbus. While there are plenty of eq's in my list that could achieve this none as unique and immediately as this. It allowed me to not over think like Eiosis Air Eq would and just shape a final output sound. My 2bus is emus all the way down so it has been perfect for that application. I will probably use for other tracks here and there but that's my take on it. I am budget producer and anything that gives unique and bang for buck I will take. It's also a pleasant plug to look at too!

J. Rostrup

December 11, 2015

Silkey smooth

My go to comp, for every thing.

If I should start fresh with UA plugs, this would be my purchase number 4.

S. Van Rooij

December 10, 2015

Massive EQ!

The results i get with this eq are insane, definitely my favorite mastering EQ!

s. kgr

December 2, 2015


During possessing, it's plugin I tend to use very much most- in.
Work can operate easily, and is early. MIx became easy by this favor. You can't leave any more.
It's often used for a drums.

1581-1600 of 1964 Results