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Customer Reviews

Neve Complete Bundle

Overall Rating

281-300 of 3243 Results

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T. Aras

December 24, 2022

Must have !

Thanks UAD ! Great Plugin !!! U can hear the Difference !!
Top 5 must Have

N. Thompson

December 24, 2022

Just brilliant!

Absolutely brilliant emulation of this must have classic hardware unit, simply put a must have!

L. Spilger

December 24, 2022

Great preamp

Love to use the preamp when tracking vocals and print it in unison. Either this one gives me Great Resultat or the voxbox - depends on the song.

S. Lontano

December 24, 2022

My go to vocal preamp&eq

A finally find a preamp that simply make a voice like a record no matter how you set it up. Silky and smooth or agressive. A must have!

C. Aguila

December 23, 2022


Definitely a go to in my library of preamps. Paired up against my wa73 by warm audio and it easily has a warmer sound for certain vocals.

W. Astley

December 23, 2022

1073 preamp

Have experience with the hardware version , great usability and portibilty with my desktop interface. Can’t ask for more pretty similar sound when pushed , a little less refined but great product , and you can run multiples now using spark which is great when you run out of dsp while mixing . Gives good flexibility

I. Hajdu

December 23, 2022

Alap plugin

Egy tipikus ,,ez kell” alap plugin. Az énekhez olyan kontúrt ad, amivel sokkal értelmezhetőbb lesz a mixingben. Külön öröm, hogy natív módban is megy, így kisebb dsp kapacitás esetén be tud segíteni a processzor.

D. Collins

December 23, 2022

Great Preamp!

Perfect preamp for your vocal chain! This product exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend this plug-in!

D. Collins

December 23, 2022

Great plug-in

Perfect preamp for your vocal chain! Highly recommended.

J. Hershberger

December 23, 2022


Sounds great, I love using it as an instrument bus processor

j. elliott

December 22, 2022


Fills that Neve sized compressor hole in my digital heart.

c. rosario

December 21, 2022

The best

A must have

J. Vierra

December 21, 2022

Neve, Neve, Neve !

The 88RS seems to be the underrated, or at least the lesser reviewed of the Neve channel strips here at UA. I tried them all Neves they are all fantastic, however the 88RS won the battle for me. Great in every instance. Smooth and ultra tweakable. The fact that the collection includes the low DSP legacy version was a deal sealer. You can use it on every track.

G. Schwab

December 21, 2022

Fantastic Plugin!

I don't want to judge whether the plugin sounds the same or similar to the hardware: this discussion software against hardware is actually not useful or helpful. In my opinion, it is essential whether the software or the plugin sounds excellent and fulfills its purpose! I know a number of recordings that were taken using more expensive vintage devices and by no means sound technically better than comparable recordings that I made with my UAD X8P and the UAD plugins. It is essential whether the plugin works, whether it sounds good and fulfills its purpose. The UAD Neve Dynamic Collection makes it possible to complete the various tasks of compression. The plugin and its results are very versatile! I particularly like how to weld and condense the different tracks together in the stereo sum, for example: the result sounds very musical, very natural and organic. The sound can get a rich, warm coloration, while preserving the abundance and accuracy of the details and also the fine dynamics.

G. Merino

December 20, 2022

Simply the best!

There are many 1073 emulations. To my ears this is the most accurate and true to the hardware.

P. Diaz

December 19, 2022

Good Strip

Got this in a deal 2 for $100 minus two vouchers that made the total $50. Got this to track on a solo. Having the Pre, gate, comp and EQ all in one plugins is great for the limited DSP.

M. Höger

December 19, 2022

Great Preamp

I never used the original 1073 so this is my first edition so to say. I love how it pairs up with tube mics and especially the sm7b which lacks clarity by default. The eq just brings super sexy color into linear or duller mics.

D. Morris

December 17, 2022

Best plus preamp

It really adds good texture to the sound, very cool UAD thumbs up.

K. Moulos

December 17, 2022

Neve 1073

Just amazing

P. Schleicher

December 16, 2022

Great plugins...punishing pricing.

I bought the 33609 back in the day. The 254 plugin can´t be be purchased on it´s own. So i would be forced to buy the plugin twice. Please make them available seperately!!!
Soundwise both a A+ with the midrange on the 254 beeing really nice.

281-300 of 3243 Results