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Customer Reviews

Manley® Variable Mu Limiter Compressor

Overall Rating

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J. Aguilar

October 16, 2023

Warm tube sound

I like how this help giving stable sound to vocals and instrument groups

D. Zamora

July 27, 2023

Bad Horsie!!

love it i am using it on my material! specially on drums for Magia Blanca! Dario DSA

W. Manke

July 10, 2023

Vari Mu? Very Smooth

Tape Op described this plugin as a warm hug for your mixes, and that is the perfect description. For those of us "mastering" at home for small projects and podcasts this is a perfect final touch to up the volume without squishing and to add depth and detail.

J. Mateo

June 28, 2023

smooth glue!

This thing is so smooth and easy to dial in. it gives things just a smooth hug that I love it on my mixbuses and my master tracks

R. Schuster

June 26, 2023

Amazing on the mix bus

Great for drums as well

B. Worrell

June 10, 2023


I bought this plugin looking for something to give my mix character. I demoed this and felt it had an amazing character that I dare say is now my secret sauce. The sound of it is, to my ears, unique and I've already placed it across several mixes to see how it performs. I'm happy to say it does exactly what I want it to and I can't wait to put it on several more mixes!

B. Byc

May 30, 2023

bobby byc

I love its character

B. Byc

May 30, 2023

bobby byc

I love its character

A. Portillo

April 4, 2023

I love this plugin!

it is just great! I love its character, it really does glue your track nicely. Manley products are not famous for nothing. If the hardware sounds better than this, I want one!!


February 26, 2023

Unrivaled balance!

Hi folks, I'm impressed with the accuracy of this plugin, especially on Mix Bus. By the way, I have used it a lot in Mix Drums, Bus Guitar because of its excellent glue.

J. Szeszel

January 13, 2023


I thought for a long time. I tested. This plugin finally beat me to it. First choice of master bus compression for me.


January 10, 2023


Compressão espetacular. Sempre tive o desejo de adquirir esse simulação. Estou impressionado com a textura e capacidade de cola desse plugin.

G. Grinko

January 9, 2023

Very powerfull!

I use this on drums and mix bus. Its great!

R. Mangile

January 3, 2023

Mix Bus Compressor

The main choice in the mix bus and mastering

S. Gara

December 20, 2022

Drums bus

Lo uso solo per incollare tutta la drums. Funziona alla grande , da quando lo uso le mie tracce suonano benissimo.

A. Litwinowicz

December 15, 2022

Excellent Compressor and irreplaceable!

Excellent Compressor and irreplaceable! Sounds very close to hardware (90-95%). One of the best plugins I've used. I use it for all my music projects.

P. Sviyazov

December 11, 2022


This plugin shape sounds very close to hardware for my opinion. I tried many and this one is the closest. And as well one of the smoothest and softest vocal compressors.

S. Bhatti

November 14, 2022

Simply the Best

It’s been on EVERY single one of mixes since 2018, just buy it, no regrets here!

S. Nascimento

September 18, 2022

Musical color

Nice option when I mastered in the box without my NuMu unit. Similar color.

. Oliveira

August 30, 2022

Very Good!

Thanks Universal Audio and Manley
Essential Plugin!!!

1-20 of 283 Results

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