Neve® 1081TM Classic Console EQ

Neve® 1081TM Classic Console EQ


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Customer Reviews

Neve 1081 / 1081SE Classic Console EQ

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r. cavaye

May 19, 2017

Silk n Honey

All great things are easily obtained through this simple yet colourful EQ. I can't help but want a real one after demoing, everyone has a need for some Neve...

J. Dale

May 18, 2017

Works like magic

I'm by no means a professional sound engineer, but Neve seemed to be the end all be all in the studio. These plug ins seem to verify all the talk, and are simple for a novice like me.

UAD User

May 18, 2017


Hi Boost is very nice.
Only one My Best EQ.

A. Truta

May 17, 2017

My goto EQ

I've never imagined that an eq can do such a fantastic job in shaping the sound just like I want, until I discovered this great 1081 emulation. You have to hear it and you'll love what it does. Fantastic!

J. Giddings

May 16, 2017

Very smooth eq

Smooth tops, powerful bottoms and very fun mids. Love this thing on drums and guitars. Makes me not miss the real thing

D. pin

May 1, 2017


Used this on vocals and guitars before .. Had to get

V. Imre

April 14, 2017

Neve 1081

One of the best plugins !!

a. akkerman

April 9, 2017

My new favorite EQ plug in!

My new favorite EQ plug in! Needed an EQ that was subtle but aggressive, now I have found it! Totally worth every cent!

a. akkerman

April 9, 2017

My new favorite EQ plug in!

My new favorite EQ plug in! Needed an EQ that was subtle but aggressive, now I have found it! Totally worth every cent!

R. Nagy

March 12, 2017

A must have...

This is the must have EQ. A very precise - top notch stuff. It's good for everything without exception. One hundred percent recommended

N. Dayan

January 23, 2017

Versatile EQ

I love the 1081 and much prefer it over the 1073 because of the switchable high shelf and extra EQ band. It works well on many sources and allows me to sculpt my instruments with a few knob adjustments. The selectable frequencies is a plus for me over fully-parametric EQs.

UAD User

January 13, 2017

Best neve EQ to me.

Sounds close to a 1073 Eq , with more possibility ( 4 bands , hi-pass,low-pass)
Perfect, it's my " go to " plug eq.

C. Johnson

January 9, 2017


Love this guy on overheads, snare and guitars. If you have the 1073, get this to complement it

J. Fanus

January 6, 2017

Enhance your sound and extend your EQ Palette

I A lush yet powerful EQ...a must have for vocal shaping also great on FX's. This eq works great on soulful vocals.

C. Fuchs

January 4, 2017


Had a friend in the 90's down in Montreux working on a Neve 8048 in Mountain Studio. This plugin delivers the magic. Love it and use it on every track. This plugin is my goto for nearly everything. With the 33609 a killer combo. Interesting to see, how something (the hardware) after over 40 years has lost nothing of it's coolness. And furthermore it's bloody fast to work with. No fiddling for years to get that sound. Buy it!

E. Maccoppi

December 15, 2016

Neve 1081

Sweetness !!!

I. Papagiannidis

December 14, 2016

perfect combination with 1073

1073 and 1081 are the best combination for any kinds of instruments.different frequencies and if you combine them you can achieve anything you like in a mix. great sounding as always!

j. king

December 14, 2016

Another wonderful eq

This neve eq is just clean and precise when tweeking,It's good on everything, I am loving it.

D. Sokolov

December 14, 2016

My favorite!

I have long wanted to buy it !!! I like to use it for the voices and snare.

J. Dockerty

December 13, 2016


Perfect Match for Vocals & Acoustic Guitar, very flexible 4 band eq, with High pass and low pass filters, and last but not least its a Neve 1081 10/10 :)

81-100 of 254 Results