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Customer Reviews

Neve Complete Bundle

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1781-1800 of 3247 Results

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I. Gang

May 18, 2018

It is the best sound. It seems to be using original hardware. Do not eat a lot of dsp is good. Thank you for distributing free of charge to existing users.

It is the best sound. It seems to be using original hardware. Do not eat a lot of dsp is good. Thank you for distributing free of charge to existing users.

F. Brossart

May 17, 2018

A winner in Sound and Simplicity!!!

I´ve just demoed all UNISON-Pre Amps with a real good (Pop-)singer. And the differences between the Preamps are huge.
We startet with UNISON in clean mode (without an Emulation) and we were really impressed by its flatness and clarity. Its a real good pre for recording without coloration.
Then I tried 610-b - well...for my ears it is a little bit sharp for Vocals and I would use it with an De-Esser.
After that I tried VoxBox which is much more smooth and really ballanced. There is an saturation but not as harsh as it is by the 610-b. I like the option to compress and equalize during recording - BUT - it makes recording more timeintensive and difficult.
After that I tried the Neve 1290 Pre - which really nailed it!!! Without any equalization I got a really good, pleasing sound. It colorates for shure - but in a way, it adds charme to the Vocals. AND - I love the simplicity - only 2 Knobs, which you can easyly control through the big appollo knob.
Then I tried the Neve 1073, which sounds (no surprise) much the same as the 1290. The EQ is not really interesting for me. Equalizing is something I usually do after recording without the singer sitting in my neck - and there are so many EQ-Plugs, which sound similar or better than the one in 1073.
Afer that I tried API, which is very good, too. Its sound reminds me to the VoxBox.
Then we tried SSL, which was in my ears for Vocals too sharp - like the 610b.
Then we tried the Neve 88 - but it has an unspektacular Sound for me, because it sounds like unison in clean mode. In a digital DAW, you dont need an clean plugin, because the DAW is clean for itself.

My Ranking:
1 - Neve Preamp (1290 or 1073)
2 - Manley VoxBox
3 - API
4 - Neve 88
5 - UA 610-b
6 - SSL

N. Nowottny

May 16, 2018

It's ok

If you own the 1073 channelstrip then the only reason is to save dsp power. I own all unsion pres except the voxbox and have the 1073 hardware. Tbh I don't like the fact that we are limited in dsp power for plugins that we buy nowadays anyway. It used to be cool when I was doing laptop sessions in dif locations. Now cpu's have improved.
Have used this plug to add colouration to several tracks in a mix like you can do with the studer. It's cool. I think in a multitrack recording it might come in hand so you're not using the exact same pre on every channel. Got it for 50 €. Kind of ok- Could have been a freebie for 1073 channelstrip owners. Very much digging the Helios though :)

b. berkovic

May 15, 2018

Great emulation

After a long time I have decide to have this emulation in my collection,realy great results come out using this perfect EQs

E. Amparbin

May 14, 2018

Fabulous Neve Pre Amp

This is fabulously fantastic in the Unison mode. I have the Neve 1073 but this have become my go to Pre Amp. Pairs sonically with my SM 7 B mic

L. Rollins

May 14, 2018

Helpful DSP footprint

When multi-mic-ing this has proven to be a lithe tool for maximizing DSP usage in my system.

j. elliott

May 14, 2018

nice to have a simplified version when i don't need the full 1073 eq.

does what i need it to do, when i want a little neve vibe without all the eq bells & whistles.

T. Spaniel

May 14, 2018

Great Vintage Preamp

The Sound is Amazing for all Intrsuments who needs more Power.
It's a secret Weapon for Vocals !!!


May 14, 2018

Good HA!

Good HA & Low DSP!

M. Cartwright

May 13, 2018

good thick sound

great pre amp. I like its tone and it can overdrive great. If I need an eq I usually put one of my stand alone eq's after it(massenburg, Oxford, or trident)

L. Café

May 13, 2018

One Love


P. Radivojevic

May 12, 2018

Different kind of Neve mojo

I own Neve 1073 & EQ plugin, so I consider this as it's little brother with smaller DSP footprint. But it's more to that. Slightly different Neve 'mojo' that sweetens everything up in my mixes or on Unison slot.

J. Park

May 12, 2018

Gorgeous plugin

This plugin sounds the same with the real one. Very impressive.

D. Delee

May 12, 2018

Hmmm hmmmmmmmmmmm

Don't need to say much apart from... yes!!... The girlfriend will miss me dearly...

M. Hornak

May 12, 2018

Neve Preamp

I like to use it. fantastic preamp. I greet UA.

t. takamasa

May 12, 2018

great preamp

LOW DSP POWER and Great SOUND!!!!!

S. Adams

May 11, 2018

Wow wa wee wa

Anything that universal audio release has the midas touch.

E. Rossi

May 11, 2018

The best Neve 1073 preamp emulation

I tried some native virtual Neve 1073 preamp emulations, but none is good like the Uad one. I like it on bass and vocal tracks that get an awesome color and a beautiful "new life", but can be used in other kinds of tracks too in my opinion. Now I have it in my Uad plugs arsenal and use it everytime!

Z. Perliński

May 11, 2018

NEVE Preamp

Polacy też używają UAD-2 :-)) Świetna analogowe brzmienie!!!
Pozdrawiam całą ekipę UA !

E. White

May 10, 2018

Off the Chain!!!

This Plugin makes mixing easer and fun!

1781-1800 of 3247 Results