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Customer Reviews

Neve 1073 Preamp & EQ Collection

Overall Rating

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D. Zavala

July 5, 2014

A truly neve

When anyone say neve, you will think just one think: Warm. The neve 1073 does exactly that adding that big sound classic of the neve's consoles and giving that perfectly clear pristine sound on the high frequencies. With the Unison tecnology this preamp EMULATION can beat a lot (maybe all) of the cheap and low range analog preamps on the market, and a lot of the high class too. The Eq of the channel strip it's as powerfull as the preamp a little movement on the knobs and everything gets cut or boosted they way you wanted or needed. An excellent product but as powerfull as it is i give the advice of not using it with bad musicians, because every single detail will get captured and become obvius in the mix. Big, powerfull and wonderfull.

D. Ulecia

July 3, 2014

1073 preamp review


You guys have done kinda outstanding work with this gear.

Either you already know how the real one sounds like or not, it just sounds marvellows by itself...

And speaking about the"clossiness" to the real one, one friend of mine bought couple of weeks ago 9 of those real pieces of hardware removed directly from a real Neve console.
After he listened to the tests we did comparing real gear and your plugin he WAS REALLY SWEATING thinking about the money he had to invest.

The only drawback is that the plugin is a Pantagruelic DSP resources eater,
can,t run more than 14 mono instances on my OCTO.

Anyway, is been a real pleasure meeting your product line, some day i´,ll buy all of your engineers.....bie

S. Shaghasi

June 26, 2014


Grateful to have run into this. Unison technology really takes it to another level. UAD is always on top of their game. Respectable.

D. Cook

June 26, 2014

I was hoping for massive sound and got bogged down.

I want to start out saying this plug in sounds great. I love what the pre does for my tracks. It really brings my snare and vocals to life. But here's the reason I am writing a bad review. This thing is glitchy. I am using a quad satellite with an iMac i7 (incase you're wondering). To start with, the instance count is low (8 mono/4 stereo). Yes 8 virtual pre's cost way less than 1 real pre. However, some times when I load an instance the pre will work but the eq (or some other feature) won't engage. The warning it gives has to do with the load limits. There are ways for me to work around this (as I have learned by lots of trial and error), but I am really disappointed that the one plug I would use the most is causing me the most problems.

A. Do

June 25, 2014

Another Dimension

This Neve 1073 preamp Eq is in another dimension, it's just the best plugin I have ever heard, it's sound is really big, the preamp section can help your sounds get that extra depth 3 dimensional style, don't miss it!

H. Barry

June 25, 2014


Is this the sound I've been missing all these years? I've heard about the name & sound from way back but could never afford it, but thanks to UA it's now possible. It's a great time to be producing music and have the tools too!

B. Ferrari

June 25, 2014

Neve 1073 Preamp

Just brilliant. Really helps bring some of that illusive analogy sound to, well any source. I haven't heard any plugin ever do it as convincingly as this. Seriously good.

S. King

June 24, 2014

5 stars

Man this thing is a processor hog, but it sounds amazing!

A. Davies

June 24, 2014

we have one in the studio

In a real world working situation, I couldn't tell the difference between this and the hardware BAE 1073MP pre while tracking.

M. Okubo

June 22, 2014


uad???????????????apollo twin?????????????

D. Roberts

June 20, 2014


Man, I don't know what the hardware 1073 actually sounds like & frankly I don't need to know. I've always struggled to record my own vocals & until I got this plug-in I didn't quite know why. As soon as I punched this in on the demo my vocal just popped out & with the zero latency tracking of the Apollo unit my productions have come on leaps & bounds. I'm able to really push the gain on the Mic-Pre input on tracking & by driving it I get all the nuances & body of my voice, which I can print over & I'm able to nail vocal parts with ease now:)). I'm finally getting my productions up to true "commercial" quality right here in my bedroom & yes I'll be releasing my stuff to the world, because I can:). Thanks UAD for the tools:)

X. Lin

June 19, 2014

Great sound

Great sounding Pre-amp plugin, never had any quality inbox great like that.
Thanks UA to make the wonderful plugins!

D. Piredda

June 19, 2014

beautiful, beautiful, beautiful

really a great product with a wonderful sound, but with my uad 2 I can only open 8 stereo.sono happy to hear it in my PC NEVE1073.grazie Universal Audio!

K. Lindner

June 16, 2014

The Real Neve

Toller Sound perfekt für mich um ohne 1000000 Euro ein Neve Sound zu produzieren

bin unheimlich begeistert von der klangquallität dieser Plugins...ich finde es unglaublich gut ! Es ist schwer für mich im direkt Vergleich unterschiede zu hören...

K. Lindner

June 16, 2014

The Real Neve

Toller Sound perfekt für mich um ohne 1000000 Euro ein Neve Sound zu produzieren

bin unheimlich begeistert von der klangquallität dieser Plugins...ich finde es unglaublich gut ! Es ist schwer für mich im direkt Vergleich unterschiede zu hören...

M. Duchesne

June 14, 2014

Neve 1073

The best emulation of the real thing... and I've tried many !!! Vocals, bass, drums... Really improves your mix. We will eventually need more horsepower though.

L. Cooper

June 14, 2014

Neve 1073

Love it. Have happy drums again.
Thanks UAD. I'd be lost without you

J. Barrios

June 9, 2014

Wow! just amazing...

I decide to give it a try and I put it on the unison channel of the apollo duo. Link channel 1-2 for recording in stereo... Wow!! whats happening I though... that could not be possible! my acoustic guitar was sounding better than ever! I did not have to think to much to buy this plugins! is amazing, the quality of the preamp and the EQ is amazing! Thanks UAD!

F. Federico

June 5, 2014

SoloDallas - Trying to recreate the AC/DC sound

This is Fil SoloDallas, I am somewhat known on the net for my AC/DC covers over the years (circa 10 consecutive years). AC/DC have always been intense users of the Neve 1073, and it's no secret that thanks to older brother George Young, they were using this sound from 1974 onward. The entirety of the AC/DC catalog up to 1980 (not including Back in Black) was made on Neve consoles, so that's Powerage, Highway To Hell and Let There Be Rock; plus the older ones and one live. Golden Era. I use the exact same gear Angus Young used, from authentic from those very years and I have been an avid UA users (UAD-2) between EQs, compressors and tape emulators (both). What I really needed was thing plugin. It threw me in complete "accurate" mode. Great!

C. Mujica

June 5, 2014

The best preamp so far

Tried the API & 610 ... And I felt the1073 preserved the energy the best and was nice n thick! Thank you uad

1221-1240 of 1283 Results