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Customer Reviews

Manley Complete Bundle

Overall Rating

221-240 of 1708 Results

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G. Morsch

October 12, 2023


I threw this on a vocal I was having trouble with. Smoothed it out and sat it in the mix. Great for shriller voices.

R. Studio

October 12, 2023

Excelente emulacion

Es fantástico como universal audio a hecho realidad una buena emulación de este Hardware a Plugin .. lo mejor para voces 10/10

B. Stewart

October 12, 2023

Manley Tube Pre amp

A very good unison pre amp, even when recording guitars, giving it a really rounded sound.

J. Newman

October 11, 2023

Rich colorful vocal machine! Awesome!

The Manley vox box is a huge upgrade to my studio sound, it creates a wonderful sound and easily shape transients. Colorful saturated tube sound is at my fingertips now!

R. LeBlanc

October 11, 2023

Great addition to my arsenal.

great all in one plugin

N. Jeremic

October 11, 2023

Great all around recording channel strip

It excels at recording vocals for sure, great for voice over as well. But the thing I love even more is how easy it is to get great recordings of plucked and bowed acoustic instruments.

M. Krizaj

October 10, 2023

Manley VoxBox CS

Manley VoxBox CS is not beauty just for Vokal, works well for instruments too.

M. Brandäo

October 10, 2023


Soft and efficient in equalization

C. Walton

October 10, 2023

VOXBOX is Pure Class

To put it simply, Manley VOXBOX is BRILLIANT!!!

R. Comeau

October 9, 2023


Is very helpful and adds nice clean gain ! w/ a Manley VIBE !!!

A. Gailo

October 7, 2023


Dope as heck.

M. Schulz

October 5, 2023

Another fantastic emulation

I have never heard the real thing, but the emulation is absolutely great. It's literally all you need to get a vocal sound like a million bucks

M. Schulz

October 5, 2023

Excellent Tube Preamp

I really love this preamp to add some drive to basses and 808s.

J. Fernandez

October 4, 2023

Under Pressure

If you enjoy the bread in Brussels, you’re gonna love this plug. Sip a beer, set this up, and you better take cover cause the results are definitely thunder.

R. Sortwell

October 3, 2023

All about vox


A. Little

September 30, 2023

love it

Very Useful Plugin its my goto for vocals when im on the go using my thunderbolt apollo solo .

E. Yeung

September 29, 2023

This is what Class A sounds like

I've only tried this plugin one time, but that was enough to convince me to buy it immediately (on Native; I only have a Volt). It has a really, really smooth sound. I would definitely recommend.

J. Singh

September 29, 2023

wow it adds analog warm to my vocals

manley VOXBOX is my first UA plugin when ua released native version and i'm demo the plugin and use on client vocal and compare doing A/B i'm really amazed wow it adds weight and warm the signal and now its part of my vocal chain

b. cheung

September 27, 2023

Love this thing

oh wow, i thought this thing was meant for vocals but for my synths it was great!

C. Panetta

September 27, 2023

Convenient, warm and clean

The compressor before the pre is a cool touch, is enjoy the de esser, very clean, the eq is great for tone shaping. This doesn't need more than 4 to 7 db of compression to level out a vocal well. It has a nice tone and it's own sound, when you learn how all the different components interact with eachother, you can make something incredible with this while tracking vocals.

221-240 of 1708 Results