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Unison Enabled

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Customer Reviews

Neve® 1084™ Preamp & EQ

Overall Rating

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P. Kelly

May 27, 2020

Neve 1084 Channel Strrip

Great Sound Quality. I feel really impressed by, I use it as a great song starter

e. nolte

May 27, 2020

my new favorite

I've had it a few weeks and it's all I've used!

M. Eriksson

May 26, 2020


A little bit ”more” than 1073!

F. Eder

May 22, 2020

You can never go wrong with a NEVE

Amazing sound! Very clear highs and fat bottom end. Impressed!

D. Bethell

May 21, 2020

Great Plug in Heavy DSP Load

I suppose it's the trade off (Especially on a UAD2 Duo) but I can only get 2 instances of this plugin before it deactivates. Great plugin though.

R. Luebke

May 18, 2020


Tested the demo and bought it immediately. I love the Neve 1073 but the 1084 is even better. It has great presets for a quick workflow. 5 stars

M. Clark

May 16, 2020

So Good!

I was Blown away by the clarity and smooth high end using the new 1084. As a Unison pre it is a welcome addition to the collection. Thanks guys and gals at Universal Audio!

G. Erickson

May 15, 2020

A tool that has my back.

Downloaded this while starting a new record yesterday and switched from the 1073 to this right when I started tracking.

The entire day we were blown away on the flexibility of the EQ with the drive options The pre is capable of.

In one session I used the 1084 with these mics:

SM-7, Vintage 1952 Shure Ribbon, Ear Trumpet Labs Josephine, Royer SF-24, 421, Earthworks QTC 40 and a 57.

Recording these sources: Tele, Strat through a Vibrolux, Collings D2-H, Yamaha Nylon String, Danolectro Bass D.I and Male Vocals.

Amazing. Really. So versatile and yet simple and out of the way.

Added such great attitude to the SM-7 and the SF-24 was in heaven. Stereo, 3D lifelike Sound.

My client was so happy and played better.

The filters were so great to button things up and keep the ribbon hiss at bay.

I look forward to many more sessions with this pre/strip having my back.


Also, one note to the haters here. UA is running a business and providing a service that WE the users can buy into or not. Unless you have ever spent the money it takes to own and upkeep a real rack of mic Pres you have no idea what a deal $300 is for this strip that you can use on MULTIPLE CHANNELS. I remember spending $3,000 back in the day just to have all api for my Tom channels on a drum kit.

This is a great addition to the the UA family. Glad to keep supporting a company who is making it easier to capture great music.


B. Schulz

May 15, 2020

Highly recommended

This plugin seems to dissolve annoying peaky frequencies, adds warmth in the lower mids and low end, and sounds more 3D. It's also very musical. The effect seems to aggregate with every additional track that runs through this plugin. I highly recommend it.


May 14, 2020

There are no words to describe the pleasure I get from using this preamp

M. Clay

May 13, 2020


Have purchased it and now have everything Neve by UAD. The 1084 I used on a vocal recording last night with a NemannTLM 103 Mic as unison. It's lovely. Getting some really nice whisps. My voice is not sibilant and prone to clashing in the bass frequencies and being muddied out. This mic in combination with the 1084 is cutting through the mix clearly now. A very nicely sculpted top end with no added top end eq boost requirred at all and not even any bottom end removal. This is the first time I have not had to cut or add on my vocal. This is the pre amp for my vocals. Many thanks.

J. Garcia

May 13, 2020

Perfect timing

Always wanted this particular plugin from UAD. Was just about to purchase the 1073 and this was announced. Excellent sounds. Pair with a Distressor and you're in business

O. Knight

May 13, 2020


So, I purchased this without demoing as I have faith in UA and their ability to deliver stunningly real emulations.
Not disappointed in the slightest. The air in the highs, the bite of the mid and the warm low end. When pushed is saturates and passes into distortion beautifully
Full, forward and undoubtedly analogue.

J. Dockerty

May 12, 2020

Legendary Addition

Great addition to the Neve Summing inside LUNA, been waiting for this for ages. Much prefer the 1084 to the 1073 EQ wise as it has more options

S. Osman

May 12, 2020

instant gratification

I had to question my ears at first as it seemed too good to be true ... but it really is amazing.


May 12, 2020


I just tried the 1084 on a vocal and on a master track of a drum kit. I especially love the high shelving. It adds the silky top on a vocal, and brings a drum kit to life. It is so musical. There is nothing electronic sounding about it. I was also able to do a quick vocal recording test with it. I added an 1176 Rev A, into an LA-2A G to complete the chain. Awesome for adding that analog 'air' on top. I love it!

A. Davila

May 12, 2020


I actually picked up a BAE 1084 a few weeks ago and absolutely love it. Also own uad's 1073 plugin and love it as well, knew it was only a matter of time before UAD made the 1084 - and now here it is, and it's nothing short of amazing. Another highly, highly usable and valuable asset to the "team" hahah!

amazing work from uad!

R. Gilcreast

May 12, 2020

Very Musical Sounding... Mixture of the 1073 & 1081 put together

If you are looking for the right EQ points in a preamp, this is your go to desert island pre. The EQ ban's are amazing and very dope on vocals. Also lets not forget its amazing on drum tracking, bass , and acoustic guitars. Will recommend using this during recording tracking sessions or studio session mixes.

Peace and love

K-R.O.K from P.M. Dawn

W. Shanks

May 5, 2020

Yes, it sounds like our golden unit!

1073 has that instant cultural recognition like 1176...but dig a level deeper and you'll discover the amazing Neve 1084--also originally found in the famed Neve 80 Series consoles. In my opinion it is the perfect EQ feature set, not too little, not too much for both recording and mixing, with the same incredible preamp design. We looked at eight different units and picked the one that best represented the circuit overall. May it serve you well, UAD fans.

241-259 of 259 Results

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