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Customer Reviews

Neve Complete Bundle

Overall Rating

221-240 of 3288 Results

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R. Mendez

January 14, 2023

Must have!

Must have for vocals

a. vanpourse

January 14, 2023

Got That Legendendary vintage popping Sound

My Go to for Drums....With Neve u can never go wrong.Its got that Vintage Neve Popping sound We all Love to hear...

J. Berthier

January 14, 2023

Perfect when you don't need the whole 1973 channel strip (or limited dsp)

I had the Neve 1973 channel strip which sounds great but is too dsp intensive to use on multiple tracks with my little Apollo Duo. This preamp only version allows me to put it on all tracks and recreate a great Neve console (it only uses 12% dsp per instance instead of 41% for the channel strip). I can also use it in conjunction with the API preamp to get different flavors for different instruments (usually API for drums, Neve for the rest)

R. Rodas Buleje

January 14, 2023

Worthy of his fame

Practical and intuitive. Provides subtle coloration in vintage-style recording.

M. De Siena

January 13, 2023

Very good!!!

As is my approach to things in general when I’m making records, I’ll say this in closing: Does this sound EXACTLY LIKE a vintage Neve 1073? I don’t know. Maybe…But I can say that it sounds awesome, and to be honest, that’s all I (and you) should care about.

E. Peterson

January 13, 2023

Love it on guitar bus

I use this a lot on my guitar bus. Especially if it’s a dirty bus. Also interesting on overhead bus too. Glad I got it as it sounds great and gives a different flavor from the 1081.

E. Peterson

January 13, 2023

Sounds like heaven

This is my go to unison pre. Sounds sooo good and juicy that I use it in Luna like it’s in the console slot. So need a Neve console emulation for Luna. I use this more than the 1073 as it’s more versatile

J. Szeszel

January 13, 2023

Very nice touch, but...

need a low pass filter!

K. Insulan

January 13, 2023

More Juice.

It's not obvious,far from a fact - I MAY imagine it... But when I put this on whatever chanel, and just give it a bit of extra input, pull back output, it becomes more easier/fun to mix with. I have for sure had the same experience with outboard gear: No thing to hear but in the mix and working with it, it's more "in my ear"

R. White

January 13, 2023

Simply amazing sounding!!!!

I love this Neve 88rs

M. Keilhauer

January 11, 2023

No need to dust it off

I like that plugin. Sounds amazing. Hardware in a box.

N. Wilson

January 11, 2023

Classic !!!!

I won’t lie I haven’t spent that much time with it but what I have done so far it hold up to the real thing the eq bring it alive and if you like that vintage “warm sound” you can push it but it also does nice clean modern tones as well. It hard to see much wrong with this. It does what it’s suppose to do.

P. Birladeanu

January 11, 2023


I love this collection!!! NEVE FTW!!!!

Ю. Рюмин

January 11, 2023

this is an incredible preamp

Sounds great, both vocals and drums individually. The sound becomes special, filled with the character of the legendary preamp. Very happy with the purchase, I recommend.

S. Lucksman

January 10, 2023

Excellent Quality and Color

It really adds good texture to the sound, maybe 1073 sound little more better still i liked the sound and color... very cool UAD (Y)

k. kostoglou

January 10, 2023

The gold sound!

A must-have preamp!!

P. Méndez Gómez

January 10, 2023

Good to get out of surgical mindset

Lots of character in this little plugin, took me a while but I can tell why it's a staple immediately. Love how heavy handed I can be with it.

A. Geraldo

January 9, 2023

Very useful, a great color

Me gusta mucho lo que Neve ofrece, da un color que es agradable y poco hay que añadir después de la grabación.

M. Jarzebski

January 9, 2023

Very natural feel

It is nice and full on my acoustic and electric guitars. Bass guitar sounds so powerful. I should have bought it a long time ago.

S. Andres

January 8, 2023

Must have

Nice sounding . A must have for vocals

221-240 of 3288 Results