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Unison Enabled

Customer Reviews

Neve 1073 Preamp & EQ Collection

Overall Rating

321-340 of 1280 Results

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March 19, 2020

Great for bad sound!!

I really like the neve simulator I've used so far!!Thank you!

F. Catano

March 17, 2020



瞬. 道淵

March 7, 2020



서. 덕

March 4, 2020

Amazing neve 1073

This product eats a lot of dsp, but it is worth it. When you hang it on a preamp, it makes an amazing sound change. Thank you uad!!

M. Asplund

March 4, 2020

Vintage beauty

Really nice character with the unison preamp together with the EQ makes this a very nice recording and mixing tool.

k. takeuchi

March 2, 2020


Amazing pre amp, and the factory presets are wonderful. good sound

R. Gun

February 27, 2020

Well Done

Sounds good if you like this kind of sound.
Not so nice is the hig load, a single DSP is quite blocked.
Still not absoultely perfect copy, the hardware does more kind of compression on not distorted sound levels.
Over all very capable.

M. Smid

February 23, 2020


Tested it against a real neve. Can't really hear much difference. Damn... :) The only negative point I might have is that I like tubes better. You know: rubber soul sounds better then abbey road to my ears...

p. attajat

February 22, 2020

Love it!!!

Fucking love it!!

D. Carter

February 18, 2020

Must have

Amazing pre amp, and the factory presets are wonderful. Money well spent

D. Carter

February 18, 2020

Must have

Amazing pre amp, and the factory presets are wonderful. Money well spent

B. Callihan

February 15, 2020

Expected great, got amazing

This has infected my workflow with that killer neve sound and I couldn’t be happier.

D. Lee

February 10, 2020

amazing sound

its preamp sounds amazing much like the analog device, also its very good lots of vocal/main tracks

e. nolte

February 3, 2020

Neve 1073

A beautiful addition to anyone's collection.

s. yang

January 27, 2020

A must have preamp!

It's a preamp with beautiful sound.
It's especially good for vocals, and no one will love it.

It can also be used effectively on guitars and basses.
It cleans up the sound and works very well with various compressors.

If you are famous but still haven't tried it, be sure to try it.
I use and love the Neve 1073 preamplifier the most with the V76 preamplifier.

Keep up the great work from now on Universal Audio !!

N. Gureev

January 25, 2020

Must have for UAD

Even the legacy eq that you get when you get this is spectacular. And I put the new one on when I need a preamp. This one is awesome. If you’re on the UAD system I’d get it. And also you can get the 31102 - its different. 1081 I dont like as much

C. Gould

January 19, 2020

Neve 1073 Preamp & EQ Collection

Having the luxury of working with the real thing from time to time gives me a perspective. The UAD plugin is very good and emulates that rich warm tone we all love from these times less little lovelies very well. Obviously some of the little analogue 'artefacts' and quirks from the real thing are missed but in general the best emulation I've come across yet.

A. Ohlström

January 19, 2020

Superb Preamp

Have Apollo Twin X and Neumann TLM 103, just purchased the 1073 and recorded vocals - it's the best preamp ever. Amazing results, it's a game changer and just perfect with a tiny bit a "drive" and some push at the high end.

A. Rodrigo

January 15, 2020

Love it.

I have always been a big fan of Neve,
This was a very nice plugin to add to my collection.

R. Whitney

January 14, 2020

Nice Warm Sound

Im using this now for a warmer, more intimate sound than the SSL 4000E Unison channel strip on some tracks -- especially acoustic music. It's easy to overdrive/overload -- have to leave it in Hi Z for normal condenser mics, which confused me at first since I usually think of dynamic mics as Hi Z and condensers as Low Z, but this comes from an older piece of gear and the "Hi Z" is still relatively low. The EQ is effective but limited, yet consumes a lot of processing power, and there's no compression, but they wanted to stay true to the original as always, and I certainly can't fault them for that.

321-340 of 1280 Results