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Unison Enabled

Customer Reviews

Neve 88RS Channel Strip Collection

Overall Rating

141-160 of 503 Results

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E. Ananda

July 30, 2018


Need I say more that just "Brilliant"

H. Trackz

July 27, 2018


This is a piece of sunshine in the my studio. The warmth that it brings to tracks is wonderful

D. Sanders

July 20, 2018

Non-scalable Interface

I can't compare the audio to anything because I'm new at this but I can say if you use a 4K monitor like I do and you turn the resolution down to make things larger on screen you will be disappointed. At native resolution the interface is marginally acceptable but when scaled it becomes grainy and pixelated and is difficult to read. For a plug in that intended to represent a top of the line console one would expect top of the line graphics to accompany the audio emulation. The two star rating is for this reason alone and has nothing to do with the audio quality which, as I said, I am not qualified to review.

J. Jordanov

July 16, 2018

Great plugin!

Does what it should. Will be back for more! Thanks UA!

J. Jordanov

July 16, 2018

Great plugin!

Does what it should. Will be back for more! Thanks UA!

P. Frodin

July 11, 2018

Excellent channel Strip!

I really love this strip!
The eq’s Are very light and fine tuned but if you crank them you can really color your sound. Love to push the 100 hz and mid/highs on my kicks to make it cut thru the mix.
The compressor does a really good job and and the gate is excellent. Easy to dial in to a sweet spot.
To make anything shine, just push the highs to taste and it’s sounds fantastic (normally I use my 1073 for that.)
If the meters had been better/larger (like on the ssl strip i’m used to) this would been a 5 star.

w. ricketts

July 8, 2018


So happy with the 88rs. Makes a huge difference in professional quality to the gain structure within my recording and mixing process.

R. Smith

July 6, 2018

I love this channel Strip!

I don't often do reviews but I gotta do this one. I have been using this thing for over a year and it never ceases to amaze me. Whether it's a mic on a guitar amp, a vocal, an acoustic guitar or using it as a channel strip in a mix, this is the most musical sounding plugin I know of. Always transparent and, depending what you are looking for, it can deliver a beautifully clean sound or, if you are looking for it, a very musical distortion. I have overdriven it for vocals on purpose and loved the result.

The compressor is very smooth and the EQ is so musical. After so many times of continually reaching for it, I had to sing it's praises.

D. Perini

July 6, 2018

Neve 88RS Channel Strip is fantastic!!!

Neve 88RS Channel Strip is fantastic!!!

C. van Dijk

July 1, 2018

Neve 88RS Channel Strip Collection Rocks!

The Neve 88RS Channel Strip comes with a great and comprehensive set of presets that will get you well on your way to achieving the sound that you want! Only minor tweaks are needed to get to the exact sound I want. I love that it can handle both the subtle and more extreme settings, without compromising the sound quality. I also love the unison function, but also using it in combination with the UAD 610 in Unison and the 88RS as an insert. It worked a little less well in combination with my UAD twin finity hardware unit (but that may just require a little more experimentation) - but I love the new settings I mentioned so much, that I just plugged my mics straight into the apollo. Pretty sure it won’t render my 710 useless but for now I’ll be using the 88RS and the 610 as my go to plugins for vocals ... and ... when needed for a specific vocalist maybe blend in a little fairchild in parallel - just to give it that high end tweak ;-)

D. Stevens

June 30, 2018

Quintessential element

It's all about the warmth. I run my bass thru this with unison. I'm always happy

J. Worbes

June 18, 2018

Best sounding EQ, Gate and Filter

I never gave attention to a "boring" gate or a low- and highcut but even this handles the 88RS very musical and smooth.
The EQ is outstanding the best I ever heard.

J. Valles

June 5, 2018

Great for V-Drums!

I just got it yesterday and I used it on my Roland TD12. It sounds great!! Clear sound and the kIck sounds super sweet. It’s very hard to get a bad sound out of this pluggin. Its worth investing $$$ on these pluggings. For those of you interested in how im connecting my V-Drums:
Main out (L & R) from TD12 module to (2X) radial passive DI, then in to my apollo twin mkII (ch 1 & ch2). From apollo console 2.0 I used UA610B and a compressor. Then into studio One 3.5 proffesional. Finally, insert the Neve 88RS as a pluggin. You will notice a big diffeence in sound. Planning on getting the api, neve 1073, and ssl channel strips. Guys!... these 3 channel strips come free if you buy a DSP accelerator. You guys just have to wait for the sale.....I missed it and now im hitting my head for not buying it at the start of 2018.

R. McDonald

April 13, 2018

Great emulation

I absolutely love this plugin when recording female vocals. Great emulation of the actual hardware.

X. Chen

April 10, 2018

It sounds very great!

The high frequency of the 88rs sounds very sweet, and the medium and low frequencies are relatively thick. But one drawback is that it's easy to get stuck.

M. Clark.

April 5, 2018


A beautiful sounding plug in.
Just turn it on and listen to the sound

d. simpson

April 3, 2018

Been using for over two years now...

This is the first thing I reach for to set up on my DAW tracks. Easy to use and sounds great!

H. Zwarts

April 3, 2018

we need better user interfaces for channelstrips

It sounds great but I don't like the GUI, I understand it is a emulation but why not use the benefits of a computer. So emulate the sound and make the best user interface possible. Now it sounds great but you still have to tweak some knobs with a mouse...

A. Bushaj

March 30, 2018

Gute ding

Das ist ein gute wafe

M. Zappile

March 23, 2018

Really great to use in Unison mode

Perfect for VO recording.

141-160 of 503 Results