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Customer Reviews

Neve Complete Bundle

Overall Rating

1821-1840 of 3247 Results

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J. Dabat

May 1, 2018


Good to use in more subtle to moderate amounts with right input level fed into it. Warms up the signal well with some smooth coloring. Starts sounding a little harsh when pushed. Overall, good plug in.

F. Rainville Côté

April 30, 2018


Perfect :)

M. Ziach

April 29, 2018

Très bon preamp!

Très bon préamp, prend très peu de ressource et le son est vraiment chaud!!

J. Sehlin

April 29, 2018

The Holy Grail


A. Snow

April 28, 2018

Simply great

I use this on just about everything. Its easy to use and you can get a lot of different tones.


April 28, 2018


I use this not only for ajust a gain level but to add some colores of this fantastic preamp.I love it.

m. khaleel

April 27, 2018

Neve Preamp

The UA website states: 'Developed by UA’s world-renowned team of DSP engineers, UAD plug-ins set the standard by which all other audio plug-ins are judged.'
This is the only plugin developer I am aware of that also posts revealing shootouts.
I think that's pretty good. What do you think?

B. Delaunay

April 27, 2018

Excellent emulation

Really impressive, as usual with UAD.

R. Johnson

April 26, 2018

Neve 1073 is really great.

Sounds great on everything! So musical.

No matter what you do with the EQ it sounds beautiful and smooth!

Great Job!

A. Haynes

April 25, 2018

Great Grab

Great preamp. Low on DSP load and great sound.

J. Moore

April 25, 2018


This Preamp is awesome!!! sounds so good on vocals and any thing you use it on. I use it on a kick drum and LAWD have mercy the punch was crazy! Love it!!

J. Moore

April 25, 2018


This Preamp is awesome!!! sounds so good on vocals and any thing you use it on. I use it on a kick drum and LAWD have mercy the punch was crazy! Love it!!

T. Spaniel

April 25, 2018

Neve 1073

by far the best 1073 plug in what I've heard. A legend

G. Sharp

April 23, 2018

Improved tracking quality

This plugin is used by me a lot now, when tracking. It helps me get a a better sound in that I did before, and sometimes that includes using it in conjunction with other outboard gear and on its own, through Apollo Twin. I like it a lot. I do not consider myself an expert, but in my humble opinion, if it makes a difference for me, it will likely for you also. Try it.

G. Booker

April 22, 2018

As Advertised !!!

I do get down on UAD for the amount of core power to make their plugs work,... That being said, I gladly give them a super thumbs up for giving us a stellar Pre-Amp that is not only functional but deliciously so. This is Neve all the way and I personally think it's my favorite from UA! Good job indeed!!!! Yeah I got the full version and at the end of the mix when my measly 6 cores are screaming, it's good to know I gave it my all without losing anything from the pre-amps inputs!!!! This is a must , get coupons and buy it!!!!!

N. koohestani

April 22, 2018


Amazing amazing tnxx

C. Santana

April 22, 2018

The best preamp fot record any instrument

I used always in muy guitar recordings. It deliver a warm, colorful and musical sound. I love in all my instruments recordings

G. Yacobacci

April 21, 2018

Pretty Amazing

One of the best pre amp plugins I have heard. Very simple to use and makes about everything sound better. Well worth the money.

E. Joseph

April 20, 2018

Simply awesome

This preamp is awesome. Very low on DSP and great Neve sound. Now please give us the API.

A. Essami

April 20, 2018

Amazing Harmonics !!!!!!

Great plugin ! I use it almost on everything. Great on Vocals , bass , acoustic guitars and also on synth ( adds character ). Thanks for amazing technologies!!!!

1821-1840 of 3247 Results