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Customer Reviews

Neve Complete Bundle

Overall Rating

301-320 of 3243 Results

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M. Wibberley

December 14, 2022


This is my go to compressor now! I am on Logic 9 so I am limited by s/w level on my iMac to the smaller-displayed Neve compressor out of these two. It makes everything sound incredibly dynamic and defined. Trial this asap! Stunning quality

s. arıgül

December 14, 2022

Neve 1073 Preamp & EQ Collection

Thanks UAD, Great plug-ins!

J. Weber

December 13, 2022

If you are looking for a lot of color and style. This is your product.

Easy to use allrounder. I just love it.

M. Friedmann

December 12, 2022

2254 Super

Very good compressor

M. Fagnoul

December 11, 2022

So awesome

Neve respect.
This channel strip is so musical!

T. Long

December 11, 2022


The Neve 1084 Pre-amp and EQ
has such a sweet and clean sound.
It’s like my ears say thank you each time I run something through it.
Absolutely stunning clarity when used with orchestral arrangements!
Thank you UA!
I’ll never do another session without it.

A. Gorobets

December 11, 2022


Always check how is sounding voices with 1073 using unison preamps. And if it sounds good, just record them!

E. Pagan

December 9, 2022

Is good preamp but

My opinion save and buy the neve 1073 eq is better

S. Broderick

December 9, 2022

Amazing Preamp

I like this a little better than the 1073, it’s a little cleaner which in my opinion is better for a modern vocal sound but can get quite saturated if driven hard. It’s my favourite preamp without a doubt.

R. Bassetti

December 8, 2022


.... when you turn it on you can only be amazed. The voice seems come out of the monitors and stand before you. Must have absolutely.

c. rosario

December 7, 2022


Old school EQ, the way it should be

S. Prieto

December 6, 2022


This is one of the best preamps that I've ever used in my entire life, absolutely one of my go to's

U. Shree

December 6, 2022

Best for vocals

perfect plugin for vocals , superb colour

M. Fagnoul

December 6, 2022


You want clarity, definition, air and good silky sound! You are at the right place.
Amazing to work on a NEVE at home! What a channel strip! it brings such life on everything and a great tool to shape your sound as you like it. Bravo UA!

D. Palek

December 5, 2022

Amazing vocal pre

Very easy to use, very useful for a quick and great vocal recording. sounds so good that I absolutely go to the preamp to record vocals!

m. calibo

December 5, 2022

I just feel i got...

The Holiday sale has lured me into buying this,.. but sadly, after trying it on a mix, I can honestly say that i really don't feel or can hear any difference using this plug-in at all, i just feel i got ripped, this is my 1st disappointment in buying a UAD plug-in so far, Sorry.!!

E. Kushch

December 5, 2022

I am delighted!!!

Choosing this plugin section Unison, my vocals began to sound very beautiful, I chose Neve 1084 and did not regret it, the vocal part very easily fits into the mix... this preamp is now my love

D. Hornbeck III

December 1, 2022

Your ears say, “Ahhhh, there the 3D!”

Every time I just engage the eq on the Neve 1073 preamp/eq,..
..without even having made any eq adjustments, what it does to the tone, depth and character of the sound image always makes me smile.
Add to that playing with the saturation flavors of the preamp between mic/line & it just gets juicier, giving me more smiles and even a raised eyebrow or two, perhaps even a chuckle.

j. dee

November 28, 2022

Is it a Neve?

It's been a number of years since i worked a lot with the original pre's, so it's impossible to say if this anything like it, as i believe it's impossible for anyone to clarify that unless u can A/B them. I did however do a direct shoot out between the UAD and the black lion Audio B173.. Hands down, no doubts the B173 was a winner. Richer, deeper, clearer, more gain and of course that distortion. The UAD is good though, it really does do something as others here have expressed. I will use it for sure.

P. Diaz

November 26, 2022


Love the sound and that it is native!!!

301-320 of 3243 Results