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Unison Enabled

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Customer Reviews

Neve 1073 Preamp & EQ Collection

Overall Rating

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C. Byrne

May 22, 2014


Total no brainer. I'm a legacy owner and I mix with those, record in unison with this mkII 1073. Makes me glad to be alive when stuff like this happens. Thank you UA,!

D. Pichugin

May 21, 2014

Neve 1073 Preamp & EQ Plug-In Collection

Thank you for good job! He will definitely be in my collection!

N. Hemple

May 18, 2014


I am extremely pleased with Universal audio & there UAD Platform for really being here for us mixing engineers. this emulation is is wonderful. Since they have been remaking there old emulations and the latest plugins they have been coming out with, its really making a mixing fun in the box. The other thing I think people aren't giving them enough credit for is every month they have something "NEW" this builds MAJOR TRUST with me as a user. vs some other company that draaagggsss there releases (wont name any names). now if there were coming out with crap i would be mad, but since everything they have been adding or touching up sounds spot on. I WANT TO PERSONALLY THANK UNIVERSAL AUDIO FOR BEING A GREAT & RELIABLE COMPANY. Please continue !!

N. Di

May 16, 2014


I tried that hardware one like 10 years ago and it was unbelieveble.
Was waiting this plug in from long time.. and finally is out.
The best eq and preamp I never used in my life. It give an amazing bright overall on hi-hat grooves, armonics and warm.. .well done

E. Portugal

May 14, 2014


This is how they got that huge sound!
End of story.

S. Hurtow

May 13, 2014

Turning Plug-Ins On Musical Ear

I had a feeling UA would release a Neve 1073 Preamp/EQ plug-in sooner or later, so when I received the e-mail regarding V7.7, I was both excited and full of anticipation, knowing it was going to be special. I always loved the ritual of downloading the latest software update and hitting the 14-Day Trial button. The moment I inserted the 1073 into a track on one of my projects, something amazing happened. Yes, this was 1073, similar to the original Legacy plug-in, but there was something else there. The track instantly became very musical sounding. Along with the input gain, fader and output controls, the EQ took on a whole new role of sound shaping I never heard before. I bought the plug-in the next day after a sleepless night.

J. Bramburek

May 13, 2014

Closest plugin to real thing over all, yet

Yeah. I tested UAD for max. 5 minutes before buying it. I have a project which I have mixed on real old NEVE and this little plugin has the same vibe. It is so close mainly how I feel when mixing. The speed of getting great sound was about the same. I then compared two mixes and in terms of color, punchiness and how upfront whole mix stands is almost the same.
UAD is the closes plugin to hardware I have heard yet (and I mean all the plugins I have checked and know the hardware piece). Great. Now I way for real 1081.
I am seriously considering to sell my HD rig and look for most powerful apollo setup out there.
Thanks guys...

C. Byrne

May 10, 2014


First, I own the API Vision strip and the 610 collection so I'm a fan of unison technology. But the new 1073 takes it over the top. A ribbon mic on a guitar amp with this plug sounds so creamy and smooth. Man, UAD knocked it out of the park with this. Thank you!

S. Othniel

May 10, 2014

Thaaa Best!!!!!!

The smoothest filter, the crisp highs and the clarity when you over drive the preamp. I love this plugin and I can't see myself not tracking with this new baby.

S. Abraham

May 9, 2014

Damn great

Well this is my first review ever and I thought I owe it to universal audio for making this great emulation. I almost have all uad plugins because they are the best sounding in the market. I can tell for having recorded with a vintage neve 1073 that I have the vintage 1073 sound now. I have bought different 1073 preamp emulations but there was always something lucking to get the sound I was after. Seriously. guys this is a no brainer. Get this plugin and get amazing sounding music. You at universal audio nailed more than ever with this perfect emulation of the best ever sounding preamp. Thanks.

L. Hughes

May 9, 2014

New 1073 is superb!

This plugin is awesome! Tried on the 2-bus with the EQ out and if does something magical to the upper mids. Really great. The EQ behaves slightly differently to the legacy version, but in a better, silkier way. The GUI is more usable too. The old one was horrendous for clicking the wrong place on the concentric dials.

Yes this uses an unbelievable amount of DSP, but if that is what it takes to run the best sounding plugins available it is worth it. Overall this is fabulous!

1281-1291 of 1291 Results