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Customer Reviews

Neve 1073 Preamp & EQ Collection

Overall Rating

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R. Faulkner

January 6, 2020

Sounds like the real stuff

I was able to ab the software to the real thing and I couldn't tell the difference

O. Daniel

January 6, 2020


Love the sound from this preamp. I use it on all my recordings.

t. billonare

January 6, 2020


no need words

B. Schultz

December 28, 2019

Brightness and swinging in my tracks

The Neve 1073 Preamp & EQ Collection brings brightness in the drums, melody and vocal sessions! It takes away the statics and gives some swinging in my tracks.
Cheers Bart Schultz (Dj/Producer)

T. Roberts

December 24, 2019

Why did I ever wait to buy this?

The 1073 live up to all the hype. The clarity, depth and sonic sweetness of this preamp is unlike any other that I’ve tried. A definite must-have.

R. Tuominen

December 20, 2019

Legend maker

Pure rock’n’roll

J. Zur

December 20, 2019


This is a truly amazing emulation of the real thing! Didn’t think it would be such a noticeable difference but it truly is. UA has done it again as always they never let you down.

P. Daly

December 20, 2019

Neve 1073

You need this. There is absolutely no reason not to have this. What are you waiting for....?

N. Luleå

December 19, 2019

No 1 preamp

we became extremely satisfied with this plug and together with Apollo 8 we now track direkt with Neve all the time. Thanks UAD

H. Holzheu

December 18, 2019

Neve 1073

A great EQ, it sounds legendary

S. Lednev

December 18, 2019

The same Neve

Great sound. Now the legendary sound in my mixes!

F. Ghenai

December 12, 2019


I know the Neve 1073 DPA , the resemblance is striking !
Surely one of the best realistic plugins !
Thank you UAD for the work it's really good .

F. Ghenai

December 12, 2019


I know the Neve 1073 DPA, the resemblance is striking! surely one of the best realistic plugins !
thank you UAD for the work it's really good

C. Yang

December 12, 2019

Really NEVE

Very simple, but food sound, pre

R. T

December 9, 2019

Neve 1073 Preamp & EQ Collection

Nice EQ and Preamp! This thing comes close to the original and adds a great vibe to my Stingray with flatwounds.

R. Nieto

December 6, 2019


I got this pre couple weeks ago and I’m using it everyday since. Absolutely amazing round sound and punch

G. Herrera

December 4, 2019

Special Preamp

I have about 5 UA preamps and this one just does it for me, I like the Helios for drums but this is my new Preamp that goes in unison for all sources and Ive only scratched the surface wow..

G. Chan

December 3, 2019

I always use this plug in

I use it as a required item. I want to thank uad

M. Salvatore

December 3, 2019

Mike Salvatore

I thought my mic was great before...i cant believe how it enhances everything perfectly! A must have!

M. Vitellone

December 3, 2019

Neve...what else...

I can't still put this amazing piece of gear on every strip cause you would need a DSP boost like a satellite or a DSP card from UAD to make it run properly on every channel of your cubase/pro tools/DAW, but I'm just waiting for that moment and so far, putted on a single track (like a piano), this Neve 1073 took every beautiful resonance/frequency/body out of my piano and it made everything playing beautifully! Looking forward to buy a Satellite to make it run on every channel!

241-260 of 1171 Results