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Manley® Variable Mu Limiter Compressor

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m. Steimer

August 15, 2016

Simply the best compressor plug-in you can put in your stereo buss….

The Manley VariMU plug-in is installed by default in my stereo Buss. I turn it on as soon as everything is ready to lay the basic rhythms mix (bass drums) because the primary feature of this compressor is that it will strengthen the grave and a lightly dip mediums. The VariMU is actually cut to operate on the entire mix and its impact is both very penetrating and very subtle. This is why it must not wait too long before switching on or we might have everything to start over ....
The VariMU brings the binder (paste) the link (interactivity) and movement (reactivity) between the different sources. When we find the right balance, it happens some organical stuff that I do not manage to get differently.
Must have !

A. Berkut

June 7, 2016

Adorable compressor

I do not regret that bought this wonderful compressor!
I like him to hang up or on the group of instruments or for the entire mix.
It gives a cool coloration and vibe, perfectly glues together mix. Thanks UAD for this tool!

D. Hatadi

June 1, 2016

Sublime 2 buss polisher

I confess to not having experience with the hardware device this emulates but when it comes to that final sprinkle of magic audio dust., Manley along with UAD are the masters in the land of plugins. Between this and the Neve 33609 I'm pretty well set on the master.


April 24, 2016

Natural sound

I use this compressor in every song. It makes soft compressions and natural sound.

c. Mitchell

April 21, 2016

Good slow attack hard to over to compress

If it wasn't so DSP heavy I would put it on every track that needed compression. I love the smooth sound that just gives low-end instruments. Ads of thick texture to the music but doesn't change the sound. Never used a real manly before now I understand why they are one of the leaders, an excellent plug in

G. K.

April 19, 2016

Manley Variable Mu® Limiter Compressor : Great Mastering Tool !

This is one of the PlugIns where you definitely need to read the manual first to understand how to use it properly. Once you get an idea how to approach this Plugin correctly for mastering you can achieve (subtle but very) effective results that really make a difference for your Final Mix . 5Stars

n. mendez

April 13, 2016

UAD / Manley team up....This Sold me.

I love UAD Products, They are tedious in bringing Genius Designs to Life. THERE SEEMS TO BE A LOT OF MIXED FEELINGS ON THE MANLEY VU plug in .I DON'T OWN THE HARDWARE TO AB IT WITH THE PLUG, BUT I AM SURE THE GUYS AT UAD DID with THE HARDWARE UNIT THEY USED TO DEVOPE THE PLUG , JUSTICE..Then Also putting into consideration the seal of Approval Of By The Creator of the actual Unit Mrs.Manley...This Sold me.

S. Roefs

March 31, 2016

Surprisingly smooth with a lot of weight

Harder to describe the character of this thing than the Fairchild, La-2a or 1176. But it does add some amazing smoothness and weight. Never considered to buy this one, but I got it for free with a hardware upgrade. Now it's getting a lot of use on the mixbus. Good plugin.

E. Smallwood

March 23, 2016


When you want that sound, that unmistakeable sound? Creamy smooth on the 2 bus with just right lift and glue. This one is that real deal.

S. Connor

March 19, 2016

Smooth As Honey

First of all for the many people who have no idea about Vari-mu technology this is a subtle compressor- if you want smack buy the 1176. I use this compressor on every single project I work on- it is wonderful on vocals but its real USP is squeezing another 3-6db of volume out of a mix without killing the dynamics. Try it on a vocal track after an 1176 to help smooth out the output of the 1176- wonderful sounding character and great control of the levels. it also works well on bass and strings- in fact everything really, I actually listen to all my music through the Massive Passive and this doing about 4 db of fast gain reduction in the Console- love the sound of these plugins, wonderful job UA.

L. Rollins

March 7, 2016

Power hungry, but jaw-dropping results

My most used compressor thus far in my UAD journey. There is always SOMEWHERE that this can be put to good use in my tracking, mixing, and mastering. The weight and detail it adds is pure magic to me.

O. Gonzalo Mallén

March 2, 2016

Another world

Very surprised with this plug in, it can makes your mix sound profesional almost without touching anything. I can only use it in the mix track with manley eq for mastering, Id like to use in buses too but, Its a Shame its high DSP consuming... I supose if you want quality you have to pay in any way...

j. Dietzel

March 1, 2016

Good at what it does

I would have prefered a different UAD plugin, but this came with my OCTO Satellite, so I had no choice. I guess it is good at buss compression, I still prefer VBC. maybe after having more time to play with it I will appreciate it more.

J. Banfield

February 1, 2016

Used a lot..

I've been using this on a lot of mastering projects since I got it. The real unit has never been in my budget, so I can't comment on it's accuracy. However, this sounds great. Very transparent, not an in-you-face compressor at all. Great for smoothing out a mix.

v. souza

February 1, 2016

Very nice!

Use to fatten the sound ! Really a great compressor and master buss!

C. Leiria

January 27, 2016

No pumping allowed

I don't know about the hardware, but this plug-in compressor it's kind of magic. I tried to compress the sh*t out of a track and it was really hard to get a bad sound even at really high db reductions. A friend told me that It can never emulate the hardware but at this price it does a really good job imo, been siting in my master bus since I got it coupled with the massive passive. Tried it in pianos and it's really impressive what you can get out of it and you get a less colored and noisy tone that the Fairchild for example in pianos.

S. Hudson

January 19, 2016

manley vari mu compressor

What great plug. Very versatile, primary use is on the output bus
Where it adds abit of focus. In this situation the lows get abit warmer
And the top end gets abit of air or sizzle. (If dialed in with a subtle
As for mastering. Its a dream. And simple to get great results.
Like other vari mu comps for those familiar. Abit Like a 1176 the allows the
Threshold to adjusted.
In the mix. Its just as friendly. Very suitable for individual inst or stems.
Im finding the ms mode is helpfull on stems and can really help
Put some life back into flat or dull sections. My go to comp for
Pre recorded material.
Very happy with this product.

S. Jensen

January 18, 2016

My new go to Master compresser!

I use this in the mix and also after for the mastering process. It just on it own adds life to my output wave file's. Yes, I would recommend this to anyone. Just getting started or the seasoned veteran audio guru!


January 14, 2016

매우 자연스러운 조정

전체의 믹스를 아주 자연스럽고 긴밀하게 연결해준다.
매우 마음에 든다.

j. panno

January 13, 2016

Vari Mu is one of my favorites!!

Adds a rich depth to anything its added to. Musical, clean and oh so transparent! Thanks UAD, you guys are the best!!

181-200 of 282 Results