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Customer Reviews

Manley Complete Bundle

Overall Rating

941-960 of 1869 Results

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F. Pitlak

May 15, 2019


Amazing, eq very soft...

A. Diaz

May 14, 2019

Perfect for vocals

All in one vocals processor, from the de esser to the compressor, it sounds excellent...specially on vocals

R. Carvalho

May 12, 2019

Best Mastering EQ

New with UA, but in love for this EQ. It become my on the go Mastering EQ. Excelente warmth, clarity and tube like!

T. Reaves

May 2, 2019

Rich and sweet!

I used this with my nylon string guitar and holy cow! I can't wait to hear it on some vocal tracks!

J. Jordan

April 28, 2019

What took me so long?

Honest question above... I passed on this product for so long and I don’t know why. It’s an amazing one stop shop.

T. Harvey

April 28, 2019

Great on everything!!!!

I love this eq plug-in! Sounds fantastic on master bus, drums, guitar (especially acoustic), and anything else you encounter when mixing a project. A Swiss Army EQ for sure!!! A must have in my arsenal of plug-ins.

R. Santiago

April 24, 2019


Since ive used the hardware, when i used this version was blown away. It really behaves a lot like the real deal, and the benefit of recalling and saving presets gives it another edge. It is a must for people that works in vocal recordings and voiceovers

A. Petrakov

April 24, 2019

Instant goodness

I never worked with hardware and I don’t know what actually it does aside from compression and deessing, but It gives me good results almost on anything. I love this kind of tools

P. Gomes

April 19, 2019

Amazing plugin!!!

Respect the other companies but the UAD plugins are different, I'm getting closer to the jobs of the mixer engineers that I follow, I'm selling my beats not because I'm famous but they are recognizing the quality in my tracks!!

B. Szukala

April 17, 2019

Dieses Plugin ist der Hammer

Haben erst ein paar Testaufnahmen damit gemacht , und müssen sagen, die Ergebnisse ist Klasse. Kaufempfehlung

C. Maldonado

April 16, 2019

Rich in power

Its just one of does plugins that can make a recording goo to the next level

D. Roch

April 15, 2019

Belle les voix

Vraiment bien pour les voix, je l’utilse Tout le temps

J. Grönvall

April 14, 2019


Great tool for the master-buss. Natural uncoloured sound, perfect for a gentle 3dB squeeze.


April 14, 2019

One word!


S. Kaiser

April 14, 2019


Expensive but very useful for cutting or boosting frequencies. Easy to handle. One of my favorite plugins.

j. mathew

April 7, 2019


sounds good , warmth feel

C. Jaramillo

April 5, 2019

Very musical.

I love it on the 2Bus. I always end up shaping my mixes with touches here and there on some frequencies, being cuts or boosts. This is when I know my mix is sort of ready.

I. Clack

April 5, 2019

Manley VOXBOX Channel Strip

Superb, Does Just the Job!!

C. Jaramillo

April 5, 2019

Great mix tool!

I love this plugin. I know the hardware as I used to work with it... Now I have it back!

I always put it at the end of the mix bus chain of inserts. I am kind of using a 670 to a EQP1 (hardware or plugin) to the ATR-102 and then to the Manley Vari Mu...

... then I have this cohesive thing off the speakers. I think this is when it shines going for 1,5 reduction, give or take. I love that popping sound while transients get tamed and enhanced.

M. Czyz

March 29, 2019

Great Channel Strip!

It is not surprise to me that Manley Channel Strip processes the sound the way it does! All Manley plugin emulations are amazing! Again, I haven't used the hardware but I use Voxbox in every project, from vocals to variety of instruments! I enjoy using it and I think it sound great!

941-960 of 1869 Results