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Neve Complete Bundle

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J. Banchero

January 4, 2016

Sorprendente Channel Strip

Estoy maravillado con el sonido del channel strip, la calidez, el color, altamente recomendado, una muy buena inversion para usuarios medios, no dejo de sorprenderme gracias Universal Audio por tan excelente plugins!

J. Newton

January 3, 2016

Probably the best strip out there

It's a thick, but balanced sound. The Neve sound, with more flexibility and options and in a full channel strip form.
A more traditional compressor than the API Vision, since it's a separate gain and threshold.
Between this and the API, I feel like there's nothing I can't do.

S. Pappinen Hillert

December 30, 2015

Great EQ

Fantastic EQ that does exactly what I want it to do!

A. Cannon

December 30, 2015

Great Channel

This channel for it's cash value is a no brainer!

R. Österlund

December 29, 2015

Use it...

and be happy! I've tried a lot of eq emulations and got stuck with this one + of course Trident.

UAD User

December 29, 2015

I Love It!

This is a great plugin. I do not have experience with the real hardware, but I do know that when i slap this on a vocal and find the sweet spot for given vocal this thing is a beast. I like the sound of it so that i even use it in the mastering process sometimes. UAD is awesome when it comes to everything they do! TOP OF THE LINE!

M. Diaz Velez

December 29, 2015

Keep it simple

Just few knobs, just few parameters, just the right sound and just a well emulated you need more????? Just enjoy it.

d. morgan

December 28, 2015

the search is over

when used as a secondary and final eq i find this unit do the job perfectly. with negledgeable couloring and ultimate fine tuning i can get to the frequencies i need to whilst still keeping the core harmonics intact...highly recomended

E. Toews

December 28, 2015

Nice EQ

Nice Eq, in my opinion more versatile and better sounding than 1073 model. I think volume compensation for high gain settings would be helpful...

F. Cabanillas

December 28, 2015


Bought it because,I had a discount coupon,and its one one the best purchases i got this year end sales ...very musical,it brightens whatever you put it on,guitars,Fender Rhodes,pianos,hammond......It really came as a surprise,tried it on one track and can seem to stop using it!!

M. Ionescu

December 28, 2015

Very good channel strip plugin

The sound is very transparent, the compressor works very well. Overall excellent quality.

UAD User

December 27, 2015

Pixie Dust

I spent a little time tossing up between the Neve 88RS (new version) and the API Vision channel strips. I'm glad I went with the Neve. It has transformed my mixes. Even just adding this to the mix bus works wonders. Main elements in the mix are more present / forward, there's more width and fizz on the top end, it glues the bottom end together. The distortion and saturation added from the preamp (even as a mix plugin) is incredible, if only subtle. The EQ is the sweetest sounding software EQ I've ever used. I was never convinced you needed a $250k Neve console to get that magic glue... Until now... But UAD have somehow captured this in a plugin... I don't care that it uses so much juice, it's worth it! This has made mixing so much easier :)

J. King

December 26, 2015

The best !!!

Love this way more than the 1073 would highly recommend it !!!

S. Aubry

December 25, 2015

My favorite mixer plug

I've been using the SSL mixer plug from waves for a couple of years now and also have the API but always preferred the SSL's tonality. Well now that I have the Neve 88RS, the other 2 will be collecting virtual dust as this plug produces tracks with much more punch and overall dynamic range. With a warmer and clearer high end than the others. It does use more resources than most of the other UA plugins, I suppose I will have to add an Octo card to my rig in the new year!!!!!! Thanks UA for the great gear

W. Roncher

December 24, 2015

1081 another UA must have

What an outstanding plugin. The frequency range just fits everything and always seem to be "just what the track needed".. I hate plugins like this because Im looking to use it whether i need it or not. It just sounds that good.

L. Cacho (Justicestudios Corp.)

December 22, 2015

Neve'r wrong :)

This is one inversion you would not regret, what it does to your tracks its a blessing
Just what you need to track or to mix. 100% satisfied

P. Pinto

December 22, 2015

31102 >1073 :)

Sounds better than 1073 in almost every situation! $249>$99 ( holyday )> $24 ( coupons ) :)

W. Sullivan

December 22, 2015

1081 - "A piece of work"

I love it.. bottom line. Smooth, sensitive, articulate, punctual. I've always loved the hardware 1081 back in the days of
only hardware. never thought I could hear the articulation on a software version.. BUT there ya go.. It's here.
UA's are fantastic overall... a little on the high side of prices... but not really when you consider what you get!!

- Billy Sullivan
Composer, Producer
Sullystone Music


December 21, 2015

UAD is the best

Universal Audio has done it again. There plug ins are the best there is. I had the original and this one is even better. The preamp is worth the price alone.

V. Kozhin

December 21, 2015

NEVE sound

I love this EQ cause I get true Neve sound. Very bright, detail and smooth. It's my favorite eq for drums and acoustic guitars.

1601-1620 of 1870 Results