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Neve 88RS Channel Strip Collection

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D. Holden

September 25, 2015

88rs collection

i just upgraded me 88rs ... Can you say lets all dial in the BASS.... amazing sound and nothing like the legacy

A. Gamez

September 22, 2015


People have been giving this plugin bad reviews due to its price... but as an owner of the now legacy 88 series, this update its in a completely new league than its predecessor. The legacy version seemed to make things a little muddy but this new one just gives you a warmth and clarity worthy of the neve name. If you are looking for a channel strip plugin, this is definitely a must. Gotta say tough that I still love the API VISION. But if you can, own both and have the options you need.

J. Rutter

September 18, 2015

Simply awesome

So much depth and clarity

J. Rutter

September 18, 2015

Simply awesome

So much depth and clarity

R. Hollis

September 16, 2015

Great Plugin!!!

Absolutely awesome sounding channel strip! UA support is 1st class ! got a couple coupons and bought this updated version , Couldn't be more pleased with it!!!!

P. Martinez

August 27, 2015

88RS in my production studio!!!

Haven't worked on an 88RS in a while. I love the legacy version and held off buying this version for a bit cause I didn't see the need. I rolled the dice and bought it. I definitely does make a difference having this plug in on the mic pre. Sounds smooth with all sources hitting the pre. I like to drive it a little to get more warmth and definitely shines in this arena. Before I primarily used the 610A as a warm pre, which I still like to use for color. But there is nothing like having this console sound married to the recordings. Great job. A once nearly unattainable product is now in my grasp. This console is one of my favorites to work on. Now I have full automation control in my DAW on the mix and tracking... it is the swiss army knife.

C. Nedzynski

August 14, 2015


I bought the Legacy version of this and used it a lot, so was a bit gutted when I found out I had to shell out $150 for the new version. However, it really is worth it. The sound is more open and has that analogue drive you want. I also love the 1073 equipment and pre, but this is that bit more refined, with the added bonus of gate and compressor.

I recently put this on a master channel at mix down of an old session I was re-mastering and it just added that professional gloss and zing you want.

Lovely. Thanks UA!

C. Chastain

August 14, 2015

Great Plugin - but the upgrade costs...

This plug is excellent for dialing in saturated vocals. The harmonics never seem to get out of hand - and I've been shocked to see how hard I've pushed the EQ when doing mix revisions a few days later. It the real deal.

L. Pimentel

August 12, 2015

Outstanding Emulation - QUIT WHINING!

You people should be ashamed of yourselves by rating the product so low just because you don't wanna pay the upgrade fee. It is worth the $149. It adds new features. Why complain about it when they are adding UNISON to the Channel Strip? Same thing happened to the 1073 and the reviews weren't affected by the winners non sense. You can't be a serious professional if you refuse to understand how a company spends thousands to develop and perfect a product. Stupid, childish and amateur. Quit the "loyalty" BS. The product is worth the price and it sounds great. $149 worth of this whining??? Most of you have used plenty of coupons and vouchers that are given on a regular basis. I don't know a company that gives more vouchers than UA. GROW UP!

UAD User

August 12, 2015


Just purchased an Octo satellite, just so I could get the 88RS on every track.

Yep - it's that good...even if it's a hungry beast.

Having never worked with the hardware version, I can't really say what the similarities and differences are, but for my purposes as a professional songwriter having mainly to deliver convincing demos to critical ears in US and France, this is amazing.

I especially love what the vintage character does to the modern pop music-domain which is what I'm working with.


UAD User

August 12, 2015

Pretty cool for a plug-in!

Dunno why everyone is complaining about the price....these folks gotta make money in order to keep the cool gear coming our way! Great channel strip, very versatile and fantastic to use before hitting your DAW.

P. Klahn

August 5, 2015

A great update saves the 88RS from obscurity

The Legacy 88RS had become a seldom used plugin, something I might pull out if I was looking for a soft, "mushy' eq. And definitely not something that normally worked for me on multiple channels. I demo'd the update on a song that featured the legacy on several channels, starting with lead vocals, and immediately heard depth, clarity, smoothness. I ended up replacing all of the legacies with the update with almost the exact same settings, and the result was dramatic and satisfying. Now the legacy version just sounds flat and lifeless. Probably the best UAD update experience I have had, and worth the price.

T. Weiss

August 5, 2015

Best tool so far

It's simply a Neve Console. So put it on everything and the Wow-difference will be there. I really appreciate your work UA!

C. Soto

August 4, 2015

A Swiss Army Tool

This one is definitely my go-to weapon for any kind of source now. You can't go wrong with it. It fattens bass tracks, gives drums a layer of shine, and gives vocals depth and clarity like no other tool. It just sounds beautiful. It's a great addition to my system.

L. Malaguti

August 1, 2015

NEVE 88RS collection is a 4.5 STARS!!!!

This mkII is a beautiful plugin!!!
Neve channel it sounds really good!
The 88RS adds a wonderful 'mojo': 3D sound, clarity, subtle and very musical thd; much more euphonics and analog when compared to the old version!!A modern and analog sound class in the digital domain!
EQ is a fantastic tool, intuitive...and is perfect for sculpt the sound, the compressor/limiter are punchy.Onestly, I have not tried the GATE/EXP.
This is a very good job, and I think most people should stop leave negative feedback for the DSP usage and/or for the upgrade price!!
For a great sound, complex algorithms are needed...and for the price, I have bought it for 99$ (just wait for the sales and coupons).

UAD User

July 30, 2015

HolySnap !

My god i was not a big fan of the older uad 88rs except for the use of gate which i loved but this new one is n another level more like NBA vs highschool comparison in sound. A client dropped off a pro tools session with his vocal recorded through some cheap focusrite 8i6 n sm7 n sounded dull n tiny. I inserted this new 88rs and drove the preamp section to 2 pm n added some 10-15 k eq which gave me a sweet smooth silky sizzly sound and of course the quick gate with some light compression and BOOM"
it sounded like he used a original c12 on his vocals n sounded like I ran him through my aurora audio gtq2!

uad please keep up the amazing work! im waiting for ssl 4k reissue ' I m selling some of my outboard gear becuz of this experience

J. Flynn Dale

July 30, 2015

Neve 88rs update

I clearly don't understand the bitching about the 88rs update!
If you purchase more UA gear and I'm sure you will
All you have to do is add the 88rs in your cart when they
Offer 6 plugins for $799 or use coupons that UA always add to your

It's always away around road blocks! I have never had a problem with
getting help from UA.

I am sure the SSL pluggin will be a costly update, however it my pleasure
to wisely pay up.

Good luck!

s. monette

July 29, 2015

Great channel strip

I really like this channel strip. I use it often!

S. Foley

July 27, 2015

Great sounding. There are ALWAYS discount coupons

There are a bunch of 1 star reviews because ppl think $149 is too expensive for an update. My UA account has $75 in "thanks" and promo codes, and when they expire there are usually others that come later. The "real" update price is $75 if you exercise even an ounce of patience. Perhaps I'm old, perhaps the "software is free" generation are quick to whine and complain, but even at $149, that is insanely inexpensive to attain a professional quality tool. Maybe there are a lot of hobbyist who are thinking about the money differently than I am, but this is basically a new plugin. I have made more than 200 records since changing to the UAD system and the transition to ITB was succesful because of UA. Only real issue is CPU being high.

P. Jonsson

July 23, 2015

Amazing plug-in - simply amazing

Just remastered an old song using the Ampex® ATR-102 and the Neve 88RS Channel Strip Collection. WAU Amazing plug-in - simply amazing

401-420 of 477 Results