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Neve Complete Bundle

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b. berkovic

April 17, 2018

Neve preamp

Uad again, great emulation, must have it, inserted on each chanel,give warm and true analog touch

m. spivack

April 17, 2018

True Harmonic Enhancement

I have been delving further into analog modeling in the last 2 years using tape saturation and console emulation from UAD, Waves, Slate etc. and I have to say that this simple Neve model has the most profound harmonic effect on my signal right out of the gate. It creates a warmth, presence and 3 Dimensional bounce that rivals the vintage original 1073 pres I’ve used at several studios in NYC. It almost feels like cheating! Bravo UAD, and keep it coming!

難. 敏彦

April 17, 2018



E. Mejia

April 16, 2018

My Go To Plugin Now

The Neve preamp is such a great plug in it gives you that sound that quality that that grit to your tracks. On vocal say no more this is the exact plug-in I have been looking for since my mix and career began. It is a game changer and I will definitely use it on all my mixes coming in the near future.

UAD User

April 16, 2018

Nice recreation

Enjoy this recreation of one of my favorite preamps.

H. Zwarts

April 16, 2018


Nice preamp.. Its a real Rupert Neve sound.

A. Lizama

April 16, 2018


I think, this is the best EQ in my plug-in arsenal. It is also light enough that I can run several instances in Console, and that makes it perfect for tracking. I can now add that sheen and neve texture to snares, bass, guitar, vocals, well, anything.

m. walker

April 16, 2018

Spot on.

Quick and easy to use. Makes things sound good with no messing about. Great !

M. Barducci

April 15, 2018

Fantastic preamp!

I use it as the first stage in all of my channels, it really adds warmth and clarity to my tracks. Definitely recommended!

y. lee

April 15, 2018

just great!

more use dsp! all time great sound!

A. Rolon

April 14, 2018

Just Amazing!!!

I'm using it for vocals and wow it gives that power on the vocal so amazing im in love with it. Great Plugin i recomended 100%...

B. Green

April 14, 2018


Go to unison

D. van Haarlem

April 14, 2018

Same Neve signature as the 1073, but with a different touch.

I really like this preamp. It hasn't got the eq which makes it lighter on the processor. You can insert many of them on your session tracks... And get that Neve summing ;-)
To my ears it sounds a tad warmer than the 1073 and the harmonic distortion when pushed feels different. A most welcome addition!

F. Wiederholt

April 14, 2018


New to UA. Apollo Twin. Plug in is wonderful. Lots of fun.

F. Wiederholt

April 14, 2018


New to UA. Apollo Twin. Plug in is wonderful. Lots of fun. !!

B. Krueger

April 13, 2018


Great simple preamp, adds color

I. Brooks

April 13, 2018

Classic in a box!!!!!

Wow!!!! I was so excited the first time I heard a drum signal pass through this plugin. It sounded amazing even without any EQ engaged. Very simple and incredible sounding channel strip. It adds character just by turning it on as described by so many.

R. McDonald

April 13, 2018

Great emulation

I absolutely love this plugin when recording female vocals. Great emulation of the actual hardware.

K. Gorski

April 13, 2018


This on its own is worth having an 8p Apollo. I love putting it on drums together with Studer. UAD plug-ins make creating great sound simply effortless.

M. Marschik

April 13, 2018

Secret Sauce

A brilliant Plug-In to add flavor to your tracks.

1681-1700 of 3125 Results