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Neve 88RS Channel Strip Collection

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A. Cannon

December 30, 2015

Great Channel

This channel for it's cash value is a no brainer!

M. Ionescu

December 28, 2015

Very good channel strip plugin

The sound is very transparent, the compressor works very well. Overall excellent quality.

UAD User

December 27, 2015

Pixie Dust

I spent a little time tossing up between the Neve 88RS (new version) and the API Vision channel strips. I'm glad I went with the Neve. It has transformed my mixes. Even just adding this to the mix bus works wonders. Main elements in the mix are more present / forward, there's more width and fizz on the top end, it glues the bottom end together. The distortion and saturation added from the preamp (even as a mix plugin) is incredible, if only subtle. The EQ is the sweetest sounding software EQ I've ever used. I was never convinced you needed a $250k Neve console to get that magic glue... Until now... But UAD have somehow captured this in a plugin... I don't care that it uses so much juice, it's worth it! This has made mixing so much easier :)

S. Aubry

December 25, 2015

My favorite mixer plug

I've been using the SSL mixer plug from waves for a couple of years now and also have the API but always preferred the SSL's tonality. Well now that I have the Neve 88RS, the other 2 will be collecting virtual dust as this plug produces tracks with much more punch and overall dynamic range. With a warmer and clearer high end than the others. It does use more resources than most of the other UA plugins, I suppose I will have to add an Octo card to my rig in the new year!!!!!! Thanks UA for the great gear


December 21, 2015

UAD is the best

Universal Audio has done it again. There plug ins are the best there is. I had the original and this one is even better. The preamp is worth the price alone.

M. Sudhakar

December 18, 2015

One of These best of UAD

I workd with the 88RS Deskt, the wormth gives me the feeling, to work on a real Neve Console


December 15, 2015

Brutal!!! Out of this world....

Tried this on drums and was amazed at the texture i was getting from this. Love the gate! Another phenomenal piece!!! You guys are tremendous! I when crazy adding channels for every mic on the drums. Felt like a kid in a candy store!!

F. Morisset

December 15, 2015

Dear Ruppert.......

It sound excately like my Neve V Rack. Neve what else?

J. Michaels

December 15, 2015

Neve 88 RS makes everything right.

I don't know how I could have lived without this plugin before. I mean I love the API strip but now recording in unison thru the 88 everything's just the way I always wanted it to be, even without the eq or the dynamics engaged. With a few coupons and the holidays offer it was just an unbeatable value as I always wanted this one. Thanx UAD!
Btw, would the AMS-DMX unit be in the making by any chance?

C. Altuzarra Cabrera

December 14, 2015

Excelente Plugin

Es un excelente plugin, es muy versátil y suena muy bien. Al tener la versión Legacy incluida hace que podamos usarlo consumiendo menos DSP, sin embargo la versión nueva (que suena mucho mejor debido a la emulación de preamp) consume mucho DSP y eso lo hace poco eficaz al momento de necesitar varios insertos.

A. Gruskoff

December 14, 2015

Neve 88RS Channel Strip Collection

Like most UAD customers, I have spent a lot of money on a lot of great UAD plugins. Knowing the VERY high prices UAD charges, I was not looking to take even more food off the table to pay for more plugins.

Yet, this Neve 88RS plugin does add a unique value the others don't. First, I am using this as an Input Insert in the Console channel. This way its in my recording chain. This works very well for me, specially for recording Bass as I have real Neve compression and EQ on the inbound path. I tried the freebie UAD 610-B, its on the right path but nothing like the audio finesse of the Neve 88RS.

In reading the manual, I see that the "Legacy" version is more suitable for playback Track Inserts as it uses less resources.

UAD User

December 14, 2015

Excellent Channel

This is just an excellent Way to build a digital version of a Neve Console, that gives u the warmth and Power-Mids from the original :-) nice one UA!

J. Robert

December 13, 2015

sweet sounding

Helped me get my less than ideally recorded snare and kick to fit really well in the mix. Intuitive workflow and easy to dial in the right tone. So far, great on drums and vocals. EQ rivals 1073 but has different vibe. A little softer maybe or just higher fidelity.

L. Seiders

December 13, 2015

Great on a lot of things

I love how musical this plug is, it rounds things out nicely. I've been really enjoying pushing the preamp section with vocals, and the eq is great for sweetening. Great buy!

A. Orsolini

December 13, 2015


Fantastico plug-in...I'm loving this New 88RS mkII..!! This Plug-In is absolutely amazing..!!! The sound is outstanding & I've tried to push it hard & the distortion that I do get is very musical & pleasing to my ears...
This plugin is superior!! The sound quality and new layout is perfect!! I've only used this on vocals so my opinion may be a bit shallow, but what this does and how easy it does it!!! PERFECT. I was initially disappointed with the price because I have the legacy version, but after hearing the two, the price is justified, and I didn't loose my other plugin! UAD Keep the plugins coming!

M. Puigserver Barceló

December 13, 2015

Amazing colour

I just bought this plugin. Tried it with a senheisser 421and a flute. Great great great! I was blown away by the presence in the sound.

j. couch

December 12, 2015

Best yet for me.

Watching an interview with Rupert Neve, he said lately a dsp emulation had been produced that he could not tell from the real thing!! Could it be this he was talking about? I only have software to mix with, and this is definitely one of the best. the preamp distortion sounds amazing, the eq has real air and character- almost sort of sepia!??. The compression is well balanced, probably would not replace an 1176, I'm still getting to know it though, and I still have to find out how the program dependant thing goes in auto release mode. A plug in with depth, and some great sounds up its sleeve. Great stuff!!!

E. Reddick

December 11, 2015

NICE !!!

This plug in is the truth..its a cpu hog so I bus it and it still makes my drums beefy !!

G. Claude

December 11, 2015

Superb !

Neve 88RS is remarkable! One of the best "plugs" UAD from my collection. This is accurate, it sounds super good! Very happy with my purchase.


December 11, 2015


performs perfect with a big edge if required although the ua610 a&b offer ease of use and fine definition
all uad items are my choice of all available software/hardware
looking forward to the opollo dual twin usb to direct these perfect pitch plug ins
thanks again uad folks

361-380 of 477 Results