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Customer Reviews

Neve Complete Bundle

Overall Rating

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A. Pagliai

December 12, 2014

a real for real

I m a guitarist producer ,i use uad products all of the time on my own albums and on the jobs for other ,neve 1073 is amazing really really close to real world and smooth as the hardware other words ,it is awesome on my rhythm dirty guitars but it is great on everything,wow

H. Varvoglis

December 12, 2014

The must have!

One of the best and more famous eq-preamp on planet, smooth, big sound that works everywhere with everything!…
I don't have the Apollo to use it as preamp , but I've put it in the input channel on Cubase to give some warmth and it sounds great.
The only disadvantage is that it take a lot of power.
The full version with the vca-preamp-eq takes about 20-25% of a uad-quad power.
The normal plugin without the vca has a normal power consumption.

D. Sirls

December 12, 2014

Right On Time

I was just starting my new album, so this was right on time!! It will see lots of action even though I have several preamps!! UA thumbs up again for a major good product. I have been with you guys since UAD-1, can't see leaving....really enjoying Apollo in the studio and man the sound is right on!

Dwight Sirls
Recording Artist

L. Mcqueeney

December 12, 2014

If you're getting 3-4 plugins...

Make sure to include this one. The hype is real. Harmonic distortion is uncanny... test it out and see for yourself.

As others have stated. You have to be strategic in how you use it as it is a huge DSP hog. I use it mainly for tracking or mildly distorting an instrument bus.

My recommendation. Start the demo on your next tracking/mixing session and see for yourself. I also have the 31102, but use the 1073 way more, even on VI and synths. This plug really creates the "distance" and warmth one is looking for when using hardware...this is way more accessible and easy to use... instant results.

1073 EMT 140 SSL G AMPEX essential. 1176 if you have extra $$

D. Zannoni

December 12, 2014


Great Preamp alternative to 610
Three word: PIMP my MIX

R. Greene

December 12, 2014


Great plug in!!!

Using it on vocals, acoustics, bass..... it just adds a character to anything I put it on.

Thanks UA - great plug in (as usual!)

S. Dayan

December 12, 2014

i won't it from the second that i see it

again again thanks uad for doing what you do
to make this plugins i love the 1073 its amazing on kick snare bass vox and guitars
its truly amazing and it sounds like the real one
so pleas had never stop making for us great plugin and it so better the the waves plugin

J. Jung

December 12, 2014

Whatever it is I just can't stop!

I really love what this does to this thing called music. It inspires to make good instruments to sound musical and gives good things to the soul. The EQ adds delicious amounts of bottom and highs while maintaining a thorough middle. Only drawback is that you can't put it on too many tracks. If you could, this would easily have gotten 5 stars! Ace product UA. Keep on rocking in the Free World.

N. Jensen

December 12, 2014

Great on Vocals

Awesome plug... great on vocals. Great to track through, works great with the control integration.

D. Mccallum

December 11, 2014

Best Investment!

You can not go wrong with such a legendary pre! It is such a joy to work with.

D. Jacobs-strain

December 11, 2014

Preamp Emulation

I use the Apollo system as a portable rig for live and location recording. The basic preamps in the apollo are quite usable, but the 1073 plug-in adds harmonic character and intensity of tone. I have the UA-610 plug as well; they both improve the results that I get when tracking through the Apollo's preamps. I use both pre's for mixing as well-- when I want to add weight without serious compression. What I really want? A higher end version of the Apollo with better analog circuitry, and more inputs. The Apollo is close to being a studio-in-a-box for me-- I'd be happy to pay a premium for a higher end version!

T. Barrow

December 11, 2014

Love it!

I've never had the privilege of using an actual 1073 but I borrowed a GAP73 clone from a producer friend and I was going to buy it from him..until I got this unison plugin for my Apollo twin! Sounds fantastic with every mic in my humble collection.

I mainly record/mix downbeat/ambient electronic music. Now with this plugin joining my LA2A and 1176 collections I have everything I need to record vocals and guitars parts. Best of all I can throw it in the bag with the macbook and track anywhere!

Thumbs up!

L. Wolfe

December 11, 2014

Serious contender against some boutique preamps!

I like all 4 flavors of Unison preamps. (And to be honest, I don't like the apollo preamps much by themselves.) The Neve pre brings some intimacy and sweetens sibilants. It is a great balance of warm but clear. The EQ is just enough to sculpt a great shape without getting obtrusive. The low end is tight and big. The highs are open, not harsh.

This isn't my go-to channel insert for EQ or color because it is a big resource hog. But it is my first choice for tracking through Apollo.

A. Arce

December 11, 2014


Mi experiencia con el Plug-in Neve 1073 modelado por Universal Audio me dejo sorprendido, lo he usado en guitarras y con el logro un carácter en el sonido que nunca había logrado con ningún Plug-in, estoy muy contento de haberlo adquirido ya que se ha convertido en una herramienta invariable para mi trabajo como Ingeniero de Audio.

D. Kane

December 11, 2014

It's like magic...

So good! I'm amazed. At first, I was really skeptical, but now I'm a convert. I haven't done side by side comparison to the hardware, because I no longer have access to them, but this plug sounds absolutely legit to my ears. Smooth, gnarly, wooly, clean (ish), it does it all, just like the hardware. UA nailed it (IMHO)!

R. Castro

December 11, 2014

Amazing tone

Adds the coolest tone to tracks. It's part of that sound I always tried to get...

C. Jespersen

December 11, 2014

Perfectly modeled!

I do not use my Neve 1073 hardware pre anymore. It is so much easier with the Uad software version - And they sound the same!
Thanks for the really delicious eq that comes with the pre amp.

A. Wright

December 10, 2014

Absolutely Amazing!!!

I can't NOT have it on vocals now! UAD just keeps changing the game!!

A. Wright

December 10, 2014

Absolutely Amazing!!!

I can't NOT have it on vocals now! UAD just keeps changing the game!!

A. Wright

December 10, 2014

Absolutely Amazing!!!

I can't NOT have it on vocals now! UAD just keeps changing the game!!

3021-3040 of 3288 Results