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Customer Reviews

Neve Complete Bundle

Overall Rating

1501-1520 of 3288 Results

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M. Montañana

February 14, 2019

Excelente producto

Me me vuelve loco...pero hace que suene dulce y fresco....gracias UA


February 14, 2019

perfect impact

Nice impact for to start off y.our chain

U. Soto

February 13, 2019



J. Arlowe

February 13, 2019


Yep. Thats the one.

a. li

February 13, 2019

good plugin

I just felt compelled to say this, forget the comparisons to the real deal. This thing adds a girth and nice color to everything you run through it. With the Unison technology,this Neve 1073 Preamp & EQ would be it! What can I say that hasn't already been said.....this is an amazing plugin. I love the rich sound it brings to my inputs on via Console. A very warm, ANALOG sounding plugin, it's my default unison plugin on Console! I use this on the way in to Logic and print the results every time. good job with this one UA.

T. Mäkelä

February 12, 2019

Simplest Access To Warm Saturation

I use this plugin a lot not only because it's a simple one. Sometimes just as snake oil to bring some magic to any sound, but more often to introduce quite distinct saturation to certain instruments. Haven't found anything that wouldn't benefit from this if saturation is needed. My only complaint is that I could imagine the saturation being even more pleasing to the ear on extreme settings.

N. Antonio

February 8, 2019



T. Reaves

February 6, 2019


I've always heard such great things about Neve... Now I know why! And no one does plugins better than UA w/ their unison enabled, licensed Neve console strip. This channel strip sounds absolutely awesome. It's refined, sweet, elegant, and detailed. lOVE it!

M. Hattem

February 6, 2019

Very Useful!!

I already had the 1073 and for a long time thought the 1290 would be redundant. But with some vouchers I ended up able to get a good deal on it and it's proven more useful than I expected. Obviously, it's less DSP-intensive than the 1073 and is ideal if you want to warm a track up without using the heavy DSP of the 1073. I probably wouldn't recommend purchasing it before the 1073 (unless you have another go-to EQ you really like) but for those who already have the 1073, it is still a very, very useful plugin.

T. Dalmasso

February 6, 2019

1290 or 1272?

I only see two gain stages here, is there something I'm missing? Seems more like the two stage 1272 Line Amp that people convert to mic pres.

D. Schall

February 5, 2019

Perfekt für Rap Vocals

Der Beste Preamp Emu. für Rap Vocals. Mit dem Neuman TLM 102 Bringt es ein sehr Warmen und Klaren Sound.

C. Bandini

February 3, 2019


I'm a real Neve 1073 user. To be honest, i'm not able to appreciate the difference from one to the other.

D. Watts

February 3, 2019

yes I like it.

yes this is something that I'll make use of a lot in mixes. Don't have a unison pre so can't comment on that I'm afraid.

S. Benz

February 3, 2019

Love it

Like most great pre plugins, you don’t realize how beautiful it is until you turn it off. Subtle air, shimmer, and midrange saturation that “places” things in the mix perfectly.

L. Mørkeberg

February 2, 2019


Sounds amazing on vocals. Love recording with the Neve preamp!


February 1, 2019

Sounds amazing!

The best preamp plugin I’ve tried!! So good!

s. kgr

February 1, 2019


The preference of my favorite among uad 2. The equalizer is also easy to use and changes to a good sound. Although I have never touched the real thing, I think that this is also an excellent item. I should have introduced it sooner.

s. kgr

February 1, 2019

Nice Pre !

Texture It makes it a good sound so it is useful for mix. Personally it is a must item.

O. Morris

February 1, 2019

Neve pre

Great sounding mic pre very versatile

Z. H

February 1, 2019

I like it

I really like to use it as a guitar and bass overdrive. The overdrive characteristics is subtly different to the Neve 1073 with eq which does not sound quite as "thick" with a guitar or bass.

1501-1520 of 3288 Results