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Customer Reviews

Neve Complete Bundle

Overall Rating

3081-3100 of 3243 Results

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N. Anzai

October 11, 2014

Really Real!

Newly added Pre part is really close to the hardware.
Great work!!

K. Kouchian

October 8, 2014


Best sounding emulation of the neve 1073 hardware hands down.
I "reamped" some parts through it and i must say I just wish I had more CPU power so i could put that on every channel of my DAW.
It really captures the sweet sound of the hardware, very good to take out some harshness on high freq.
A must have on the UAD2.
I'll just put 4 stars because i think this should have been a free upgrade for previous NEVE bundle users.

P. Tavasoly

October 7, 2014

1073 legacy vs new, the past and the future !?

I had the legacy version and I loved the way it was modeled by UA then the new one came out and I gave it a try. Well as I demoed the plug-in I realized this one sounds more open and much closer to a sound you should expect from a hardware.
I always believed in hardware sound as a superior compared to software but recent plugins from UA has totally changed my mindset. I don't know what the hack they have achieved in modeling hardware but I do know they are in fact doing this !
The future of UAD is so dangerous ! Next time you decide to buy a hardware first check this website to ensure UA has not yet modeled that thing.
I love my plugins ! Buy 1073 ... Do not hesitate a second !

C. Machado

October 6, 2014

Unmatched Neve tone, this is a digital must have!!

This UAD 1073 pre/EQ is very rich in tone and contains much of the color that I look for when using hardware 1073's or any of the many clone of it's kind. Universal Audio has certainly detailed it amazingly.

G. Koftinoff

October 4, 2014

Step up from the 1073 legacy

I used to use the 1073 legacy on pretty much all of my tracks that needed EQ, and this combo with the pre-amp seems to add just a bit more presence and clarity. Really like the colour of the pre-amp when hitting it hard. Great stuff!

J. Robert

October 2, 2014

Worth the CPU

Can something that sounds this amazing be accomplished with less chip power? Who cares? Processing is cheap! Let the artists create! It depends on what you perceive and what you hear as worth investing in. I can't speak to comparisons to vintage hardware models and what endorsers have confidence in. I go by what my ears tell me. The depth, the smoothness, the hidden warmth that comes out with very little stray from center position far surpasses any EQ I've ever used. I'm loaded up with plugs from other leading developers and this one stands out as a go-to. It gets me where I want to be quicker than ever. Tracking through Unison simply draws out better performances. Recording with it lets you get to mixing without the fixing. I'm stoked!

N. Iseki

October 2, 2014



G. Gestel

September 30, 2014

The new 1073 just is a Phat Basterd !

As the title says.. this is as good as it gets if you're looking for a good
(maybe one of the best) EQ's ITB.
Note: it is also a very phat DSP eating basterd unfortunately but then again,
for this kind of sound, I'm not surprised. (9% at 48 kHz with two UAD-2 QUAD cards)

S. Arts

September 26, 2014


I started out with a quad Neve, this update is one of my favorites sofar. Forget the others... Crunch the gain stage on you input bus, find the sound with it`s eq, level a bit, Go and it record it... No worries, your ears have choosen, the 1073 is a treasure!

A. Shevchenko

September 22, 2014

First choice plugin!

1073 was my number one UAD plugin. Now I'm completely sure, I'm a NEVE guy. Very musical plugin.
P.S. Thanks folks who reviews it. It's very helpful.

M. Ball

September 21, 2014


The Neve 1073 by UAD is one of my favourites.
I practically use it on everything and it sounds just like the hardware!
This is a must buy

W. Cato

September 20, 2014

Classic Rupert Sound

This plugin rocks. It sound just like Rupert's outboard gear when I compare them together. Once again universal Audio has made the impossible possible.

R. Yuen

September 14, 2014

Sounds GREAT !

Great sounding Plugin. Has that warmth Neve sound. Now I have it permanantly inserted at the inputs of my Apollo. Just two things:
(1) If you have a small monitor, the EQ frequency and the EQ +/_ will take some precise mouse work.
(2) I bought it just a couple of weeks' ago, at $299, and now it's at $149. Should have waited.

Well....that's the nature of the game I guess. At least I'm very happy on the "sound" part.

M. Henrique

September 13, 2014

Neve 1073 Preamp & EQ

Wonderful, I can use it with voice, drums, bass ... it's really amazing the power of pre !! I recommend !! Thanks UAd!!

J. Pineda

September 13, 2014


This plug-in is so amazing its addictive!
I use it on the way in for almost everything I track and it always sounds incredible.
It sounds very warm with lots of harmonics and character.

Great job UA as always!

D. Perez

September 13, 2014

Best plugin out there.

This is the crowning achievement in the digital audio plugin world. I haven't tried anything that sounds this good in the digital realm. It's weird to think I like this more than some of my physical preamps. Eludes goodness and thickness perfectly. Huge plugin. Instance count sucks, but when you do use it it's amazing. I'll still give it a 5 because of the sound.

N. Bullock

September 12, 2014

New 1073

Works great! I love having the option for inserting the mic pre on my Apollo, it's all worth it!

G. Sellitto

September 12, 2014

One word: amazing

I don't find another word for this plugin. On voice,synth, and guitar(electric or classic) and in main buss too give always a fantastic sound.A great purchase.

J. Gay

September 10, 2014

Mk II is worth it, but comes at a big DSP cost

Big improvement over MKI. The coloration of the signal path is very useful.
Many possibilities by using mic/line, pad, and output gain adjustments.
Like the hardware, good for adding sheen and heft.
Even better in Unison mode, really a bummer not to be able to access this feature from Apollo 16. Quite a DSP hog.

I. Gatos

September 9, 2014

I didn't think

It is awesome. Incredible good possibilities to have a good voice recording at home. I use it now with an old Shure SM7, it is just perfect. Thanks UAudio.

3081-3100 of 3243 Results